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Peels for rejuvenation by age

Modern peels have so many types and nuances in purpose that it is problematic to figure out which peeling is better for rejuvenating women. Many begin to think about this issue after 25 years. But it is better to have an idea of ​​the features of popular peels so as not to become a victim of an unprofessional cosmetologist.

Anti-aging peels for 25-35 years

25 years is that insidious milestone after which many still young women begin to notice the first signs of time on their faces. Fine lines around the eyes and lips, on the bridge of the nose and forehead are facial wrinkles, exposure to the sun or tanning in the tanning bed turns into age spots, the skin becomes thicker and begins to lose elasticity. Age-related changes in the face and décolleté in women 25-35 years, cosmetologists attribute to the initial stage of wilting.

Depending on the condition and type of skin, as well as the severity of the imprints of age on the face, it is optimal to rejuvenate surface peels (mechanical, chemical, physical) in this interval for rejuvenation. In this case, the upper layer of keratinized epidermal cells is exposed – cosmetics or laser beams do not penetrate the skin too deeply.

cleansing the upper layer of the skin

Superficial facial peeling helps smooth wrinkles of facial wrinkles, get rid of acne, pigmentation, cleanse and narrow the enlarged pores, and also prepare the skin for the following cosmetic procedures. Superficial methods of exfoliation allow you to deceive time and restore youth to your face due to the fact that after them the first skin defects become subtle, its reflective ability and microrelief are visually improved.

Cosmetologists answer unequivocally to women’s questions about which peels will be better for rejuvenation at this age, recommending paying attention to the following types of hardware and chemical exfoliation:

  • fractional laser peeling, the point impact of which affects only problem areas. The laser beam removes dead epidermal cells, thereby accelerating metabolic processes and collagen production. This safe and highly effective technique helps get rid of wrinkles and significantly rejuvenates;
  • dermabrasion – mechanical grinding of the skin with special rotating brushes, which allows you to remove the layer of dead skin cells of the epidermis. The depth of small wrinkles is reduced, the natural regeneration of the skin leads to their smoothing;
  • microcrystalline dermabrasion (microdermabrasion) – hardware grinding, which is recommended for people who are prone to allergies to chemicals. With this procedure, the texture of the skin is improved under the pressure of microparticles of aluminum oxide or diamond powder;
  • superficial chemical peels that cause a slight cosmetic “burn” of the dermis of glycolic, retinoic, azelaic and other acids. Such stimulation of the production of elastin, collagen and hyaluronic acid by the skin leads to its natural rejuvenation.
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The benefits of surface peeling

Superficial exfoliation is appreciated and recommended by cosmetologists mainly because it can be repeatedly used to rejuvenate female skin without serious and irreversible consequences. This type of peeling does not destroy healthy epidermal cells, but only stimulates their natural ability to regenerate. And even though the result of superficial peeling will not be as long as that of a mid or deep procedure, but this method of rejuvenation can be repeated regularly, thereby slowing down the skin aging process.

surface coffee peeling

Typically, cosmetologists include surface peeling for rejuvenation in a mandatory combined skin care program that has both subtle and irreversible signs of aging. In the first case, it is recommended to carry out 1 a maximum of 2 once a year, in the second – monthly.

Skin repair after surface peeling is quick and easy. In just a couple of days, a woman can return to her usual lifestyle, while avoiding direct sunlight. Peeling of the skin passes gradually and without any problems is corrected with moisturizers and decorative cosmetics.

Anti-aging peels for 35-45 years

The second stage of withering of the skin is reflected in the mirror by noticeable facial wrinkles that do not go away even in a calm state. The skin of the face may have an uneven tone, age spots, spider veins and bright pink threads of capillaries. The sun is becoming one of the worst enemies that best emphasize age.

By the 40 years, prolonging the youthfulness of the skin is possible only thanks to surface-median or completely median peels (chemical, physical), complemented by deep moisturizing. These types of exfoliation first work within the epidermis and then affect the upper layer of the dermis. The implementation of such procedures can only be entrusted to an experienced specialist, because their main goal is to activate the internal processes of updating the epidermal layer of the skin.

After median exfoliation, a woman should have time for the recovery period after the procedures — about one or two weeks. For a while, it is better to stay at home, because the skin of the face will have an unattractive appearance. One-time exfoliation may not be enough to achieve a noticeable rejuvenation effect. At this age, cosmetologists usually prescribe course therapy.

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take care of your face after 40

Now about how to choose a peeling for rejuvenation after 35 years. With obvious age-related changes that can no longer be hidden with decorative cosmetics, apply:

  • middle chemical peels, which also provoke a controlled “burn” of the epidermal layer. For this degree of skin aging, cosmetologists use salicylic or trichloroacetic acid. This good and proven method will smooth out deep wrinkles, reduce stretch marks and scars;
  • face cleaning with vacuum is an almost painless hardware procedure in which various contaminants are drawn from the open pores by vacuum. In parallel, lymphatic drainage massage of the face is performed, as a result of which the skin receives nutrition and oxygen. The process of natural rejuvenation starts;
  • Laser peeling is perhaps the most effective way to beat time. Thin laser beams leave microscopic grooves on the face, the healing of which has a rejuvenating and lifting effect;
  • cryopilling is a universal mid-surface procedure for updating the epidermal layer of the skin for all ages. Its regeneration and subsequent rejuvenation during cryopilling occurs under the influence of liquid nitrogen.

Anti-aging peels after 45 years

The last stage of skin fading is immediately noticeable to the naked eye: the face is covered with a network of fine and deep wrinkles, capillaries, spider veins, dark age spots. The tone of the tarnished skin is almost lost, it has a tired look, It is possible to postpone the onset of irreversible age-related changes after 40 years and at least visible rejuvenation can be achieved only with the help of deep peels (chemical and physical). Removing the entire epidermal layer of the skin from the patient requires patience, resistance to pain and time for the rehabilitation period, and from the doctor – high professionalism.

Indications for deep peeling are senile wrinkles, scars, age-related stretch marks. To correct these flaws and achieve an optimal aesthetic result, experts recommend methods such as:

laser resurfacing

  • Laser resurfacing is characterized by a very deep penetration of the laser light beam into the skin of the face. After several sessions of laser resurfacing, even heavy age wrinkles are noticeably smoothed out, and scars become almost invisible. This method produces a good visual effect;
  • deep chemical peeling based on carbolic acid (phenol) is quite painful, but at the same time an effective method of rejuvenating women even in 50 years.

The feature of median and deep peelings

It is necessary to use the possibilities of middle and deep peelings with caution – their frequent use, especially if the procedure involves the destruction of the basal layer of the dermis, leads to pathological changes in the skin. Natural aging will continue anyway, but with complications according to another program. For fans of these techniques, over time, wrinkles look like thick folds, and the face becomes like a rubber mask.

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In addition, deep peels are more traumatic than, for example, surface ones. Therefore, the decision on this method of rejuvenation should be taken consciously, only in case of real need, after evaluating all the possible sad consequences.

Contraindications for anti-aging peels

For all peelings, the purpose of which is to return the skin to youth and beauty, the following contraindications are common:

ban on the use of anti-aging agents

  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • allergic reactions to components that make up cosmetic products or used with hardware methods;
  • increased body temperature;
  • weakening of immunity against a background of viral diseases;
  • exacerbation of chronic diseases;
  • rashes of herpes, boils, inflammation in the affected area.

Preparation for anti-aging peels

Some of the anti-aging peels require prior preparation. This is one of those cosmetic procedures that cannot be carried out spontaneously. About two weeks before the planned peeling session, a woman should refrain from visiting the pool, sauna, or relaxing on the seashore. You should also avoid prolonged exposure to the sun or visiting the solarium. If the effects of ultraviolet radiation can still not be ruled out, a sunscreen with a minimum degree of protection SPF 30 should be applied to the skin.

If there are local inflammations on the skin of the face, for example, relapses of acne, then first you need to undergo anti-inflammatory and antibacterial therapy. If the purpose of the peeling is not only rejuvenation, but also the elimination of pigmentation, a week before the procedure, you need to start using a lightening cream.

Any pre-peeling skin preparation helps to improve the result of the peeling itself and reduce the time for subsequent rehabilitation.

Of course, only a qualified cosmetologist can choose the most correct and effective method of rejuvenation for different skin types. After all, to assess the degree of negative influence of peeling, and, most importantly, its result is possible only after a thorough examination of the epidermis and its aging stage. Therefore, to choose the best methodology and the number of repetitions it is better to seek professional advice. This will significantly reduce the likelihood of unpredictable side effects and harmful effects.

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