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Ozone therapy for hair and scalp

Gorgeous hairstyle can change the look of any person. However, improving the condition of the hair is far from as simple as it might seem at first glance. Shampoos, masks and all kinds of vitamins sometimes cease to give the expected result and are ineffective. Hair ozone therapy is the modern solution that cosmetology presents. Let’s talk about what a similar technique is and what results can be achieved with it.

Indications for treatment

To begin with, we will determine in what cases ozone treatment is appropriate? There are three main types of directions for this procedure:

  • treatment of diseases of the scalp (for example, dandruff, seborrhea, fungus, etc.);
  • stimulating new hair growth and reducing hair loss;
  • general healing effect, improving the quality properties of hair, flexibility, brightness, shine.
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Hair loss - an indication for ozone therapy

How does it work?

The favorable effect of ozone (highly active oxygen) was appreciated by a huge number of both patients and specialists, as evidenced by numerous reviews. Ozone therapy affects the skin, and, therefore, on the hair follicles located in them, as follows:

  • stimulates blood circulation (hair growth);
  • provides oxygen saturation;
  • reduces pain in the presence of injuries, bruises, etc .;
  • removes toxins, harmful substances and toxins from local areas of the head;
  • heals existing skin irritations, reduces inflammation, kills fungi and bacteria.

This all provides enhanced hair growth, and also stops their hair loss. In addition, the appearance of your hairstyle is significantly improved, you can observe the necessary density, volume, shine, density and elasticity. Skin diseases, as a rule, completely disappear after several sessions.

General information about the procedure

Hair ozone therapy can be carried out by several methods. What specific method is right for you, the doctor determines during the examination of the scalp. The technique chosen will depend on the extent of the problem. So maybe:

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System introduction

It is carried out through a dropper intravenously. The main objective of this procedure is to saturate the entire body with ozone, which will lead to a general recovery and the solution of existing problems in the complex.

Systemic introduction to ozone therapy for hair

Systemic introduction to ozone therapy for hair


It is carried out directly to the problem area with the help of injections. A full course may include 2 to 6 sessions. Please note that the introduction of injections can accompany a very unpleasant sensations. One procedure lasts approximately 20 minutes.

Ozone Therapy for Hair

Ozone Therapy for Hair

External influence

The technique is less effective, but absolutely non-traumatic and also useful. It consists in treating hair with a special composition, which includes ozone. Then the patient’s head is placed under a special device that creates a greenhouse effect and allows the components of the mixture to penetrate the skin.

External exposure to ozone therapy

External exposure to ozone therapy

The list of possible contraindications

In what cases will ozone treatment be contraindicated? The list of necessary restrictions is quite extensive and is presented by the following conditions:

  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • individual intolerance and allergy to ozone;
  • internal bleeding and the recovery period after them;
  • heart disease;
  • regular use of alcohol (a few days before the procedure);
  • decreased immunity and colds, fever and fever;
  • problems associated with the functioning of the thyroid gland (for example, hyperthyroidism).

Possible side effects

Usually, head ozone therapy is well tolerated by patients without contraindications. All unpleasant sensations last for several hours (a maximum of several days), they do not require special treatment and do not cause any serious inconvenience. The most likely side effects include:

  • moderate or mild soreness of the treated area;
  • swelling at the injection site;
  • bruising, bruising, redness;
  • discomfort and light crunch in the treated area.

Please note that such negative reactions of the body, as a rule, are characteristic of only one method of ozone therapy – injection.

Before and after photos

Photos before and after ozone therapy for hair No. 1
Photos before and after ozone therapy for hair No. 2

Safety measures

It is quite possible to reduce the risk of side effects, for this it is only necessary to follow the basic recommendations that the specialist conducting the procedure will provide you with. As a rule, the following precautions are typical for the rehabilitation period:

  • limit physical activity (3 – 5 days);
  • give up bad habits (up to 7 days);
  • do not wash your hair (2 days);
  • do not blow dry hair (5 – 7 days);
  • do not scratch the scalp (2 days);
  • do not use creams, masks, styling products (up to 5 days);
  • Do not visit establishments with high humidity and air temperature (saunas, steam rooms, baths).

All of these recommendations are adapted specifically to ozone injections, other treatment technologies almost do not give side effects and are easily tolerated by the body. In case of intravenous administration, mild headache or dizziness may occur.

Ozone therapy is a useful and safe procedure that allows you to restore your hair vitality and attractive appearance. With it, you will not only improve the condition of your hair, but you can also defeat many diseases of the scalp (dandruff, fungus and others).

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