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Lip tattoo with feathering: the secrets of seductive forms

Any girl dreams of seductive and bright lips, but not everyone can boast of such beauty. Spending a huge amount of time on the use of decorative cosmetics while striving for the ideal, beautiful ladies cannot be sure of the safety of the achieved image during the day, because makeup tends to be washed off at the most unexpected moment. If you are tired of this, try to make a tattoo of the lips with feathering, this solution will achieve a stable attractive effect in just one procedure.

Indications for conduction

In what cases can such a tattoo (permanent makeup) of lips be suitable? Direct indications for the procedure may be:

  • the presence of defects in soft tissues;
  • the need for correction of shape, contour and color;
  • the need to constantly be “in the parade” and the lack of the ability to regularly use makeup;
  • client’s desire to have well-groomed and attractive lips.

Feathering is a universal method of tattooing, it is suitable for girls with plump and thinner lips.

The essence of the procedure

Before you tattoo your lips with shading it is very important to understand how the final result will look. So, after performing the manipulations, you get a dark or bright lip contour, the color of which gradually brightens and acquires natural tones as you approach the middle.

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The transition of shades is carried out very smoothly over a maximum of 5 mm, due to which the most natural results are achieved. This solution is considered the most popular and is called partial shading. If necessary, it can be fully implemented, but this is considered impractical.

The essence of the procedure

How is the procedure?

Permanent lip makeup with shading is carried out in several stages. Dreaming of excellent results, one should not forget about the need for a little preparation. So, before the procedure it is recommended:

  • Refrain from active sunbathing (about 2 weeks).
  • Drink a course of vitamins to increase immunity (about a week before and then after the procedure).
  • Drink a course of drugs that provide prevention from herpes (you must do this even if you have never had it).
  • Change the diet by temporarily abandoning any food and drinks that thin the blood (coffee, seafood, alcohol, etc.).

The next stage is the procedure itself, lasting up to 2 hours.
At the beginning of its implementation, several draft options are selected that differ from each other in color and borders, then the final sketch is agreed with the client and only after that comes the turn of applying local anesthesia. After 10 minutes, when the action of the analgesic composition takes full effect, the process of introducing colored pigment begins.

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The paint is introduced into the upper layers of the skin to a depth of 0.8 mm. Immediately after the completion of the manipulation, the lips can acquire a bright, evocative shade, however, in just a few weeks the color will become more natural.

The effect obtained lasts until 5 years, the exact figure will depend on the characteristics of the patient’s body, as well as the quality of the pigments used.

Side effects and rehabilitation period

In the first days after the procedure, significant swelling, the appearance of redness and even slight pain can be observed. Unpleasant symptoms usually persist for no more than 72 hours, after this time a crust of dead cells forms along the outline of the picture, after about a week it will disappear on its own, it is strongly discouraged to peel and steam it.

As for any special care after lip tattooing, it certainly exists. To consolidate the positive results and reduce the risk of complications should:

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  • Refuse to eat hot, salty, or very spicy foods.
  • Carry out hygiene procedures to prevent foreign products (such as toothpaste) and water from reaching the lips.
  • The use of antiseptic and wound healing drugs.
  • Refusal to use cosmetics for one month.
  • Refusal from trips to the solarium, saunas and pools.


In certain cases, the procedure may be prohibited. So, the list of contraindications includes such features of the body of a potential patient and disease, such as:

  • AIDS;
  • diabetes;
  • herpes;
  • increased sensitivity of the skin and a tendency to form keloid scars;
  • oncology;
  • pathology of the nervous system, epilepsy;
  • pregnancy, lactation, the period of menstruation, as well as the first months after childbirth;
  • severe peeling of the lips;
  • colds, flu and other acute viral diseases;
  • exacerbation of chronic problems;
  • the presence of inflammation near the mouth and on the skin of the lips, dermatological diseases.

Photo examples of lip tattoo with feathering

Lip tattoo with feathering is a great way to give them juiciness and brightness, forming the effect of constant high-quality makeup. This technique is suitable for absolutely every woman, she is able not only to give volume and attractiveness to the lips, but also to eliminate the existing asymmetry or defects.

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