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Plasmolifting hair – what is it and how is it done?

Are you dreaming of a luxurious healthy hair, but you can’t achieve the desired effect with masks, shampoos and natural lotions? Perhaps plasmolifting for hair will help you solve existing problems with a greater degree of probability than traditional medicine. The original cosmetology procedure is not familiar to many, however, according to some experts, it can significantly improve the appearance of your hairstyle by acting on the hair from the inside, which ensures a long and maximum positive result.

Procedure Overview

Before answering the question what is plasmolifting for hair, we will understand the description of the term plasmolifting itself. This technique is a blood sampling from a client, enriching the substance with useful substances and introducing it into certain problem areas in order to improve their condition and improve their health. The procedure can be carried out with the aim of treating skin defects, general skin rejuvenation, as well as improving the condition of hair. Injections of useful blood are also successfully used in a number of other areas of medicine.

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Indications for the procedure and result

In what cases is plasmolifting of the scalp appropriate and recommended? The answer to this question is quite simple, you yourself can determine that you need a similar procedure. As a rule, it brings positive results with:

  • weakened hair: those that often break, split, and have a fine structure (often found after chemistry, dyeing, regular drying with a hairdryer, and styling);
  • active hair loss, as well as their slow growth, the presence of bald spots, bald patches;
  • diseases of the scalp (dandruff, seborrhea, fungus, etc.);
  • lack of gloss, dullness, minimal density;
  • excessive oily scalp.

According to the developers, after the injection, the hair follicles significantly strengthen, which reduces and almost negates loss, helps to cope with increased fat content, completely eliminates dandruff and its effects (itching, irritation of the scalp). In just a few days, the hair acquires a significant density, pleasant shine and natural color.

The main stages of the procedure

Plasma lifting of the head does not take much time (the session lasts up to one hour). Before proceeding with the injections, the patient is recommended to undergo basic tests in order to better understand his state of health and the possibility of blood sampling for its use for cosmetic purposes. If all the indicators are normal, then you can safely proceed to the beauty session. Conditionally, plasma therapy for hair is carried out in three stages:

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  • Blood sampling (The maximum single amount is approximately 100 milliliters).

blood sampling for plasmolifting

Blood sampling stage

  • The substance is placed in a special apparatus that purifies it from red blood cells and white blood cells. For injection, plasma that is maximally saturated with platelets is selected.
  • The final stage – injections in certain areas (both in the scalp and not). They are carried out after anesthesia using a special needle of minimum diameter.

Plasmolifting procedure for hair

Introduction stage

The full course consists of 4 sessions, in some cases, two procedures will be enough. The interval between procedures should be approximately 7 days. Repeat the course twice a year.


The recovery period after plasmolifting of the head is approximately one to two weeks. Customer reviews may contain information that in some cases, side effects persisted for up to one month. If you are confused by any reaction of the body, try to visit a specialist again for a personal consultation and prescribing treatment. With prolonged persistence of side effects or too strong a reaction to injections, it is not recommended to decide on the second plasmolifting procedure without clarifying the causes of such consequences.

For the first two to three days, it is not recommended to wash your hair, comb it too much, use styling products, and also do a head massage. In the future, for about 10 days it is forbidden to visit the sauna and solarium, any institution where there is high humidity and air temperature. Also, it is strongly not recommended to blow dry your hair with a hairdryer during the indicated period of time. Bad habits, such as smoking and alcohol, also fall under the temporary ban.

Contraindications to the procedure

Plasma lifting of the scalp can be done not for every person, the procedure has certain limitations and contraindications. If you neglect the taboo list and decide to conduct procedures to bypass them, be prepared for very unpleasant consequences. Restrictions necessarily apply to such conditions and diseases as:

  • pregnancy;
  • the period of breastfeeding;
  • diseases of the blood and circulatory system;
  • any infections, fever, fever, high body temperature;
  • inflammatory processes;
  • chronic liver disease.
The result after plasmolifting for hair
The result after plasmolifting for hair

Plasma lifting is a great opportunity to improve the condition of your hair. A technique involving transfusion of platelet-rich blood helps trigger internal regenerative processes. This method is considered not only high-quality, but also safe, since it does not provoke allergic reactions or rejection.

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