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We freeze the skin aging process with physical facial peeling

The woman is beautiful at any age, but in order to delay youth, freeze the skin aging processes, cosmetologists came up with a physical facial peeling. For the procedure, liquid nitrogen or dry ice is used. The cleansing technique involves the implementation of a controlled cold burn, which eliminates dead particles and triggers active tissue repair.

What is this procedure

Refresh and cleanse the skin, get rid of pigmentation, stop the growth of facial wrinkles – such a result is expected by customers from a cosmetic procedure. One of the types of face peeling that would fulfill and exceed the most daring expectations of patients is peeling with very low temperatures.

The physical cleansing procedure involves two types of cold exposure to the skin:

  • Exposure to liquid nitrogen;
  • Exposure to carbon dioxide or dry ice.

facial cryotherapy

If we talk about cosmetic transformation with liquid nitrogen or cryo-peeling, then this technique has become known to cosmetology since the second half of the 20th century. She has established herself as an effective and safe type of cleansing. The essence of the peeling technique is the short-term effect of ultra-low temperatures on the skin, liquid nitrogen is used to create a healing cold.

The cooling temperature with nitrogen ranges from –90оС to –195оС depending on the depth of exposure and the set goal. Cold particles dissolve impurities inside the pores, activate microcirculation of blood in the upper layer of the skin and accelerate the restoration of damaged fibers.

Facial peeling with carbon dioxide (dry ice) is similar to the procedure with liquid nitrogen, only the temperature of the special composition drops to -780оС. After the procedure with dry ice, the maximum launch of all biochemical processes aimed at restoring the skin occurs. Exposure to dry ice is accompanied by mild pain, tingling in the treated area.

The effectiveness of the physical peeling procedure is similar to cleansing with fruit acids. The action of the cold is aimed at removing the dead layer of cells with minimal risk to the health of the patient. After the procedure, you will find an external transformation, a fresh, even complexion, and an active renewal of the skin from the inside, accelerated synthesis of collagen, elastin.

What are the types of “cold” cleaning

There are several varieties of cold peeling, they depend on the degree of exposure to the skin. We will consider these types of peeling for the face in more detail and see what effect is expected from the proposed treatment options.

face care ice cubes

  • Superficial peeling – stimulates blood flow, actively cleanses pores, evens out the complexion. In the peeling process, only the upper layer of the skin is used to remove dead cells, superficial age spots and acne.
  • Median – allows you to remove horny layering, accelerates intracellular processes, stimulates the growth of collagen fibers. After exposure to cold, the skin looks younger for a long period, the relief of the epidermis is leveled, shallow scars and post-acne disappear. Often, middle peeling is performed before facial plastic surgery.
  • Deep peeling – maximally affects the upper layer of the skin, up to the reticular dermis. It allows you to get rid of deep folds and pigmentation, after peeling, the lifting effect is pronounced, the skin is elastic, elastic. To achieve this result, in addition to physical peeling, other cosmetic techniques are involved.
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“Freezing” peeling is one of the most effective and at the same time gentle methods of cleansing and at the same time rejuvenating the skin. With the right procedure, a rehabilitation period is not required, the skin easily tolerates exposure to cold.

The physical peeling procedure can only be performed by professional workers. When choosing a clinic, take an interest in patient reviews, the qualifications of cosmetologists – this will reduce the risk of possible complications.

The benefits of cold peeling

Cold face cleansing has many advantages, the main ones among them:

  • The peeling procedure is fast. Cleaning with liquid nitrogen takes up to 25 minutes, depending on the degree of problem, the depth of exposure;
  • Instantly improves lymph and blood flow, enhances cell metabolism. Low temperature is a kind of stress for the skin, it begins to synthesize new cells and its own collagen without delay;
  • Touching the refrigerant causes a spasm of blood vessels, they expand, provide maximum blood supply, cell nutrition;
  • Cold cleansing has a therapeutic property, helps to heal problem acne, acne on the skin;
  • An impressive list of problems that “cold” peeling can relieve;
  • There is no rehabilitation period, slight redness on their own pass within a day;
  • The result does not need to wait long. After passing the redness, a fresh, even complexion will pleasantly surprise you, greasy shine will disappear, the pores will narrow, and the contours will tighten;
  • The cold cleansing procedure is performed without anesthesia and is not picky about age, skin type.

plus photo

Before performing the procedure, you need special training, but you can not do without consulting a cosmetologist. He will examine the skin, problem areas, to determine the duration of the cold exposure. For example, 10 – 15 seconds is enough to narrow the pores and improve the appearance of the skin, and after 30 seconds of cold influence, the cells begin to perish, collapse. So, the deeper the problem, the longer the freezing time in individual areas increases.

The disadvantages of the method of “freezing”

Despite the impressive list of advantages, physical peeling has its own disadvantages:

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  • During cleansing, the patient may experience unpleasant tingling sensations, a burning sensation from the cold;
  • Despite the absence of a rehabilitation period, some time after cleansing, sit at home until the residual redness has passed;
  • Exposure to cold is a responsible procedure, it requires high qualification, a serious selection of a clinic, which will take some time;
  • It is carried out during a period of weak solar activity (late autumn, winter), in hot weather the procedure is not recommended;
  • Until the skin is completely restored, it is undesirable to use decorative cosmetics;
  • The rather high cost of the physical peeling procedure. On average, the cleansing course is 4 – 10 sessions, so for the sake of beauty you will have to pay a tidy sum.

Indications for the procedure

Cold peeling allows you to resolve a substantial list of problems without surgery. Use of this purification technique is recommended if:

post-acne photo

  • You can not get rid of annoying freckles, age spots that spoil the appearance;
  • The skin color became dull, the face looks unhealthy;
  • Expanded pores, unaesthetic greasy shine;
  • Frequent acne rashes;
  • The first signs of aging, loss of skin tone;
  • Poor blood circulation;
  • To cure skin diseases (seborrhea, psoriasis);
  • Wrinkle deepening, uneven face relief;
  • Scars, residual marks from acne and acne;
  • Clogged pores, black spots, the need to cleanse the epidermis;
  • A physical procedure is used to prepare for plastic surgery.

The action of the cold awakens the skin, evens out the complexion and relief of the face, eliminates visible scars and wrinkles.


There are restrictions on the issue of any cosmetic procedure; they are also available for physical peeling. Performing a cold face cleansing is contraindicated in the presence of the following health disorders in a patient:


  • Infectious and viral diseases, colds, tuberculosis or flu;
  • Allergic reaction to cold;
  • Poor cold tolerance, sensitivity to low temperatures;
  • Diseases of the cardiovascular system, blood diseases;
  • Fever, fever;
  • Violation of neuralgia, epilepsy;
  • Oncological neoplasms;
  • Vascular mesh on the face;
  • The integrity of the surface of the face is violated, there are open wounds, abrasions;
  • For women with vegetation on the body according to the male type (hirsutism), peeling with cold is prohibited;
  • The limitation in cold skin cleansing also applies to patients who have recently been operated on.

Cold peeling should be planned for the winter, late autumn. The fact is that the skin becomes thinner after the procedure, it becomes sensitive to ultraviolet radiation, therefore, excessive pigmentation may occur.

Peeling Protocol

The physical peeling procedure generally takes 20 – 25 minutes. It does not require anesthesia, passes calmly and without any special difficulties. The main feature of exposure to cold is the mandatory professional skills of a cosmetologist. The procedure is not complicated, but requires attention, accuracy from the performer.

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The cold peeling process takes place in the following order:

  1. The doctor performs makeup remover. Removes dust and grease particles with a tonic cleansing milk.
  2. The doctor conducts the skin with a cotton swab dipped in a peeling agent. The forehead, chin and nose are worked out, and then the cheeks and temples. The movements of the tampon are directed along the massage lines, where the collagen bundles are concentrated and less likely to stretch the skin. So, tissue regeneration is activated, the contours are tightened, become clear. This has a rejuvenating effect on the procedure.
  3. Special attention is paid to scars, small scars, wrinkles, they are worked out with a little pressure.
  4. After freezing, a mask with a calming effect is applied to the face. It fills the cells with nutrients and consolidates the achieved effect.
  5. A face cream is applied to the face according to the type of epidermis.

The number of physical facial peeling procedures and types are prescribed individually by the attending physician depending on the degree of the problem and can vary from 4 to 16 procedures. A week is allowed to perform no more than two exposures to cold.

The positive effect of the physical peeling promises to please you for at least 3 months. After this, the procedure of purification with cold can be repeated.

There is no rehabilitation period after physical peeling of the face, in particular, it concerns the superficial, but caution is nevertheless worthwhile. During 10 days it is not recommended to use decorative cosmetics. Only natural products and creams for skin care.

Home alternative

For those who do not have the opportunity to visit a beauty salon, a similar procedure at home can not be carried out. Firstly, it is not easy to buy a peeling agent; it is not for sale in a store or in a pharmacy kiosk. Secondly, improper use of the peeling preparation can cause serious complications; only a specialist can entrust “cold” peeling.

The only way to refresh your face with a cold at home is with cosmetic ice. To get started, use a home scrub with salt, soda, coffee to cleanse the skin, or use another abrasive product. Then make light rubbing with ice cubes made from decoctions of herbs, with the addition of juices of vegetables and fruits. Such actions will help get rid of surface contamination of the epidermis, invigorate weakened cells, fill them with moisture and nutrients.

The method of physical face peeling is a magnificent asset of cosmetology, proven over the years. In some cases, this gentle peeling can be an excellent solution to skin diseases, ideal for preparing for surgery and a number of other procedures. Be sure, the end result will pleasantly surprise you, just follow the recommendations of cosmetologists, do not forget about contraindications!

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