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What are the consequences to expect after face peeling?

The consequences of facial peeling can be very unpleasant: lingering erythema, unusual pallor of the skin or, conversely, the appearance of dark pigment spots, residual scars and scars. This is an incomplete list of complications after the cleansing procedure. In order for the cosmetic procedure to leave behind a maximum of benefits and good memories, it is important with all scrupulousness and rigor to approach the choice of cleaning methods, beauty salon and cosmetologist.

Principle and types of purification

Peeling is an important and responsible cosmetic procedure. Its main purpose is to remove (exfoliate) dead cells and keratinization from the thickness of the skin.

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As a result of cleansing, there are a number of other positive changes with the skin:

  • metabolic processes in epidermal cells are accelerated;
  • the work of the sebaceous glands is normalized, excessive fat content and dryness of the integument disappear;
  • the relief of the face surface is smoothed, scars, scars and post-acne are corrected;
  • skin color is leveled, age spots, freckles are lightened;
  • the elasticity of the fibers increases, a lifting effect is observed;
  • there is a healing of the integument; cases of acne rash and the development of acne are reduced.

The peeling procedure allows not only to correct the visible imperfections of the skin, but also to prevent their development in the future. This is especially important for the prevention of early aging, the formation and deepening of wrinkles, sagging soft tissues.

Removal of dead cells during peeling is accompanied by trauma to the integument to a greater or lesser extent. Various methods can be used to eliminate skin problems:

  1. Exfoliation or chemical peeling of the face – the procedure involves applying an acidic, chemical composition. As a result of exfoliation, an extensive chemical burn occurs. Restoring the integrity of the integument during chemical peeling is very pronounced: active peeling occurs, the surface layers are torn away, giving way to renewed fibers.
  2. Hardware peelings – the problem areas are affected by ultrasound, laser, microcurrents, radio frequencies and other factors. In this type of purification, special equipment, equipment is involved, hence the name of the technique. Skin with hardware cleansing is less injured, respectively, the effects of peeling are less pronounced.
  3. Mechanical cleanings are the easiest, but no less traumatic type of cleaning. The upper layers of the epidermis with skin problems seem to “peel off”. If surface cleansing practically does not have pronounced side effects, then after deeper procedures (such as dermabrasion, microdermabrasion) you will need the right, special care.
  4. There is another type of peeling – enzymatic. It provides a delicate surface cleansing. Enzymes (enzymes) are used to solve minor skin problems. They do not violate the integrity of the integument, act gently and do not need special care.

When choosing a skin cleansing method, carefully study the preparation requirements for its implementation, indications and contraindications, further skin care after face peeling, consequences and possible complications.

A detailed study of the peeling procedure and compliance with all the recommendations of specialists guarantees a positive result without unpleasant consequences and complications.

What to expect after the procedure

Cleansing with acids and chemical compounds is characterized by pronounced post-peeling effects. That is why we will consider to a greater extent the effects of chemical facial peeling.

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After chemical peeling on the face, a burn is obtained. The body activates the renewal of integuments to replace damaged fibers with new ones. Chemical peeling does not end in a beauty parlor, a significant role in the speed of recovery is given to post-peeling skin care.

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Beauticians divide all the consequences of peeling into 2 groups: expected and unexpected.

The expected consequences are a normal, acceptable skin reaction to the effect performed. Such phenomena include moderate erythema, mild swelling in sensitive areas, active peeling, and others. To eliminate side effects, special treatment is not required, only proper care, the use of moisturizing, natural cosmetics and wound healing ointments.

Unexpected (unpredictable) consequences or complications after peeling – this is an unusual reaction of the body to the cleansing. The patient’s skin condition worsens, the rehabilitation period is delayed in time, special treatment is required. Such consequences include persistent, prolonged erythema, severe swelling, the appearance of rashes and irritations on the face; suppuration of damaged areas, marbling of the skin and others.

How to act in the development of unpredictable consequences, only a specialist can determine. Self-treatment is dangerous with a worsening of the situation and residual scars on the face.

It is worth noting that the predicted consequences are characteristic for each patient, they will not be avoided. But complications do not appear at all, and to prevent their development in most cases is real.

Causes of complications

Complications after peeling are mistakes that a cosmetologist made during cleaning or a patient in facial care before and after peeling. Among the causes of the unpredictable effects of peeling, cosmetologists distinguish the following:

  • Neglect of contraindications. Even a slight scratch on the face, abrasion can provoke a complication. Peeling during menstruation, while taking hormonal contraceptives or during breastfeeding is one of the most common such reasons. A change in the hormonal background can significantly affect the outcome of the procedure, therefore, in such periods it is better to exclude the execution of peeling.
  • Low experience and skill of the cosmetologist. Violation of speed, the order of application of the exfoliant, the acid composition was applied unevenly or was on the face longer than necessary – all this affects the result and threatens with serious consequences, deep burns.
  • Non-compliance with the requirements of pre-peeling preparation. Before conducting middle and deep cleansing, the patient should prepare the skin for further exposure. Before chemical peels, cosmetologists recommend using special cosmetics that contain the indicated acids in the minimum amount, and surface acid peeling can be done before hardware cleanings. It is also important to drink antiviral drugs before any serious peeling. Herpes rash during the rehabilitation period also refers to post-peeling complications.
  • Improper skin care after peeling. After the cleansing procedure, the skin fibers are very weakened, so the slightest mistake can cause serious trouble. For example, the cosmetics that you used before the procedure can now irritate the skin, cause an allergic reaction, so cosmetologists recommend their line of cosmetics (it usually costs more). It is very important to adhere to the rules of care, to exclude increased sweating, because with sweat dirt and infection can get into the wound formed on the face.
  • An individual feature of the patient’s body. Predicting a negative reaction of the body is very difficult. The minimum that you can do is to conduct an allergy test and take into account previous experience with such procedures.

Maximum responsibility on the part of the contractor and the patient are the main factors that will help reduce the risk of complications. Approach the choice of personnel, a beauty salon more seriously, but also be aware of your actions if you want to achieve positive changes on your face.

Acceptable consequences of peeling

After deep laser cleansing, dermabrasion and chemical peeling, the following effects are expected:

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  1. Erythema or severe redness of the face in the treatment area. The more aggressive the impact, the stronger the redness will be. If post-peeling care is not violated, the side effect goes away on its own. If the patient does not comply with the instructions of the care specialist, visits the baths, drinks alcohol, then erythema can intensify and drag on for a long time.
  2. Severe peeling. Thus, the skin rejects damaged fibers, is updated. You can’t tear off, peel off saggy films – this is dangerous with scars and the appearance of wounds. In some cases, cosmetologists recommend that large sagging be trimmed carefully without touching the skin. To speed up the renewal and the passage of peeling, cosmetologists insist on the use of wound healing ointments.
  3. Slight swelling in sensitive areas (near the eyes, mouth). The increased permeability of small vessels in these areas provoke fluid accumulation. Edema persists up to 3 days and passes on its own.
  4. The tightness of the integument. The characteristic uncomfortable sensation can be reduced by regular application of moisturizing cosmetics, using tonics. Cosmetics should be non-allergenic, approved by a cosmetologist.
  5. Darkening of the skin (uniform). Passes independently through 7 – 10 days.
  6. Increased susceptibility (sensitivity) of the integument. This flaw can last from 1 weeks to 1 years. It is expressed in a sensitive, sometimes painful reaction to sunlight, temperature changes, touch and mechanical impact.

The predicted effects of peeling are temporary, do not require additional therapy, only observation and skin care prescribed by the cleansing technique.

What should not be?

Anxiety and immediate action can cause unpredictable post-peeling effects. They can appear not only in the first days after peeling, but also later. These include:

  1. An allergic reaction, expressed by edema, itching, rashes on the body. The most dangerous expression of allergy is Quincke’s edema. If assistance is not provided in a timely manner, the consequences can be very tragic. The mild stages of the allergy can be eliminated with antihistamines, but in case of respiratory failure, complex allergy symptoms, hospitalization and emergency therapy will be required.
  2. Persistent erythema. A complication is characteristic of deep peeling; patients with rosacea on the face are at risk. An unpleasant phenomenon can last until 1 year. To reduce the period of complication, it is recommended to adhere to certain rules, abandon increased physical exertion, baths and saunas, alcoholic beverages and spicy, spicy dishes.
  3. Herpes. This effect is best avoided. For this, the cosmetologist prescribes antiviral drugs. If herpes nevertheless appeared, immediately consult a therapeutic ointment (for example, Acyclovir).
  4. Marbling skin. Occurs after a deep peeling. The cause of this unpleasant consequence is the destruction of a large number of melanocytes. It is impossible to get rid of a marble shade, only partially correct it.
  5. Clear dividing (demarcation) line. It is characteristic of owners of a swarthy type of integument. To clear a clear border, a course of surface peelings will help.
  6. Acne on the face. To treat this, vitamin complexes and antibiotics are used.
  7. Hypertrophic, keloid scars. The complication is caused by the individual characteristics of the skin and body of the patient. To eliminate residual scars, it is recommended to use surgery, laser resurfacing and other complex procedures.

Unforeseeable consequences are a reaction to mistakes made by a cosmetologist and a patient in cleansing. For their correction and complete elimination, contact a specialist. He will prescribe drug therapy, a course of other peelings. Be patient, it may take a long time to remove post-peeling complications.

How to avoid complications?

Avoiding post-peeling complications is much easier than fighting them later. This is noted by both specialists and patients.

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In order not to be upset by their reflection in the mirror, as well as rejoice at the successful peeling, beauticians strongly recommend paying attention to such aspects in facial care before and after cleaning:

  1. If you are taking any medications, be sure to notify the beautician. Many medications enhance the effect of acids and can do harm with chemical peels. This is especially true of retinoids and drugs of this group.
  2. Before deep cleansing and after it is mandatory to take antiviral drugs. This will reduce the risk of exacerbation of herpes.
  3. After cleaning, it is important to use sunscreen with maximum protection against ultraviolet radiation. So, you prevent hyperpigmentation of the skin.
  4. After peeling, you can’t visit the baths, swimming pool, solariums and do sports.
  5. Do not drink alcohol-containing drinks, spicy foods until the covers with plnochnosty not restored.
  6. After cleansing, the skin’s immunity noticeably weakens, vitamin complexes, a variety of wholesome foods, fresh fruits and vegetables will help partially support the body.
  7. Set aside your usual makeup for the duration of the rehabilitation. Use only natural cosmetics recommended by specialists.
  8. Closely monitor changes in the face. At the first suspicion of complications, contact a beautician. Timely prescribed therapy will help to quickly eliminate possible troubles.

Peeling is stress and trauma to the skin, so it is very important to follow all the instructions of a cosmetologist, use quality cosmetics. Only proper care can guarantee high results and quick restoration of the skin after peeling.

If you want to look beautiful, correct skin imperfections and avoid early aging, peeling is the surest way. Carefully study the technique of face peeling and the consequences of the procedure, seriously approach the choice of a clinic for its conduct, do not save on health. The professionalism and experience of a cosmetologist is half the success, the second half is up to you and skin care after brushing.

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