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5 effective hand hair removal methods

In most cases, the hairs on the arms, from the shoulder to the hand, are weakly expressed, have a light shade and fine structure. Such hair does not affect the appearance of a person and does not require removal. However, there are situations when hand hair removal is necessary. So, the procedure is indicated for men, women of eastern nationalities, or with an increased hormonal background, suffering from excessive hair growth.

What is the need for hand hair removal?

Hand hair removal is done to look more beautiful. Women strive to get smooth skin so that they can wear open clothes without complexes and not be shy of their appearance on the beach, men – to emphasize muscles or to speak in open clothes in front of the audience.

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Why hair removal?

It is necessary to take into account the fact that some types of hair removal provoke a worsening of the situation. For example, regular shaving of the hands (refers to depilation) leads to accelerated hair growth and makes them tougher. The desire of each patient is to achieve the opposite effect. For this, it is necessary to carry out hair removal with a root – hair removal. Treatments of this kind that are suitable for hands include shugaring, waxing, laser, photo and electrolysis.


Hair removal with sweet sugar mass is the most affordable and safe method of all proposed. It is carried out in beauty parlors and at home; no special equipment or skills are required to conduct it.

Sugar Hair Removal

For this epilation, only a special sugar composition is required. You can buy it in the store (cost from 300 to 600 rubles) or cook it yourself. The latter option is excellent for home-based procedures, as it allows you to save money and get a natural, safe product without unnecessary preservatives.

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Preparing the mass for shugaring within half an hour. To do this, mix three components: granulated sugar (10 tablespoons), juice of one lemon, water (2 tablespoons) and cook over low heat. The resulting mixture is regularly stirred during cooking to avoid burning. The degree of readiness is determined not only by time, but also by the state of the mass, it should be uniform in consistency, light brown in color and have a pleasant taste of caramel.

Principle of

The finished composition is cooled to 37-40 degrees before use, and only then applied to the skin of the hands with a spatula or spatula with a thin even layer. The next step is fixing the mixture with a dense strip of tissue, holding the resulting exposure and removing it by abrupt disruption against hair growth.

As a result, hair is removed along with the bulb for up to one month. With a regular repetition of manipulations, the hairs lighten, grow more slowly and less often, become thinner. In addition, during sugar hair removal, pain is reduced, and the next time it passes without any unpleasant sensations.

Shugaring paste

Shugaring paste

Shugaring is not done for diabetes mellitus, the presence of wounds, inflammation on the skin and individual intolerance of the components in the composition of the mixture for its conduct, all other contraindications are relative. After epilation, redness, slight swelling, and, in rare cases, bruises are usually manifested.


waxing on hands

Waxing on hands

An alternative to shugaring is hand waxing. It is carried out according to the same principle, however, wax of various temperatures is used instead of sugar mixture:

  • Hot. The temperature of the composition reaches 50 degrees. Sold solid, requires preheating. Suitable for hair removal of male and female hands with dense dark hairs.
  • Warm. The temperature of the composition reaches 37-40 degrees. Sold solid, requires preheating. Suitable for hair removal of male and female hands with blond hair.
  • Cold. It is applied on the inside of two tightly glued strips. Before use, they are heated by simple friction between the palms, separated and pressed with the sticky side to the skin, then fixed and sharply torn off against hair growth.

Hands before and after waxing

Hands before and after waxing

Hot and warm wax is often practiced in the salon, they are less painful due to the high temperature of the composition, which dulls the unpleasant sensations, but there may be more side effects from them (burns, swelling). Cold wax is well suited for fluffy and fair hair, after using it for several hours, moderate soreness may persist. The results are stored for a month.

Contraindication to waxing of any kind is diabetes mellitus, oncology, acute external and internal inflammatory processes, pregnancy and lactation.

Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal of hands provides smooth skin for up to 5 – 7 years. In some cases, it gives permanent hair removal on the hands, but this is extremely rare. Procedures of this kind are carried out only in specialized cosmetology institutions. Laser exposure is conditionally divided into two categories:

  • For dark hair. Techniques designed for the presence of melanin in the hair (alexandrite, diode, ruby ​​lasers). The light pulses of such lasers are absorbed by the pigment inside the hair, transformed into heat, heat the cells and destroy them.
  • For fair hair. Techniques that affect the vessels that nourish the hair bulb (neodymium laser). Light pulses heat and glue tubules through which nutrients enter the base of the hair. Not receiving them, he perishes.

Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal

Any laser exposure is relevant for hair in the stage of active growth. At one point in time, they are usually not more than 20 percent, so the procedure must be repeated 4 – 7 times with breaks from 1 to 2 months.

After treatment, the hair does not fall out immediately, but within 2 weeks. The first day there are side effects, redness of the skin, the formation of blisters, soreness, swelling. Laser hair removal on the hands is not carried out with individual intolerance to light radiation, pregnancy, lactation, the presence of malignant tumors, diabetes mellitus. If there are inflammatory processes on the skin of the hands, open wounds, multiple nevi, the procedure is also not recommended.


Photoepilation of hands allows you to get rid of excess vegetation for a period of 3 to 5 years. The procedure is relevant for dark, not too stiff hairs with a lot of melanin, in all other cases, its implementation will be ineffective.

The principle of the procedure is based on the generation of light flashes that are absorbed by melanin and converted into powerful thermal energy that can heat the hair follicle to 80 degrees. This temperature regime destroys its structure and prevents further growth of the rod.

A light pulse is absorbed only by active, growing bulbs, at rest they are not amenable to its influence. In order to remove all the hairs, you will need to take a course from 5 – 8 procedures, a break between which is usually equal to 6 – 8 weeks.

Photoepilation of hands

Photoepilation of hands

Photoepilation is contraindicated in cases of intolerance to light radiation, diabetes, oncology, acute viral infections. They are not carried out during pregnancy, as well as during subsequent lactation.

Patient reviews about this procedure are mostly positive. It is quite effective and causes fewer side effects than laser or electrolysis. Within a day after processing the hands, slight redness is observed, in some cases burns and blisters, moderate soreness.


Electrolysis of hands is a painful and most radical method of solving a problem. The reviews of experienced cosmetologists indicate that, if carried out correctly, this procedure can solve the problem of excess vegetation forever.

Processing takes a lot of time, since it is carried out pointwise. A sensor in the form of a needle is introduced into each hair follicle individually, sends a discharge of current, which leads to its heating, and then to complete destruction.

Electrolysis on hands

Electrolysis of hands

The technique is universal and suitable for all patients, regardless of skin or hair type. It is also conducted by the course, which consists of 3 – 6 sessions with interruptions of the order of 2 months. It is carried out after applying local anesthesia, however, discomfort can persist in this case. Soreness or itching is also present after the procedure, and patients also observe swelling and a temporary change in skin color.

Hair Removal – hair removal from the root from the shoulders to the hands with sugar mass, wax, electro-, photo- or laser hair removal. The last three give smooth skin for a maximum period, but they are the most expensive methods that can only be carried out by qualified specialists.

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