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Pyruvic or green face peeling

To get rid of stretch marks and age spots, wrinkles and problem acne, it is not at all necessary to subject yourself to complex therapies and taking medications, pyruvic peeling can gently and effectively eliminate the problems. In terms of effectiveness, the procedure resembles TCA median peeling, however, it does not cause complications and an allergic reaction. The main substance (pyruvic acid) is easily perceived by cells, penetrates deeply into the epidermis and actively affects defects from the inside.

Briefly about the procedure

Pyruvic peeling of the face is a quick resolution of imperfections with the skin. Skin exfoliation is performed with high concentration pyruvic acid (25 – 50%). This acid is already familiar to the epidermal cells, because it is contained in their composition, so peeling occurs with minimal stress for the skin, complications are extremely rare.

In general, pyruvic acid accelerates the pace of cell functioning and metabolic processes in them, moisturizes the skin and relieves it of dead particles, keratinized layers. After peeling with pyruvic acid, the respiration of the epidermis improves, the mechanism of active regeneration starts, the integuments become smooth and tender, as in youth.

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Pyruvic peeling is the solution to many problems. Varying the concentration of the main active substance, you can achieve both lightening of the skin and the elimination of wrinkles, ugly folds on the face. In addition, the pyruvic grape procedure is used to treat acne, it neutralizes the foci of inflammation and reduces the risk of acne.

Pros and cons of peeling

Pyruvic or green peeling is a fairly popular method of skin cleansing, almost all reviews about it are positive. Before its implementation, cosmetologists recommend that you familiarize yourself in detail with the advantages and disadvantages of peeling, with the procedure and contraindications.

Let’s start with the benefits of pyruvic exfoliation of the skin:

  • Peeling is so delicate that it is suitable for a sensitive and dry type of epidermis;
  • Pyruvic peeling refers to surface chemical procedures, however, the active substance acts much deeper;
  • The main ingredient of the peeling agent on the surface of the face creates a film that prevents the cells from losing moisture;
  • The cleansing composition is easily perceived and tolerated by the skin;
  • Brushing with pyruvic acid helps eliminate ingrown hair, destroy problem follicles;
  • After the procedure, the pores are significantly narrowed, the sebaceous glands normalize – this is very important for patients suffering from oily skin;
  • Peeling can be used to solve a wide range of skin problems, regardless of its type and age.
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Pyruvate peeling, in turn, has disadvantages. Before the final choice of procedure, pay attention to them:

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  • Pyruvic acid has a strong specific odor, which for asthma patients will be even dangerous to health;
  • For peeling requires special preparation;
  • After the cleansing procedure, quality and proper care is necessary;
  • The appearance of side effects (itching, redness of the skin, peeling and slight swelling) is possible. This may somewhat limit your lifestyle, be prepared for it.

Before proceeding to face peeling with pyruvic acid, analyze the pros and cons of the procedure, its feasibility. Use the help of a specialist, he will evaluate the degree of your problem and advise the appropriate composition of the peeling agent.

Indications for use

The pyruvic peeling procedure is used to solve the following imperfections with facial skin:

  • Signs of photoaging, senile age spots on the face;
  • Age, expression lines;
  • Loss of the former firmness and elasticity of the epidermis;
  • The first signs of tissue ptosis, loss of clarity of the contour of the face;
  • Seborrheic dermatitis, acne and frequent acne eruptions;
  • Noticeable enlarged pores, rosacea;
  • Increased skin pigmentation caused by external factors, weather conditions.

To combat early withering of the skin, the appearance of age spots and unsolicited wrinkles that give extra years, without pain and prolonged therapy was made possible thanks to the pyruvic (green) peeling of the face.

Pyruvic acid acts in several directions. First, it relieves the skin of excess, dead particles and cleanses the pores. The second stage of exposure to acid means activation of cell regeneration and hydration of dehydrated tissues. These features of the main ingredient of the peeling agent increase the popularity of the procedure every day.


Pyruvic peeling cannot be performed in the presence of such disorders in the body:

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  • Diabetes;
  • Herpes, burns and wounds on the face;
  • Asthma, lung disease;
  • Oncological education;
  • SARS, general malaise, fever;
  • Individual intolerance to pyruvic acid;
  • Taking medications containing retinoids;
  • Pregnancy at all times, lactation period.
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Suggested treatment options

Pyruvic acid peeling agent contains lactic acid. Beauticians distinguish several green peels depending on the concentration of the constituent acids and the goal pursued from the procedure:

  • The concentration of each of the acids (pyruvic and lactic) is 25% – such agents are applied to the sensitive epidermis, as well as as a preparatory stage for a deeper effect;
  • The concentration of pyruvic acid reaches 40%, and lactic acid – only 5% – is used for medicinal purposes and to stabilize the amount of sebaceous secretions;
  • A higher concentration of pyruvic acid (up to 50%) with the same amount of lactic acid (5%) is used to combat pigmentation or to rejuvenate the skin.

The amount of active substances is determined by a specialist after a detailed study of the problem, the structure of the skin. The cosmetologist also sets the estimated number of sessions and their frequency.

Peeling process

Peeling with pyruvic acid, despite the gentle effect, requires a preparatory stage, strict adherence to the protocol of the procedure and recommendations for care during the rehabilitation period.

Preparatory stage

To cleanse pleased with clean and toned skin, and not a face that reddened from irritation, it is important to properly prepare the skin for acidic effects. The preparatory stage involves a two-week treatment of the epidermis with special cosmetics, which contains a small portion of glycolic acid, and hydrocartisone ointment. Glycolic acid whitens, softens the surface and promotes deeper penetration of the peeling agent. 1% hydrocartisone ointment prevents pigmentation and inflammation after cleansing with pyruvic acid.

Acid exposure process

Cleansing generally takes 40 minutes. To begin with, the beautician removes makeup residues, particles of dust, grease and sweat from the face. Then, an exfoliation agent is applied to a clean surface. It is necessary to hold the exfoliant on the face for 5 – 15 minutes, but if the patient complains of redness, itching or pain, immediately neutralize the composition with a special agent.

After neutralizing the acid effect, the cosmetologist moisturizes the face with a special cosmetic product. At the end of the procedure, to protect the weakened skin from ultraviolet radiation, the face is treated with sunscreen.

Final phase or rehabilitation

Exfoliation with acids takes time to restore surface integrity. The fact is that the chemical composition actually leads to a burn of soft tissues. This starts the active process of updating the skin. In order for the rehabilitation process to end quickly, without residual traces, it is necessary to properly organize care for damaged fibers.

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After a short period of time (4 – 7 days), mild post-peeling reactions (peeling, slight redness and swelling) may occur on the face. This is a normal reaction to the transferred procedure. However, if it is incorrect to organize care after peeling, then these defects can be several times stronger. What to do to avoid them?

  • For the first 3 days after exfoliation, treat your face with diluted acetic acid twice a day. To prepare the solution, mix 1 Art. l vinegar with a glass of warm boiled water;
  • During 5 days after cleaning, try not to actively express emotions, keep calm facial expressions;
  • Starting from the fifth day, moisturize your face with aloe-based cosmetics. It perfectly compensates for the lack of moisture in the cells and accelerates the rate of cell renewal.

During the rehabilitation period, use only natural care products, and forget about makeup. In addition, treat each skin abundantly with sunscreen with SPF 50 and above each time you go outside. At the slightest suspicion of complications, contact a beautician.

Frequency and price

The frequency of the procedure, the number of sessions is determined by the cosmetologist. After studying the problems and skin conditions, he will express his recommendations and, if necessary, make adjustments.

On average, the course of procedures involves up to 10 sessions, each of which is recommended to be carried out with the following frequency:

  • For medicinal purposes (against acne, dermatitis and acne) – every 8 – 10 days;
  • To combat pigmentation – every 10 – 12 days;
  • For the purpose of rejuvenation – every 14 days.

The cost of a one-time procedure varies between 2 – 3,5 thousand rubles.

To maximize the result achieved after exfoliation, it is recommended to repeat the purification every 1 – 2 months.

So that the skin is clean, well-groomed, and the face looks young, women are ready for any sacrifice. Modern cosmetology helps to get rid of visible deficiencies of the epidermis, accelerate internal processes at the cellular level without pain and serious difficulties. The secret of beauty is hidden in pyruvic acid. Be young and beautiful!

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