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Is it possible to do peeling after biorevitalization?

Is it possible to do peeling after biorevitalization, how effective is it against rapid aging of the skin? These issues concern a considerable number of women after 30 years. The experience of leading cosmetologists has proven that by combining cosmetic procedures, you can increase the final result of manipulations and keep youth on your face longer. This also applies to popular biorevitalization and peeling procedures.

Double benefit

The ability to correctly combine cosmetic procedures is the main goal of a modern cosmetologist, because this technique allows you to solve complex problems with minimal complications and without wasting time on rehabilitation periods. Very popular today is surface or median peeling and biorevitalization with hyaluronic acid.

Acid peeling is one of the most popular skin cleansing and rejuvenation procedures. After a course of procedures, the face is noticeably transformed, the firmness and elasticity of the fibers returns, the relief and shade of the skin are aligned. On the surface by means of acidic compounds, a controlled burn is performed, which starts the active process of repairing damaged fibers, replacing obsolete, dead cells with new and elastic ones. Thus, you get a “new” skin, soft and supple, as in youth.

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Biorevitalization is a completely different type of skin rejuvenation. The procedure is based on the injection of fillers with hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid or, as it is also called by cosmetologists, the “queen of youth and water”, the “gold standard” is the most natural and highly effective brake on the aging of the skin. The drug is easily perceived, does not cause complications, because part of the hyaluronic acid is in the lymph, blood and skin cells themselves. The advantages of the hyaluronic ingredient include not only stimulating natural regeneration processes, but also moisturizing the skin, neutralizing the action of free radicals, transporting nutrients to weakened cells and increasing their immunity.

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The combination of these two completely different anti-aging techniques allows you to achieve an amazing result, plus it will remain longer than the usual, traditional implementation.

Combined cosmetic procedures – a new direction in cosmetology, which has already won approval reviews from patients. Thanks to the combined technique, the issue of long-term rehabilitation and a high anti-aging effect is resolved.

The effect of combined procedures

Chemical peeling after biorevitalization with hyaluronic acid helps to achieve high internal changes:

  • prevent tissue dehydration in the future, provide skin cells with a supply of water;
  • strengthen weakened cells, restore the structure of the skin;
  • accelerate the production of their own collagen fibers, elastin;
  • get rid of dead and obsolete cells;
  • improve cell respiration.

Internal changes cannot be overlooked either:

  • good lifting effect;
  • the skin is soft and tender;
  • dryness and peeling does not leave a trace;
  • smooth wrinkles and bumps;
  • facial contours become clearer;
  • perfectly smooth and healthy complexion, without age spots and grayness.

The question involuntarily arises, is it possible to do biorevitalization after peeling? Can. Cosmetologists claim that injections with hyaluronic acid in addition to a pronounced anti-aging effect reduce post-peeling edema.

Combined procedures should not be performed early, it is better after 30 – 35 years. By this age, cells lose their ability to quickly restore lost strength, the first signs of aging appear and are fully prepared for active cosmetic actions.

Peeling after biorevitalization

The simultaneous execution of several cosmetic procedures guarantees maximum efficiency in a short time. In order for the result to really please for a long time, it is important to follow the instructions of the cosmetologist.


The stages of combining biorevitalization and peeling are:

  1. First, a course of biorevitalization is performed. Hyaluronic acid is injected under the skin. Only a specialist can prick a hyaluron; you cannot do this yourself. Biorevitalization is performed 3 times every 2 weeks.
  2. The next step is chemical peeling. After biorevitalization (after 10 days), cosmetologists recommend retinoic peeling. The basis of the peeling agent is retinol or vitamin A, which stimulates tissue renewal. A feature of retinoic peeling is that cells and tissues are formed altered, taking into account the characteristics of age and external factors, they are stronger in structure and persistently respond to age-related processes. After retinoic peeling, a high activity of cells, including fibroplasts, which activated hyaluronic acid during biorevitalization, is observed.
  3. The rehabilitation period is a sure consolidation of the achieved success. It involves the proper care of damaged tissues, the application of cosmetic products recommended by a cosmetologist. Do not neglect post-peeling care, because the possible final result depends on it in many respects.

The frequency and number of procedures can be changed by the cosmetologist. This is affected by age, skin condition, the speed of cell perception of drugs and the specialist’s own experience. The cosmetologist makes an individual program for each patient.

Biorevitalization after peeling

Alternatively, many cosmetologists recommend first peeling, and then biorevitalization. The frequency and number of procedures differ significantly from the previous combination (biorevitalization – peeling).

The stages of combining peeling and biorevitalization are as follows:

  1. First of all, several chemical face peels are performed. According to the reviews of cosmetologists, in this combination option it is ideal to use glycol peeling. Glycolic acid effectively and gently cleanses the skin, eliminates dead and obsolete cells and, most importantly, stimulates the synthesis of its own hyaluronic acid. You need to immediately do 2 glycolic acid peeling procedures at intervals of 7 days.
  2. The intermediate stage of biorevitalization is carried out in the third week. Hyaluronic acid is injected subcutaneously according to the established scheme and technology.
  3. On 4 – 5 the day after the biorevitalization, a small course of glycolic peels is repeated. The course consists of 2 procedures at intervals of 7 days.
  4. At 6 week, after 4 – 5 days after the last exfoliation, biorevitalization is performed. As a result, 21 day will pass between the two biorevitalization sessions.

The process of exfoliation with glycolic acid and the introduction of hyaluronic fillers are carried out strictly according to the protocol of these procedures. As for the recovery period, it must necessarily include the application of creams with a high solar filter (SPF from 50). After cosmetic manipulations, one cannot insolate, go to saunas or baths. After each procedure, the cosmetologist will familiarize the patient in detail with the procedure for using medications, cleansers and makeup products during rehabilitation.

The combination of cosmetic methods is a new look at skin rejuvenation. Believe me, you will not be able to resist and enjoy the high result, quick recovery. Perfectly smooth, delicate and toned face is guaranteed for a long time!

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