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Microcurrent therapy: what is it, indications and principle of action

The possibilities of electric current are truly endless. Nowadays, it is successfully used even in cosmetology. Such facial therapy as microcurrents (microcurrent lifting) allows patients to prevent wrinkles, as well as reduce their size, restore skin elasticity and make it visually attractive. Let’s talk about how exactly such an effect is carried out, what it leads to and what indications are carried out.

Indications for exposure

In what cases can a specialist recommend microcurrent face therapy? As a rule, manipulations will be quite appropriate for the following purposes:

  • reduction of folds and wrinkles, prevention of their appearance in the future;
  • restoration of the necessary muscle tone, correction of the oval of the face and its individual sections, prevention of ptosis;
  • elimination of puffiness, fluid and lymph congestion, the fight against bags under the eyes;
  • reduction of dry skin, restoration of optimal water balance;
  • the fight against premature aging of the skin;
  • reduction of pigmentation, scars and the effects of acne;
  • elimination or reduction of cellulite.
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Among other things, this technique has a general healing effect.

Effect of conducting

Microcurrents in cosmetology have received the widest application. Their regular use leads to the active production of elastin, collagen and other beneficial substances. In addition, microcurrent therapy stimulates muscle tone and helps to remove excess fluid from the skin, which helps to give the face a more attractive shape. Additional positive properties of the technique include:

  • reduction in inflammation;
  • normalization of sebum secretions;
  • removal of toxins from the local zone;
  • improvement of local immunity;
  • improvement of the general condition of the skin.

Microcurrent therapy device

Microcurrent therapy device

Operating principle

Microcurrent lifting involves the use of weak current pulses. Unlike other cosmetic sessions, it affects not only the surface areas of the skin, but also the muscles, blood vessels, and the deep layers of the dermis. The basic principle is the effect of microcurrents on cells, and not on nerve endings. The procedure is carried out using a special drug with nozzles.

In addition to the positive effect that microcurrents directly exert, a conductive gel, which penetrates the skin structure and saturates it with useful substances, is of great importance.

Main stages

Unfortunately, using microcurrents for the face, you cannot be sure of providing a long-lasting lifting effect. To obtain a prolonged result, you must complete a full course of exposure, consisting on average of 8 – 10 sessions with a break of less than one week. Subsequently, the procedure is repeated once or twice in half a year.

The procedure is absolutely painless, reviews of many patients confirm this. Initially, a special gel is applied to problem skin. This conductive composition includes vitamins and various beneficial components that also enter the dermis.

microcurrent lymphatic drainage

In most cases, the technique is used to tighten the skin, but do not forget about microcurrent lymphatic drainage. This effect aims to remove excess fluid from the human body (for example, reducing bags under the eyes).

Contraindications and consequences

Microcurrent therapy, like any high-tech technique, has certain contraindications for conducting. Neglect of established restrictions can provoke a number of undesirable complications. So, the procedure has the following contraindications:

  • pregnancy and breastfeeding;
  • heart diseases;
  • the presence of metal structures or electrical appliances implanted in the body;
  • oncology;
  • intolerance to current;
  • reinforcement based on non-absorbable threads;
  • epilepsy and nervous disorders.

In addition, using microcurrents for the face, you must remember a number of time limitations. Contraindications of this nature are due to recent surgery or plastic surgery.

Microcurrent therapy in cosmetology has gained positive reviews due to the almost complete absence of side effects and a minimal list of restrictions for conducting. This procedure is successfully used to correct the skin of the face and body in people of any gender and age.

Microcurrent Biogenie Therapy

Microcurrent Biogenie Therapy

Microcurrents at home

Such treatment can be carried out not only by specialists, but also by ordinary people. If you, having studied the positive reviews about this technique, decided to purchase a device for microcurrent therapy and engage in self-rejuvenation, do not be lazy to visit a good cosmetologist for a detailed consultation.

The thing is that microcurrent face or body lifting is carried out strictly according to indications. The course implies an individual degree of exposure and a certain number of sessions.

To start, pick up a special gel. Its variety is determined by the type of skin. As a rule, such compositions are made on the basis of plant components (chamomile, cornflower, aloe). Then it will be necessary to purchase the device itself with microcurrents, such devices also differ in a significant assortment. The simplest devices perform light massage using pulses, more expensive models can carry out myostimulation and galvanic current treatment.

Darsonval Gezatone m 920 bio wave apparatus for microcurrents at home

Darsonval Gezatone m 920 bio wave apparatus for microcurrents at home

Popular Questions

Is microcurrent therapy painful?

No, such an effect does not cause any discomfort and is easily tolerated by the vast majority of patients. During the movement of the electrodes, only slight vibration is felt.

Is it possible to conduct microcurrents for the face without using a special gel?

No, the presence of a conductive composition for treating the skin is mandatory. It provides saturation of the skin with nutrients, helps the current to penetrate into the skin and at the same time protects it.

Can microcurrents be combined with other cosmetic procedures for the face?

Yes, a comprehensive impact on the problem gives an even more positive result. The procedure goes well with mesotherapy, professional massage, and ultrasound. The exact list of possible combinations is best clarified by a specialist at the reception.

How to choose a microcurrent therapy apparatus?

If this is your first time purchasing an apparatus with microcurrents, pay attention to the most affordable and simple models that specialize in light massage effects. The main criterion for choosing a device is the tasks that you plan to solve. Carefully study the list of functions of the device, whether it can be used for lymphatic drainage, enhanced massage, etc.

Are microcurrents used for processing not the face, but the body? In which cases?

Microcurrent therapy is used as an integrated method for eliminating cellulite, stretch marks, scars on the abdomen, hips, back and other parts of the human body.

Microcurrent therapy is a modern technique, carried out by means of weak pulses of electric current and special nutritional preparations. The main task is to improve metabolic processes and restore skin tone. Microcurrent lymphatic drainage is carried out in the same way – a unique technique for eliminating puffiness..

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