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Keratin eyelash lifting – what is it and how is it done?

Thick and long eyelashes with an attractive bend can add charm to absolutely any eyes. Unfortunately, not every woman can boast of just such eyelashes. Decorative cosmetics, extensions and curls provide a short-term visual effect, while having a certain negative effect. An alternative to such techniques is keratin eyelash lifting – a procedure that ensures their maximum healing. Let’s talk about what such a technique is, how it is carried out, and what result can be achieved with its help.

Indications for the procedure and expected effect

How to understand that keratin eyelash lifting is right for you? Using the proposed methodology, it is quite possible to improve the condition of rare and short eyelashes. By visiting the procedure, you can improve the length and volume, as well as almost completely reduce the loss. Keratin lifting is appropriate after eyelash extensions, when your own hairs are weakened and depleted.

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Keratin, which is part of the therapeutic agent, strengthens the structure of eyelashes, makes them more elastic, dense and strong. In addition, you can give them the necessary bend and color. The effect can last up to almost three months, which means you can forget about mascara for a long time.


At the moment, in the cosmetology salons of our country, keratin lifting of eyelashes Yumi Lashes is carried out. During the treatment, a patented Swiss product is used, which allows to achieve very good results. In addition to promises to improve the structure and quality characteristics of eyelashes, the technique has a number of additional advantages, which include:

  • safety (does not spoil eyelashes);
  • painlessness (during the session, the patient does not experience unpleasant sensations, anesthesia is not required, a normal reaction is a slight burning sensation, heat or cold);
  • practicality (processing takes about 40 minutes, the first changes are immediately noticeable, the maximum effect is revealed on the next day and remains until the eyelashes are completely renewed);
  • no need to re-visit the salon (does not require correction or removal of the composition, it comes off naturally, without deterioration of the visual condition);
  • minimum of contraindications and side effects;
  • lack of rehabilitation period;
  • the absence of any restrictions (it is allowed to wear lenses, use mascara and creams for skin care of the eyelids, as well as much more).
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The only existing restriction is the ban on washing the eyes with water during the day.

Principle of

Procedure Keratin Eyelash Lift Yumi Lashes

Despite the fact that such keratin lifting is quite easy, it can only be carried out by a specialist who has undergone special training. Otherwise, the end result and patient safety may be seriously affected. The entire procedure lasting 30-50 minutes can conditionally be divided into several stages.

First action – preparatory. The main task of the specialist at this stage is to clean the eyelashes from cosmetics, possible contaminants, natural fats.

Second action – direct treatment and improvement of hair condition. To do this, they are processed with a special nutrient that makes them more elastic, soft and susceptible to further exposure. After applying the composition, a special silicone mold is attached to the eyelashes, which gives them the necessary shape. At the very end of the main stage, the eyelashes are processed with serum, which fixes the bend and helps the hairs perceive color pigment (three shades are provided for the client to choose).

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Third action – staining.

Fourth action – filling hairs with keratin, improving their structure, fixing color.

Before and after photos

Photos before and after keratin lifting eyelashes Yumi Lashes No. 1

Photos before and after keratin lifting eyelashes Yumi Lashes No. 3

Contraindications and possible side effects

The procedure has a minimum of contraindications, which means that it is available to almost every woman. Restrictions on a cosmetology session are imposed during pregnancy and lactation, in the presence of eye diseases or hypersensitivity to this area.

As for the side effects, the official developers of the drug claim that they are simply absent, however, reviews of some patients contain information that the method:

  • does not bring the desired result;
  • temporarily worsens the condition of their own eyelashes.

Keratin Eyelash Lift YUmi Lashes – An excellent opportunity to improve their condition, restore the structure, increase the length and volume, as well as give the desired bend and simulate the effect of wide eyes. The technique is relevant both as a prophylactic and as a therapeutic agent.

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