We fight for the perfection of the skin: peeling from acne – Cosmetology, plastic surgery and diets

We fight for the perfection of the skin: peeling from acne

Post-acne peeling is one of the best ways to fix ugly scars, stagnant spots and uneven skin areas that remain from problem acne and regularly remind yourself in the mirror. To do this, you do not need to go to complex and dangerous procedures, sometimes a course of surface chemical peeling or laser resurfacing will be enough. However, the trip to the cosmetologist still cannot be canceled; such problems require only experienced, professional intervention.

What is post-acne

Extensive acne, problem acne and inflammation are frequent “guests” of the skin at a young age. Incorrect and prolonged treatment or its absence at all often lead to unpleasant consequences, cosmetic defects on the face, which actually received the name “post-acne”.

They look like after acne:

  • Cicatricial formations, small scars;
  • Cyanotic spots, which are even more noticeable in the cold season;
  • Expanded pores, which are constantly clogged with dust, sebaceous plugs are formed;
  • Irregularities in the skin relief, the face is hilly, as after smallpox;
  • Congestive pigmentation.

Girl with acne scars

Post-acne defects appear as a result of an unprofessional solution to the acne problem, from squeezing acne and opening comedones without further treatment. All these actions lead to a deterioration in the condition of the skin and its appearance.

Timely and proper treatment of acne, seborrhea at a young age can prevent and prevent the appearance of post-acne on the face. Do not forget, young skin independently actively renews and regenerates, processes proceed so quickly that they prevent the formation of ugly scars and spots.

We get rid of defects with chemical peels

To make the skin tone even, to get rid of pigmentation and smooth the face, modern cosmetology offers the effect of fruit acids. Try milk, glycol, apple, or retinoic facial peels from acne. They are easily perceived by skin cells, act gently and effectively.

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Depending on the depth of the problem, the beautician may recommend superficial, median or deep peeling from post-acne. You can perform surface peeling even at home, but only after prior consultation with a specialist. Medium peels are best done in a beauty parlor, and deep peelings are performed in rare cases and only by professionals.

The essence of chemical peeling of the skin is as follows: concentrated acid is not applied to the surface of the face. It burns the upper layers of the epidermis or even deeper (it all depends on the type of peeling selected). Thus, a controlled burn is obtained. After it, the skin is exfoliated, giving way to a renewed skin without flaws. During the rehabilitation period after peeling, it is very important to use preparations with wound healing properties and cosmetics with the addition of hyaluronic acid.

As a rule, 1 – 2 courses of surface peels are enough to eliminate post-acne. The course consists of 3 – 5 cleansing procedures with an interval of 7 – 14 days. For peeling skin from acne, an acid is used, the concentration of which does not exceed 30%.

Hardware cosmetology against acne

For those who are afraid to expose the skin to chemical effects, cosmetologists offer hardware peels. They are characterized by a calmer course of the rehabilitation period, without noticeable peeling, but the cost of such peelings, in comparison with dry cleanings, is somewhat overstated.

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To eliminate defects from acne (post-acne) use special equipment. Influencing the problem areas with ultrasound, a laser or an infrared ray, the bonds between the dead cells are destroyed, metabolic and oxidative processes at the intracellular level are stimulated. As a result, you get a noticeable transformation and the gradual elimination of post-acne.

During peeling from post-acne, the cosmetologist carefully scars and seals. A laser beam or ultrasound acts on the inner layers without violating the integrity of the epidermis, respectively, and rehabilitation is faster and softer.

The most effective and popular peeling from post-acne is considered fractional photothermolysis. After it, slight swelling and redness lasts for several days, but already on 3 day crusts and peeling disappear. The condition of the skin is noticeably improved, problem areas become less pronounced, the relief and complexion are gradually leveled.

A distinctive feature of hardware peeling is its growing effect. If the result of chemical peeling is already visible after 1-2 weeks, then after hardware peeling with post-acne, you do not need to expect such a quick skin transformation. Of course, after cleaning you will notice an improvement in the condition of the epidermis, softness and elasticity. However, the maximum final result will have to wait.

Mechanical cleansing for the beauty of the skin

Mechanical peels for removing post-acne are considered the simplest and safest method to combat skin imperfections. Using special abrasive nozzles and brushes, the upper layers of the epidermis are removed. The skin begins to actively renew and replace the lost tissue with new, elastic and elastic.

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Mechanical peeling procedure

The cleaning procedure itself and the rehabilitation period are very painful, so patients are prescribed pain medications. Be sure to provide cleanliness and quality care during these periods in order to avoid complications and suppurations.

The most effective type of mechanical skin peeling is dermabrasion. The procedure lasts up to 1 hours. During this time, a layer of soft tissues is removed from the face, the exposure depth can reach 0,5 mm. After exposure to a special cutter, the treated areas bleed, and then are covered with a dry crust. During the week, dressings are applied to the face to speed up the healing process. A few weeks after the restoration of the integrity of the epidermis, the shade evens out, the skin brightens and looks young, without scars and age spots.

Remember, each type of peeling has its contraindications, neglecting which is dangerous to health. In addition, during rehabilitation after the cleansing procedure, you will not be able to visit baths and saunas for some time, refuse sunbathing and tanning beds, and provide decent care, taking into account the recommendations of cosmetologists.

Post-acne is a common problem that spoils the appearance. Modern cosmetology can easily solve it, even without surgical intervention. The choice is yours: to be upset at each approach to the mirror or decide to peel off post-acne and forget about scars and stagnant spots forever!

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