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Botox Hair Treatment: what is it and how effective is it?

Lifeless, dry hair with split ends – a familiar picture for millions of women. Most often, such problems are caused by aggressive external exposure to the sun, wind, frost, staining, the use of a hairdryer, and the use of styling products. The environmental situation, as well as unhealthy nutrition, also contribute.

However, not everything is as sad as it might seem at first glance. Modern and proper hair care in salons and at home is able to cope with even the most difficult situation. One of the latest innovations is Botox for hair. According to the developers, the original procedure is designed not only to improve the appearance, but also to solve the problem fundamentally. Is this so, try to figure it out.

What it is?

Botox for hair is a big name for a cosmetic composition. The tool used for the treatment procedure has little to do with the drug used for wrinkle injections, except for its name. Such plagiarism is due to advertising purposes, because potential customers quite often focus on the high-profile “name” of the product.

Having studied in detail the reviews of many women, we can conclude that the ratio of the categories “price-quality” is at the proper level.

Loreal Products

Botox for hair is a product produced by several brands at once, however, the most popular products are from Loreal. So, the technique involves the use of two interacting compounds:

  • active serum;
  • restoring means.
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Popular remedies for Loreal

The main active ingredient is a molecule called Intra-Silan. It is she who provides a positive effect. Being initially in a liquid state, beneficial substances penetrate deep into the hair. Turning into a solid state, they contribute to the maximum strengthening of the hair structure, give flexibility and significant strength at the same time.

The application of active compounds provides a visible result that lasts about a few weeks, the effect begins to disappear after 10 water procedures. Often you can find the opinion that Fiberceutic (this is the name of the Loreal product) is wasteful and not very effective, because for those who wash their hair every day, the effect of the method is really minimal.

The effect of the procedure

For the most part, reviews of the latest development are positive. For the specified amount, you get the opportunity to characterize your hair as:

  • obedient, easy to style;
  • elastic, with no brittleness and split ends;
  • brighter in color, shiny, soft;
  • with strong roots, with an extended life cycle of each hair.

Botox effect for hair

Photos before and after applying Botox for hair from Loreal

In general, you get a really presentable head of hair, reminiscent of the hair of Hollywood stars on the carpet. Regular repetition of the procedure will achieve a significant improvement in the condition of your hairstyle.

Conducting at home

Botox by means of the Loreal brand is possible not only in the salon, but also at home, the main thing is to purchase the products necessary for the procedure. As a rule, buying a kit for independent use, you get at least 7-9 sessions for the same money that you could spend in the cabin.

The manipulations that you must perform are quite simple: first you need to wash your hair, then apply active serum to your hair, and after a few minutes apply the nutritional composition itself. All this should be washed off after 10 minutes. It should be noted that there are special products for thin or ordinary, as well as for thick, porous hair. The list of all actions does not take more than half an hour, after which you will be pleasantly surprised by the result.

Israeli Botox for hair

Botox for hair is a solution implemented not only by the largest cosmetic concern Loreal, but also by a number of other less well-known companies. Among them is the Israeli brand Kashmir Keratin Hair System. The tool they offer works on the same principle of action, but differs from the more popular analogue in composition. One of the active components of the drug are botulinum toxin molecules, which also contribute to the restoration of damaged hair structure.

Kashmir Keratin Khair System

Feedback on this technique is also positive. Botox hair is carried out in a salon and involves the use of the following components:

  • the first product responsible for the penetration of components;
  • the second product is directly the beneficial ingredients themselves, which provide hydration, nutrition and regeneration.

Before application, two products are mixed and used to treat clean and slightly damp hair. It is believed that the result achieved lasts for three to five months. It depends on how often you wash your hair. Using an Israeli remedy helps to make your hair more healthy, shiny and obedient. You can get rid of split ends, brittleness and dull color. In just one session, the hairstyle will become more voluminous. This procedure is used as additional care or hair restoration after dyeing, curling and other aggressive external influences.

Botox for hair It is a series of products and a procedure whose purpose is to restore the health and appearance of hair. During the manipulations, no injections occur; external cosmetics, serums and masks saturated with active nutrients are used for care and treatment. Their use determines the restoration, moisturizing and strengthening of hair along the entire length.

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