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Yellow (retinoic) peeling – an ideal face without pain and complications

Peeling yellow or retinoic (retinol) is one of the most popular facial treatments. Three factors accompany the high popularity of the technique: the amazing results of cleansing and rejuvenating the skin, an affordable price and low aggressiveness of the used product in relation to integuments. For the procedure, retinol or retinoic acid is used. These main components color the skin yellow, hence the second name of the peeling – yellow.

Specificity of the procedure

Retinoic peeling (yellow peeling) is a type of skin cleansing that allows not only to exfoliate dead, non-working particles of the epidermis, but also to correct age-related imperfections on the face, heal the skin and partially bleach them.

The secret of the popularity of the technique lies in the most delicate effect of the chemical composition on the skin. The main active ingredient is retinol or retinoic acid. Once in the epidermal cell, they activate intracellular processes, while minimizing trauma to the integrity of the integument. To a greater extent, the effect of retinol can be compared with steroid and thyroid hormones.

yellow circle with letter A

If the main active ingredient in the product used is retinol, then the procedure is called retinol peeling. When purification is performed with retinoic acid, such retinoic peeling is called.

Another advantage of peeling with retinol or retinoic acid is a short rehabilitation period. Despite the fact that retinoic (retinol) peeling of the face according to the depth of exposure belongs to the surface-median procedures, active peeling lasts only 3 – 7 days. It is also worth noting that the risk of complications is minimal.

Note! Yellow chemical peeling can be used for all skin types, even for sensitive ones. There is also no age limit for the patient.

Composition and benefits for the skin

To carry out retinoic peeling, special cosmetic products filled with retinoic acid are used. Retinoic acid belongs to the group of retinoids and is a synthetic analogue of vitamin A. Unlike retinol, it provides a pronounced exfoliating effect.

Among the beneficial properties of retinoic acid for the skin are the following:

  1. Stimulates rejuvenation of the integument. Retinoic peeling provides rapid division and renewal of epidermal cells, stimulates the synthesis of collagen and elastin proteins. In addition, the effect of retinoic acid is aimed at stabilizing the membranes of epidermal cells and enhancing their protection against the negative effects of free radicals.
  2. Increases the protective function of the skin. After acid exposure, the skin barrier is strengthened, the immunity of epidermal cells increases, and the risk of tissue infection decreases. This property provides quick recovery with minimal risk of suppuration of wounds, and also prevents acne eruptions in the future.
  3. Heals the epidermis. Retinoic acid is an excellent assistant in the fight against acne, acne and a number of skin diseases (psoriasis, dermatitis). The peculiarity of this treatment is that there are no age spots after healing of abscesses.
  4. Evens skin tone, whitens it. Retinoids block the activity of tyrazinose (the enzyme responsible for the production of melanin).
  5. Prevents the formation of tumors. Vitamin A and its derivatives actively fight atypical cells, which cause the development of skin cancer, the appearance of benign and malignant tumors.

Supplementary components complement the significant action of retinol. These include phytic, ascorbic and azelaic acids. In combination, these substances provide a pronounced anti-aging effect, heal and strengthen the integument.

Types of retinoic peels

In cosmetology, there are two options for retinoic peeling:

  • one-day – when the procedure is performed in one day. In this case, the peeling mask is washed off only after 12 hours after application;
  • two-day – involves the exfoliation of 2 for a day in a row. The cosmetologist in the 2 – 3 beauty salon works on the face with a peeling agent, rinsing it off before each application. The client removes the last peeling mask on their own, after 2 hours, but the next day the procedure should be repeated.

If you do not have the opportunity to visit a beauty salon for two days in a row, consult a one-day peeling. But note that half a day you will need to pass with a yellow face.

Advantages and disadvantages of the procedure

Yellow face peeling has its pros and cons. Consider them when choosing this purification technique.

green and red pencils, plus and minus

Advantages of the procedure:

  • exposure to retinoic acid does not cause burning sensation, pain and discomfort in the patient;
  • retinoic peeling is characterized by a short recovery period with a minimal risk of complications;
  • pronounced effect after the first procedure;
  • has no restrictions on the type of skin and age of the patient;
  • solves a wide range of problems with integuments, heals and rejuvenates them;
  • a complete transformation course will not take much time, no more than 5 procedures will be required to achieve the desired effect;
  • can be held in the summer.

Interesting fact! The anti-aging effect of retinoids used for yellow facial peeling is observed even after the completion of the rehabilitation period. As a rule, the process of updating the integument continues for 3 – 4 months after chemical exposure.

Despite a number of advantages, the procedure also has negative aspects. These include:

  • the peeling mask is washed off from the face by the patient independently, at home. The inconvenience is that for several hours you will have to walk with a yellow face for a long time or visit a beauty salon for two days in a row;
  • to achieve great results, pre-peeling preparation will be required;
  • after yellow peeling, the face may itch;
  • Despite the fact that the procedure can be carried out in the summer, you can’t immediately go to the sea after it.
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What changes on the face to expect

Yellow face peeling is a quick and painless way to forget about many skin problems that prevent you from looking perfect. After the first procedure, the following changes await you:

  • the face looks refreshed, healthy;
  • freckles and various kinds of age spots (age, sun and others) are clarified;
  • there is a reduction in acne, inflamed acne. For some time after the procedure, the problem with acne will disappear altogether;
  • the skin becomes smooth, without large creases, wrinkles and stretch marks;
  • increases the tone and elasticity of the integument due to accelerated neocollagenesis.

Attention! Retinoic peeling helps to reduce the number of atypical cells. This fact several times reduces the risk of developing skin cancer in a patient.


Retinoic peeling can be done at any age, regardless of the type of integument. This procedure will provide a healthy and fresh look, return the skin to its former elasticity and firmness, and is also suitable for solving health problems.

the girl’s face, a piece of skin under a magnifying glass

The main indications for the use of cleansing and healing techniques:

  • decrease in collagen production, which leads to rapid withering of the integument, prolapse of tissues in the cheekbones;
  • increased dryness and oily epidermis;
  • wrinkles, creases of the skin and other unevenness of the relief;
  • freckles, age spots on the face, as a result of age-related changes or a reaction to solar activity;
  • clogged pores, comedones;
  • gray and unhealthy complexion;
  • signs of photoaging of the skin;
  • hyperkeratosis on the face;
  • acne and post-acne;
  • acne rash and some dermatological diseases.

For an accurate assessment of the condition of better skin, consult a cosmetologist. He will determine how often peeling can be done and how many procedures will be required to solve your problem, and will set out his recommendations for skin care after yellow peeling.


Not everyone can feel the effectiveness of the procedure; yellow peeling has its contraindications for use. These include:

  • individual intolerance to retinol and its derivatives, allergy to the composition used;
  • eczema, seborrhea and a number of skin diseases;
  • weak immunity, infectious diseases;
  • increased sensitivity of the integument to solar ultraviolet (photosensitivity of the skin);
  • less than 6 months have passed since the retinoid administration course. Their content in the blood can enhance the effect of the peeling agent and lead to burns of the integuments, cause retinoic dermatitis;
  • warts in the area of ​​exposure;
  • liver problems, past hepatitis;
  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • fresh tan;
  • wounds, abrasions and various damage to the integrity of the integument.

Pregnancy planning is also considered a contraindication to retinoic acid cleansing. The retinoic agent has a teratogenic effect on the fetus, so in the next 12 months it is better not to carry out such peeling.

How to prepare for cleaning

Yellow peeling is one of those procedures for which pre-peeling preparation is required. Compliance with the recommendations of a cosmetologist in preparing the skin for cleansing is the key to a successful outcome and an easy recovery period.

doctor advises patient

Pre-peeling preparation begins a few weeks before the intended procedure (2 – 4 weeks depending on skin type) and consists in the following actions:

  1. Pass a series of examinations for the absence of contraindications, the cosmetologist will also study the history of diseases and carefully examine the condition of the integument.
  2. A test for an allergic reaction is mandatory to prevent irritation of the integument and complication of skin problems during exfoliation.
  3. To loosen, soften the stratum corneum of the epidermis and thereby provide a deeper effect of the peeling agent, it is recommended to add cosmetics based on fruit acids to daily care. Creams containing retinoids within 0, 025-0,1% will be useful in this case.
  4. For patients suffering from excessive dryness of the skin, it is better to conduct biorevitalization or mesotherapy first. It will also increase the immunity of epidermal cells and prevent the development of complications.
  5. Patients prone to rashes of herpes, may be prescribed antiherpetic drugs for some time.
  6. It is unacceptable to exfoliate with acids after tanning, so postpone your trip to the solarium a few weeks before peeling, do not take sun baths.
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Additional measures to prepare the covers for cleansing are determined by a specialist after a detailed analysis of the patient’s skin condition, age and complexity of the problem.

Protocol of procedure

When the preparation for face peeling is done, you can proceed to cleanse. Yellow peeling is done in the beauty salon and at home. If you are confident in your own abilities and skills, you can safely carry out cleaning yourself. To be sure of the correct actions, first visit a cosmetologist, specify the details of exfoliation and listen to the recommendations of a specialist for further care.

The retinoic peeling protocol involves the following procedure:

  1. Remains of makeup, dust, particles of dirt and grease are removed from the surface.
  2. Next, a peeling agent is applied to the cleaned area. Outwardly, it looks like a yellow mask.
  3. Further actions depend on the chosen peeling product, as well as the manufacturer’s instructions. If peeling is supposed to be one-day, then the patient goes home, and after the time specified in the instructions for the product, the peeling mask is washed off the face. If you chose the two-day option, then the beautician after a short period of time rinses off the mask and re-peels. The client also goes home, where he washes off the remaining funds. The next day, the procedures are repeated.

How much to keep the composition on the face, how many times to repeat the application stipulates the manufacturer in the instructions for use. Therefore, carefully study the instructions that came with the drug so as not to provoke the appearance of unpleasant consequences and not harm yourself!

Let’s talk about manufacturing firms

To date, the range of products for cleansing and facial care is plentiful. Your task is not to make a wrong choice and make the procedure right. The retinoic peeling manufacturers that are in demand on the cosmetology market include Mediderma (Mediderma), Mene & Moy System, Cosmoteros Professionel (Cosmoteros), Martineks and other companies. They will be discussed further.


Mediderma (Mediderma) is a high-quality nanocosmetics, time-tested. The manufacturer pleases its customers with the latest developments in the field of healing, cleansing and skin rejuvenation. The Spanish company has also successfully combined these 3 qualities in one Retises Forte Cream.

set of cosmetics

This drug is active, thanks to a balanced composition. The action of retinol (10%) supplements lactic acid, it softens and moisturizes the integument. Concentrated vitamin E helps to strengthen the antioxidant and healing effect of the product. Cream-peeling is easy to apply, gently and effectively affects problem areas. It can be used for face and body. Especially the drug has proven itself in the issue of rejuvenation of the integument, in particular, it is good in the fight against stretch marks and wrinkles.

To eliminate minor epidermal defects, the manufacturer offers a less aggressive Retises CT – Yellow Peel. In this preparation, the concentration of retinol is 4%, and lactic acid is 15%. The composition also includes tartaric acid, ascorbide glucoside and plant extracts.

To preserve the result longer and slow down the aging of the epidermis, Mediderma recommends the inclusion of Retises, Factor G, Vit-C rulers in post-peeling care.

Cosmoteros Professionel

Kosmoteros Glycos TM Cryctal Chemical peeling (yellow) – allows you to perform a mid-face peeling. Despite the deep penetration, the product can be used by representatives of young and sensitive skin. The main active component of the drug is transretinoic acid (5%). Its action harmoniously supplements beta-carotene, vitamins E, C.

The manufacturer insists that peeling with this drug is carried out in courses, the interval between them should be at least six months. The product is intended for professional use only.

Meene & moy system

Yellow peeling Mene & Moy System is considered one of the leaders among retinoic peels. The unique formula proposed by Romulus Menet from Rio de Janeiro gently acts on dead epidermal cells, stimulates intracellular processes and neocollagenesis.

In addition to the retinoic ingredient, koi, azelaic, ascorbic and phytic acids are included. In the complex, acidic components provide instant transformation, and patients observe the result and positive trends in improving the quality and structure of the skin for another six months after the last peeling.

The high price of the drug justifies the effect after the procedure, lightness and tenderness, smoothness and freshness of the skin after a course of exfoliation.

How many procedures will be required

The course of procedures is selected individually, while paying attention to the condition of the patient’s integument and the susceptibility of the drug used by them. The classic course of exfoliation with retinoic acid against early aging is the 1 – 2 session every 1 – 1,5 months. In this case, intensive preparation before the procedure is required.

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calendar circled in red date pen

For therapeutic purposes, to eliminate tangible skin imperfections, the number of procedures is increased to 3 – 5, and the interval between them is reduced to 2 – 3 weeks.

Modern manufacturers supplement the peeling product with other fruit acids, which soften the effect of retinol and at the same time exert their effect on the integument. In this regard, the scheme of further procedures is adjusted, as proposed by the manufacturer.

Special facial after cleansing

A short recovery period after retinoic peeling is one of the advantages of the procedure. Despite the deep penetration, the drug rarely causes complications, and side effects in the form of active peeling, redness disappear in a matter of days. Thanks to this feature, yellow peeling is also called “weekend peeling.”

It is not difficult to look after a person after an exfoliation, the main thing in leaving after a yellow peeling is to adhere to all the instructions of a cosmetologist.

Peeling with retinoic acid is somewhat different from the usual lactic or glycolic one in that you need to wash it off yourself at home. After applying the peeling product on the face, the cosmetologist will indicate how long it needs to be washed off. Strictly after the specified time period, take a neutral soap, without fragrance and water. Rinse off any remaining product. The cleansed skin looks red, as after an unsuccessful tan, a feeling of tightness and slight discomfort is felt. To alleviate the sensations and affect the rate of regeneration of the integument, you will need Panthenol or Bepanten ointment. It is necessary to smear the face profusely, preferably minimally touching the surface.

In the first 2 – 3 days, be prepared for side effects such as swelling in the eyelids, slight chills, and even fever. On the third day of rehabilitation, redness and swelling will disappear, but after that the skin will begin to peel off actively. After 5 – 7 days, the layers of the epidermis damaged by an acidic product should peel off, and you can enjoy renewed, smooth and soft skin.

girl face with white arrows

Remember the increased sensitivity of the skin in the post-peeling period. Going out, smear your face with sunscreen.

Do not be alarmed if there is no peeling as such. There are cases when skin renewal is calm, and the resulting films are washed off when washing.

Despite the assertion by cosmetologists about a short period of rehabilitation, a full restoration of the integument lasts for a month, albeit without external factors. At this time, it is undesirable to disrupt post-peeling care, and replace therapeutic ointments with cosmetic hypoallergenic creams.

What can not be done after the procedure

After peeling, you can’t:

  • go to the bath and sauna. Note that with sweat particles you can easily infect the damaged tissue;
  • take alcohol and eat spicy dishes;
  • attend a gym, fitness classes and perform heavy physical exertion altogether;
  • swim in the pool, at sea or in any body of water;
  • sunbathing in the sun and visiting the solarium;
  • dye your hair, curl with the use of chemical compounds, refuse keratin straightening curls and even put off keratin masks;
  • tear off the exfoliated film from the face, scrub the skin and subject it to mechanical cleanings.

It is not recommended to take hormonal drugs, apply hormonal ointments to the face (for example, dexamethasone). They will not cause harm, but the pace of recovery will slow down.

Observe these rules not only in the first 5 – 7 days, when the active phase of integument renewal is visible on the face, but also for a month, and preferably three.


Exfoliation with acids is a complex process for the epidermis, so it is important to specify possible complications. Their appearance can provoke improper skin care before and after cleaning, erroneous actions of a cosmetologist and violation of the protocol of the procedure.

There are several reasons for the appearance of unpleasant consequences. The main ones are:

  • neglect of contraindications;
  • careless attitude of the patient during the rehabilitation period;
  • lack of professionalism of the peeling artist;
  • poor quality of the drug used;
  • individual reaction of the client’s body to retinol, retinoic acid, which is very difficult to predict.

Be attentive to yourself and your health, choose only first-class clinics for cosmetic procedures.

The first wrinkles appeared, does the skin lose its elasticity and firmness? It is time to discover what yellow peeling is, its advantages and advantages over other cleansing methods. Help your face look younger and fresher!

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