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Hydroxylisine is a glucogenic amino acid necessary for the production of collagen. It is contained in the structural proteins of the skin of mammals, as well as in large quantities in the cells of connective tissue. It is also found in some plant-based proteins. In the human body, hydroxylisine is synthesized from another amino acid – lysine, with the participation of the enzyme lysyl hydroxylase. Even before the start of hydroxylation, lysine is adjacent to the peptide chain.

General characteristics

Hydroxylysine belongs to the “family” of replaceable amino acids, which means that a healthy body is able to produce it independently.

This substance with the formula C6H14N2O3 is not quite a standard amino acid. In the body is formed from lysine, serves as a component of collagen and glycoproteins. And in most other types of protein is missing.

Science knows the 2 form of this amino acid. Natural hydroxylysine is produced by the human body as a result of certain processes. The second form is an artificial analogue of substance. It is in this form that this amino acid is presented in bio-additives.

The main role of hydroxylysine in the body is determined on the basis of the structural features of this amino acid. Being a part of collagen, hydroxylysine, firstly, is responsible for maintaining the integrity of the cell membranes, and secondly, it increases the body’s resistance to the “attacks” of cancer cells, prevents the occurrence of oncological diseases. The hydroxyl group of an amino acid creates a chemical bond with glucose, which gives collagen a high viscosity and elasticity.

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It is also a useful substance that prevents blood clots. Hydroxylysine performs this function due to its ability to retain moisture.

Hydroxylysine supplements are a traditional component of sports nutrition. Bodybuilders use these drugs to more quickly treat injuries and accelerate muscle building. This amino acid also serves as an effective medicine for injured ligaments and joints. Meanwhile, there is an opinion that hydroxylisine in the form of an additive to a sports diet does not represent any benefit for a person. Proponents of this theory explain: getting into the body, the “chemical” analog of an amino acid is excreted without any changes.

Interestingly, hydroxylysine in its pure form is neither in the human body nor in the bodies of animals. And all because almost immediately after the creation is included in the work of synthesizing collagen.

Iron and bioflavonoids are necessary for the proper synthesis of hydroxylisine. And in the body, this amino acid interacts well with vitamins A, B1, ascorbic acid and arginine.

Daily need

The adult body’s need for hydroxylysine is determined on the basis of the proportion: 23 microgram of substance per kilogram of weight. Children need the amino acid much more. From here and other calculations: approximately 170 micrograms of amino acids – for each kilogram.

However, these formulas are only approximate recommendations. Since there are circumstances in which the body’s need for an amino acid changes. For example, more than the average norm of hydroxylisine is necessary for people who are actively involved in sports or work physically. It is also desirable to increase the intake of amino acids in the presence of stretch marks of tendons or injured joints. It is worthwhile to increase the concentration of the substance for people with cancer or with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome.

Any problems with muscles or the occurrence of latirism are also a signal that it is time to raise the daily dose of the consumed hydroxylisine. Well, in addition to all of the above, doctors recommend paying special attention to this useful substance for men in old age – their body needs a more intensive replenishment of amino acid reserves.

From the formula for calculating the individual daily norm of hydroxylysine, it is clear that the children’s body experiences a higher need for an amino acid than adults. Meanwhile, after 25 years, it is already possible to slightly reduce the daily dose. But those with intolerance to lysine with hydroxylysine need to be extremely careful.

Danger of scarcity

Hydroxylysine deficiency is usually the result of low enzyme activity, in particular, insufficient production of lysyl hydroxylase. A lack of an amino acid in the body causes Ehlers-Danlos syndrome. But the problems with hydroxylysine deficiency do not end there. Against the background of an amino acid imbalance, romicism can develop (a neurological disease accompanied by damage to the spinal cord).

Understand that the body lacks an amino acid can also be due to frequent headaches, loss of appetite, discomfort in muscles and joints, abundant hair loss, skin problems, decrease in sexual desire, as well as frequent viral diseases.

But you should not be afraid of an overdose of this amino acid. At least, so the researchers convince. It is believed that this substance is not able to accumulate in the tissues of the body. And this means that its excess is also impossible.

Food sources

In addition to the fact that the body is able to independently synthesize hydroxylysine, this amino acid can get into the human body and with food. Among the foods rich in this replaceable amino acid are: dairy foods (milk, cottage cheese, various types of hard cheese, cheese, natural yogurt), meat (beef, lamb, turkey, chicken), fish (fatty), seafood, chicken and quail eggs, soy bean.

Interaction with other substances

Sugar and proteins are capable of affecting the synthesis of hydroxylysine. The simultaneous consumption of these substances reduces the intensity of production of amino acids in the body. Therefore, it is important for those suffering from a deficiency of hydroxylysine to adhere to the principles of separate feeding.

Hydroxylisine is known as a dietary supplement in the diet of bodybuilders. Meanwhile, the specific properties of this amino acid have a beneficial effect on any organism. It is gratifying that a person does not need to specifically look for the sources of this useful substance – the body itself will produce it exactly as much as is necessary to maintain vital activity. But observing a healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition, you can help all systems function correctly, and therefore produce important components for maintaining health.

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Cosmetology, plastic surgery and diets
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