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Mesotherapy of the head: a new life for your hair

Thick, shiny and healthy hair can most often be found in advertising, but life realities are significantly different from magazine gloss. Most people at least once in their life have encountered problems such as dandruff or weakened hair follicles, which over time negatively affected the density of the hairstyle.

Any masks and shampoos provide only a temporary, visual effect, without helping to fix the problem at the root. Mesotherapy for hair can be a cardinal way – an injection technique that involves the introduction of drugs directly into the scalp.

Why is mesotherapy for the head necessary?

First you need to clearly understand the existing indications for the procedure. This information will help you not to have false hopes and to realize in advance the result that you can count on after therapy. First of all, head mesotherapy can be useful in:

  • hair loss (exception – processes caused by hormonal changes);
  • excessively oily scalp and impaired activity of the sebaceous glands, with seborrhea;
  • excessively dry scalp;
  • dandruff;
  • pain and itching;
  • weak hair follicles and partial, beginning baldness, with the loss of the desired density of hair;
  • brittle hair and split ends.
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In addition, the procedure can help accelerate hair growth.

The main stages of the procedure

How exactly does mesotherapy for hair go? Many potential patients worry about how traumatic injections can be made directly to the scalp.

Do not worry about this. Hair mesotherapy is considered one of the most simple, but at the same time effective procedures. The preparations selected by the cosmetologist are introduced to a depth of up to 2 millimeters, without affecting important vessels and muscles, which means that there is no danger to health.

Most often, injections are carried out manually, using a syringe with a long and very thin needle made of special medical steel. With a significant number of necessary injections, the specialist can offer the client a hardware method. Reviews of this decision indicate the absence of a fundamental difference between the two methods of introducing the composition.

During the head mesotherapy procedure

During the head mesotherapy procedure

How do drugs for mesotherapy work?

First of all, it should be noted that the means used for mesotherapy can vary significantly in composition. The components for the preparation of special cocktails are selected individually for the patient, thus, their effectiveness is significantly increased.

As a rule, mesotherapy for hair involves the use of homeopathy, vitamins and various minerals. Preparations of this type provide a pronounced effect not immediately. To achieve the desired result, you must visit a significant number of cosmetic sessions. In this case, the effect lasts longer.

A patient who needs faster results, appearing after a couple of procedures, needs completely different mesococtails. Allopathic drugs of the new generation, which contain powerful synthetic components and an auxiliary set of vitamins. That is why they provide a faster, but less prolonged positive effect.

Regardless of which formulations were chosen by you and your specialist for the procedures, the principle of their effect is more or less unified. So, mesotherapy of the head provides its high results not only due to the presence of useful components that make up the existing deficit, but also directly due to injections. Violation of the integrity of the skin leads to the activation of regeneration processes, which also positively affects the solution of the existing problems.

Benefits of Therapy

Head mesotherapy session

What are the advantages of scalp mesotherapy in relation to other cosmetic procedures that do not involve injections? First of all, these include:

  • Individually selected composition, saturated with a large number of useful components, the absence of harmful elements.
  • Delivery of drugs directly to the root of the problem – to the dermis and hair follicles.
  • An additional stimulating effect associated with the implementation of injections.
  • The ability to simultaneously solve multiple tasks.

Side effects

Mesotherapy of the scalp can be accompanied by unpleasant consequences. Basically, any side effects and inconveniences are temporary. The first day, itching and mild soreness of the skin can be observed. Do not follow your own desires, do not scratch and massage the problem area, try to wait for the necessary time. In addition, you should not wash your hair within 24 hours after the procedure. To minimize discomfort, you need to sweat less, for this it is recommended not to use hats and not to appear in the open sun for 24-48 hours.

In addition, after the procedure, slight swelling, the appearance of red dots, and the formation of minor bruises can be observed.

Side effects of head mesotherapy

The photo shows red dots on the head from mesotherapy

Contraindications for therapy

Injections for hair growth and scalp treatment may not be indicated for all patients. Do not believe in advertising that mesotherapy is a completely harmless operation, in some cases it is unacceptable. As a rule, such an effect cannot be carried out with:

  • pregnancy;
  • feeding a newborn with breast milk;
  • reduced immunity and the consequences of this phenomenon (exacerbation of the disease, viral infection);
  • individual intolerance to the ingredients of the mesococktail.

Contraindications to the procedure can be expanded at the discretion of the specialist performing the injection.

Before and after photos

Photos before and after mesotherapy head number 1

Photos before and after mesotherapy head number 2

Mesotherapy not only helps to eliminate wrinkles and give elasticity to the skin, but also helps with hair loss, and also stimulates their growth. This procedure involves a significant number of sessions that help fill the deficiency of vitamins and minerals, strengthen hair follicles, and get rid of unpleasant itching and dandruff.

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