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Sugar face peeling at home

Sugar peeling at home gives women the opportunity to use simple products to constantly keep their skin clean and well-groomed. Sugar grains contribute to the quick and effective cleansing of the skin, and additional ingredients help fill the cells with nutritious components, soften and moisturize the skin.

The benefits of “sweet” cleansing

Sugar peeling is a well-known skin cleansing procedure in beauty salons. The simplicity of the recipes and the ease of execution technique allow you to easily clean the house using only kitchen ingredients.

A feature of sugar face peeling is a quick and high result:

  • Such peeling without unpleasant consequences removes dead and dead particles;
  • After the procedure, the number of black dots (comedones) decreases;
  • Skin color improves due to the ability of a sugar product to remove toxins and toxins;
  • Sugar helps accelerate lymph and blood flow;
  • “Sweet” peeling normalizes the skin’s water balance, so after the procedure it looks moisturized and gentle;
  • The deep impact of sugar particles during cleansing stimulates the renewal of the skin, smoothing the relief and increase turgor.

different types of sugar

Sugar peels are useful for all types of skin. The cleansing compositions will complement sour cream, nutritious vegetable oils and extracts, dairy products and fruit pulp. Do not worry, for everyone there is a suitable sugar composition from the whole variety of recipes.

In order not to injure weakened and very sensitive skin, it is recommended to grind sugar before use in an additional coffee grinder.

The secrets of successful peeling

The facial sugar cleansing procedure is safe and harmless to the skin. But in order to maximize the effect of peeling, cosmetologists recommend listening to the following instructions:

  • Do not prepare the peeling compound in advance. Melted sugar will not have the expected effect.
  • Use any kind of sugar (cane, beetroot), but remember that large particles can damage the integument.
  • Apply gloves peeling on massage lines.
  • Moisten the surface before applying the sugar mixture. So, you will reduce the risk of damage and stretch the skin.
  • Remove residual peeling with warm water.
  • At the end of the cleansing procedure, use a nourishing cream.

Sugar your skin 1 once every 7 days. This is enough to keep her in excellent condition and not harm.

Learning to combine the ingredients correctly

The effectiveness of sugar peeling for the face depends on the composition of the cleanser and on how harmonious it is with your skin. In home cosmetology, it is very important to learn how to choose recipes and put together the ingredients correctly.

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To clarify with sugar the final result, master the principles of combining ingredients based on the type of epidermis:

  • For oily skin, make all the emphasis on toning, treatment of integuments, as well as correction in the work of the sebaceous glands. To do this, choose formulations with oil, juice, lemon or lime ether, low-fat dairy products, egg white or citrus oils;
  • For dry skin – focus on hydration and nutrition. Therefore, it is recommended to add egg yolk, vegetable oils and extracts, cream and honey to the peeling agent. The same compounds are suitable for the normal type of epidermis;
  • The combined or mixed type is the most finicky. To improve the condition of the integument, it is recommended to add fresh lemon juice, egg, cottage cheese, sour cream, oatmeal.

Before the first use of the peeling agent, be sure to check how the skin will react to the composition. Apply a little on the inside of the elbow and observe the reaction. Itching, irritation and burning are unacceptable phenomena, you cannot use such formulations.

Sugar recipes for face peeling

For sugar peeling of the skin there are many recipes that will additionally provide rejuvenation, intensive hydration and nutrition, stabilize the sebaceous glands, and have a therapeutic effect. We offer you the most popular recipes for sugar face peeling.

Universal sugar peeling with honey

It is possible to carefully clean and simultaneously refresh, moisturize the skin and increase their elasticity using the following ingredients:

oatmeal, honey, sugar and egg

  • 2 tsp Sahara;
  • 1 tsp natural honey;
  • egg yolk;
  • 1 Art. l oatmeal.
  1. Stir oatmeal in milk or water.
  2. Add honey, yolk.
  3. Stir the ingredients until smooth.
  4. Lastly, add sugar.
  5. Stir again and apply on the skin evenly.
  6. For 2 – 3 minutes, massage your face with your fingers, linger longer on problem areas (on the forehead, near the wings of the nose), but it is better not to touch sensitive areas under the eyes and near the corners of the mouth.
  7. Leave the peeling product for another 7 – 10 minutes on the face.
  8. Wash with warm water and apply a moisturizer.

Before applying sugar peeling, cleanse your skin with special cosmetic products (cleansing milk, lotion or gel). Then moisturize and pat dry with a paper towel so that water does not drain.

Deep sugar peeling with lemon

This peeling recipe is simple and provides deep cleansing of the skin. Perfectly complement the mechanical effect of sugar grains on dead cells citric acid.

You will need:

sugar, lemon juice and potatoes

  • 2 tsp Sahara;
  • ½ potato tuber;
  • lemon juice.
  1. Grind half the potatoes.
  2. Take half the middle lemon and squeeze the juice out of it.
  3. Mix all the ingredients.
  4. Apply the finished sugar product evenly on the face.
  5. 2 minutes massage the surface to speed up the cleaning process.
  6. Do not rinse sugar mixture for 5 – 8 minutes.
  7. Remove the remaining slurry with warm water.
  8. Fix the effect with a moisturizing cream.

Postpone peeling if there are purulent rashes, acne or inflammation on the face until complete recovery.

Gentle peeling for your skin

The easiest way to instantly transform the skin without risk of harming it is a nutritious cream with sugar. For peeling you will need:

face cream and sugar

  1. Mix a portion of the cream with sugar.
  2. For very sensitive skin, reduce the amount of sugar slightly.
  3. Apply sugar to your face and massage for 3 minutes.
  4. Wash with warm water.
  5. Fix the result with a moisturizer.

Good peeling is half the success of skin care. Do not rush to be upset that there is no time and money for expensive cosmetic procedures. Arrange a mini-beauty salon at home, besides all the ingredients are always at hand for sugar peeling. Give the skin a full cleansing, moisturizing and nutrition without complications and difficulties.

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