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Mesotherapy without injections: types, effectiveness, contraindications

If you are afraid of injections and pain, but want to fight for your youth and beauty, it’s time to get to know a little closer with alternative methods of rejuvenation. Non-injection (needleless, non-invasive) mesotherapy, a technique that helps reduce wrinkles and prevent their formation, as well as eliminate various skin defects, such as increased pigmentation, low moisture, and a light rash, fully applies to such measures. Let’s talk about what other features a similar technique has.

Indications for conduction

Needleless mesotherapy has a fairly large number of different indications. It can be used not only to eliminate signs of aging, but also for local correction of the figure, as well as improving the general condition of the skin of the body, neck and face. Studying the reviews of cosmetologists about the procedure, you can note that in order to solve a particular problem various mesococtails are used, and the expected end result depends on them.

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As for the specific list of prerequisites for such therapy, it is quite extensive. As a rule, it includes the following items:

  • facial wrinkles;
  • acne;
  • excessive dryness of the skin and their peeling;
  • hyperpigmentation (as one of the components of complex treatment);
  • cellulite;
  • excess body fat (also the technique is used only in combination);
  • increased oily skin, a tendency to acne due to the active production of sebum;
  • decreased tone and a floating oval of the face;
  • skin lesions caused by aggressive cosmetic procedures;
  • stretch marks and scars.
  • common signs of aging (dull color, dehydration, etc.).

Non-injection mesotherapy helps make the skin more youthful, supple and fresh. This technique is an excellent prevention of aging, but is not suitable for dealing with pronounced problems on mature skin.

The composition of the preparations for the procedure

Non-invasive mesotherapy is fairly easy. Separate zones are treated with a special composition with useful elements, and then, with the help of hardware (for example, magnetic or other waves), these vitamins and components go deep into the dermis (to a distance of about two millimeters).

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Conducting an initial consultation, listening to your feedback and suggestions, the specialist will determine what kind of cosmetic composition is needed for your skin. There are a huge number of drugs that include various components, however, funds based on:

  • hyaluronic acid (to combat wrinkles, dryness and dehydration);
  • collagen (to combat wrinkles and ptosis);
  • DMAE (to moisturize the skin and enhance its protective functions);
  • vitamin C (prevention of aging and wilting);
  • AXA acid (regulation of oily skin).

Needleless mesotherapy involves the use of formulations that include a large number of useful components at the same time, it is due to their presence that the positive effect of rejuvenation, replenishment of the lack of vitamins, and regulation of internal processes is provided.

Types of needleless mesotherapy

There are several basic techniques for conducting such a procedure as hardware mesotherapy. Each of these techniques has a right to exist and has its own unique features, which we will talk about:

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Implies exposure to cold. After processing the problem area with mesococktail, it is the turn to use a special nozzle. Under the influence of low temperature, the components fall into the dermis, in addition, the cold also contributes to the activation of internal processes of protection and recovery.



It implies exposure by electrical impulses. The directed forces form microscopic channels in the skin through which previously applied nutrients enter the dermis and then are distributed in it.




It is carried out through a powerful stream of oxygen mixed with the composition of acids and vitamins. The whole operation is carried out under a certain pressure, oxygen, as it were, drives useful substances into the pores.

Summing up, we can formulate the general principle of conducting non-injection mesotherapy of the face or body. So, the whole process consists of the following steps:

  • degreasing and cleansing the skin of external contaminants;
  • applying a specially selected mesococktail;
  • processing with a special device (depending on the selected technique, an apparatus for mesotherapy is also selected).

About side effects, recovery period and preparation

Now that you have an idea of ​​the basic techniques for transporting useful components, as well as the stages of the procedure, it’s time to talk about how to behave before and after it.

First of all, it should be noted that needleless mesotherapy is a fairly simple procedure and does not require specific preliminary steps from you. But if you want to achieve a truly excellent result, try to observe the following rules of primary training:

  • Attend the course in autumn or winter (i.e. during the period of least activity of the sun).
  • Undergo a gentle peeling procedure (this will help to clean the pores and make the skin easier to perceive the beneficial compounds).
  • Stop taking medication, drinking alcohol and smoking a few days before the procedure.

The break between therapy sessions is determined by the cosmetologist, after the first visit to a specialist, you need to pay maximum attention to your skin. Needleless mesotherapy does not provoke side effects, which means that, therefore, repeated measures can be carried out within a week.

The only possible side effect is temporary redness, as a rule, it disappears in a couple of hours. If you are choosing cryophoresis, be prepared to experience a feeling of cold.

Facial mesotherapy without injections does not require compliance with complex rehabilitation rules. So, after the procedure, you should not wash your face with hot water for a couple of days, do active massage yourself. Significant restrictions are imposed only on exposure to sunlight (ultraviolet radiation). Try as little as possible to be in the open sun and temporarily forget about the solarium, use special protective cosmetics before going out on the street.

Basic Contraindications

In which cases, non-injection face mesotherapy is not performed? There is a rather extensive list of restrictions, which may vary slightly, depending on the specific technique of treatment and rejuvenation. Most often, the procedure is not carried out in the following cases:

  • Heart and vascular diseases.
  • Severe chronic ailments (especially oncology and diabetes).
  • Inflammatory processes, herpes, skin diseases in the acute stage (during therapy, special attention is paid to areas where moles are present, they should not be affected).
  • Pregnancy and lactation.
  • The active phase of any disease.
  • Phlebeurysm.
  • Reinforcement with gold threads.

If you have any specific diseases or just doubts, do not forget to additionally consult not only with a cosmetologist, but also with a medical specialist. Please note that mesotherapy without injections, carried out taking into account various techniques, may also have specific contraindications.

Injection-free mesotherapy procedure

About the differences from classical mesotherapy

It is extremely important to determine how needleless mesotherapy differs from its classic version? After examining the reviews of professional cosmetologists, we can conclude about the following distinctive features of this technique:

  • Despite modern methods of safe administration, the protective barrier of the skin can slightly reduce the penetration of beneficial components.
  • The effect of rejuvenation from the activation of regeneration of the skin with microtrauma – punctures is absent (since integrity is not violated).
  • Complete painlessness and lack of consequences associated with the injection.

The last point is one of the main factors for those who are afraid of pain and discomfort. Needleless mesotherapy does not cause discomfort and is tolerated absolutely easily.

Non-injection mesotherapy is a safe but effective technique for enriching the upper layers of the skin with useful elements. The main objective of this procedure is to prevent aging and get rid of its first signs. The principle of its implementation is the introduction of various useful components in the upper layers of the dermis using special devices, without injections and injections, that is, without violating the integrity of the skin.

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