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Oxygen mesotherapy of the face and body: the whole truth about the procedure

Popular cosmetic procedures are constantly being improved, which makes them even more effective and in demand. So, oxygen mesotherapy has become an analogue of injection (classical) mesotherapy – a unique technique of rejuvenating and improving the condition of the skin without violating its integrity.

The main advantage of such a technique lies not only in a tangible result, but also in the almost complete absence of restrictions on implementation. Oxymezotherapy is available for the vast majority of patients and does not cause any unpleasant consequences.

Indications for conduction

A significant advantage of this procedure is its versatility. It can be used to eliminate problems of a different nature (the fight against signs of aging, physiological skin imperfections). In addition, oxygen mesotherapy is equally suitable for improving the condition of the skin of not only the face and neck, but also of the whole body. Its implementation is available to any patient, regardless of age and gender. As for the direct testimony, then they can include:

  • excessive dryness of the skin and peeling;
  • excessive oily skin, a tendency to acne, acne, enlarged pores;
  • the presence of stretch marks, scars after acne or any injuries;
  • rosacea and increased pigmentation;
  • excessive swelling, bags under the eyes;
  • cellulite;
  • prevention of early ptosis, improving skin qualities such as firmness and tone;
  • mimic wrinkles.
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In addition, the procedure is quite appropriate as an adjunct therapy in the fight against overweight, as well as to restore the condition of the skin of the face after a number of aggressive procedures and influences (peels, operations, etc.).

apparatus for oxygen mesotherapy

One of the apparatus for oxygen mesotherapy (Vital O2 Lux)

The principle of operation and the main stages of the procedure

As you can see, oxymezotherapy is a truly universal procedure. Due to what the same technique can solve such a wide range of cosmetic problems? To answer a similar question, it is necessary to understand the principle of operation of the technique itself.

To carry out the procedure, the skin is treated with a special tool, including beneficial and natural components. There are several options for this composition, which allows you to cope with existing defects with a greater focus, and therefore achieve better results. After that, the direct action begins, a special apparatus delivers pure oxygen under a certain pressure level, it penetrates the skin, entraining particles of a beneficial substance applied to the problem area earlier. Once in the cells, oxygen and a mixture of components launches and optimizes internal processes (blood circulation, lymph flow, volume of substances, etc.).

Oxygen mesotherapy is necessarily carried out by a course, a visit to just one procedure will certainly be useful for the patient, however, it will not bring the desired results. The total duration of the technique is determined by a specialist after a full-time consultation with a client. On average, you need to attend at least 6-9 sessions (in some cases up to 12).

Like many other methods of safe rejuvenation, oxymezotherapy gives a temporary pronounced effect. It is generally accepted that it persists for about six months after attending the first procedure.

Useful properties of oxygen and additional compounds

Even if you decide to visit the procedure to solve a specific problem, the additional positive effect will clearly not be superfluous. Replenishing oxygen deficiency, you also provide:

  • removal of accumulated toxins and toxins;
  • cell regeneration and renewal;
  • strengthening local immunity and protective functions;
  • stimulation of collagen production, which contributes to skin tone.

As for the beneficial properties of the preparations used for pretreatment of the skin, it all depends on their specific variety. A caffeine-based mixture helps fight body fat, and a product based on various acids and vitamins regulates sebum secretion. The composition with ascorbic acid reduces and brightens age spots, while hyaluronic acid products provide maximum hydration.

All useful components penetrate the dermis to a depth of approximately 1-2 millimeters.

Carrying out the procedure of oxygen mesotherapy

Carrying out the procedure of oxygen mesotherapy

List of contraindications

As mentioned above, oxygen mesotherapy has a minimum of contraindications. Perhaps this is precisely the accessibility that has gained numerous positive reviews for the procedure. The list of restrictions for conducting includes the following conditions:

  • pregnancy and lactation (the procedure is undesirable, but possible after consultation with a specialist);
  • an allergy or individual intolerance to any component that is part of the gel to treat problem areas;
  • inflammatory and viral skin diseases.

Active skin oxygenation

Additional recommendations

To enhance the positive effect after a procedure such as oxymesotherapy, you can follow a series of simple recommendations. It is especially important to follow these rules in case of therapy to rejuvenate and improve the condition of the skin of the face. So, the advice and reviews of specialists are as follows:

  • Do not take hot and sun baths (per week and the same number of days after the procedure).
  • Temporarily give up bad habits, in particular, alcohol.
  • Refuse to use decorative cosmetics (a few days before and approximately 3-5 days after the session).
  • Do not do the procedure more than twice a week.

Oxygen mesotherapy is a safe technique to eliminate signs of aging and other defects in the face and body. The principle of operation of this technique is to enrich skin cells with oxygen and a number of useful components by supplying them under high pressure. The procedure is characterized by a complete absence of side effects, painlessness and a minimum of possible contraindications. In addition, it is very affordable and suits the vast majority of potential patients.

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