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“Hair Lift” – restoration from the inside and outside

Every girl dreams of hair like that of models and actresses from films or from the pages of glossy magazines. Unfortunately, poor ecology, frequent styling and aggressive cosmetics only thin the hair, depriving them of their natural shine, provoking a section of the ends, brittleness and loss. Such a procedure as “hair lifting” can solve many problems in the complex and bring you closer to the desired dream – hair like a movie star.

Indications for use

This procedure is universal, with its help you can eliminate several different problems at once. Hairdressers believe that its conduct will be relevant for hair:

  • Dry (dehydrated).
  • Damaged by ultraviolet radiation, aggressive procedures (staining, perm, chemistry).
  • Hard and naughty when laying.
  • Dull, colorless.
  • With split ends, brittle, weakened.

The procedure is recommended before traveling to the sea to provide protection from ultraviolet radiation, high air temperature, salt water.

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Procedure Algorithm

The average duration of the procedure is 50-60 minutes, but in some cases it can reach four hours, it all depends on the length, density and condition of the hair. Medical manipulations are performed in a certain sequence:

  • Purification. The task is to eliminate external pollution, dead cells and particles of cosmetics. It is carried out using special shampoos and herbal peeling, a composition based on natural, natural components.
  • Mask. Clean hair needs to be slightly dried before applying a treatment mask. Its specific variety is determined by their condition: for brittle and damaged, a composition with keratin is recommended; for dry and dull – with proteins, vitamins and minerals. The agent is applied along the entire length.
  • Treatment. Deep introduction of the medical mask is carried out using a special ironing machine that generates ultrasonic waves and infrared light. They literally transfer active particles of the compounds deep into the hair shaft and restore its structure. Due to the cold, not hot surface of the appliance, the hair is not injured and does not become overdried.
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hair lifting with an iron

The compounds used are also completely safe, they do not contain aggressive chemical compounds, do not dry and do not damage the hair.

The effect obtained from the procedure lasts for 2-3 months and directly depends on how to care for hair after lifting.

Principle of operation and expected result

Waves generated by ironing and light radiation contribute to the penetration of a therapeutic agent (keratin – protein or nutrients) not only on the surface of the hair, but also under the layer of dead cells, inside the hair. As a result, the voids are filled, and a dense, protective shell forms from the outside. Hair becomes elastic, split ends are soldered, color acquires brightness and saturation.

The procedure provides the necessary hydration, softness, facilitates further combing and styling of hair. In addition, it helps to change the structure of curly hair, making them more straight and not fluffy with high humidity.

Recommendations after the procedure

To consolidate the positive effect and keep it as long as possible, the hair must be properly looked after. First of all, within three days they should not be washed or subjected to any heat treatment.

It should be remembered that the more often you wash your hair, the faster the beneficial properties of the composition are washed out of the hair, however, they can be supported with special keratin-based shampoos. After 2-3 months, hair lifting can be repeated.

After hair lifting, it is not recommended to wash your hair for 3 days

After hair lifting, it is not recommended to wash your hair for 3 days

Advantages and disadvantages of the technique

Positive feedback about this procedure is not accidental; it has many advantages with almost complete absence of disadvantages. Patients note the following advantages of this technique:

  • The absence of contraindications and side effects, the hair or scalp are not damaged during the procedure.
  • Reasonable cost, allowing anyone to use the service.
  • The ability to simultaneously solve several problems, the overall improvement of hair.

Unfortunately, it should be remembered that the procedure also has weaknesses. So, the formed effect lasts no more than 3 months, and even less with daily shampooing.

Hair lifting – a procedure designed to give hair elasticity and their overall healing. It is carried out using special cosmetic products containing keratin and vitamins. Useful components form a sheath on the surface of the hair and penetrate into its depth by means of a special iron that generates ultrasonic waves and infrared radiation. The procedure has no contraindications and side effects, the result lasts for 3 months.

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