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7 ways to get rid of armpit hair

Axillaries with thick dark hair do not look aesthetically pleasing and disgust others. In addition, excess hair in such a delicate area enhances sweating, resulting in a pathogenic environment in which bacteria and microbes are teeming.

Depilation and epilation of armpits solve this problem and allow you to achieve the effect of smooth skin. There are about seven ways to remove hair in the armpits (2 hair removal methods and 5 hair removal methods), such a variety of options allows everyone to find a suitable solution.

The difference between hair removal and depilation

Depilation is the removal of the hair shaft on the surface of the skin, without the bulb. Epilation is the complete removal of hair, from the bulb to the tip of the shaft.

Armpit depilation with a razor

The first method involves using a razor. The principle of operation is based on cutting the hairs above the skin surface, while the bulb is not damaged and after a few hours it releases a new shaft. Repeating such manipulations is necessary at least 2 once a week, however, such measures do not always allow to achieve the effect of absolute smoothness.

armpit razor

Among the advantages of this method is the ease of use of a razor, the speed of obtaining results, and affordability. Among the shortcomings are the fragility of the result, low efficiency, the risks of cuts and irritation. It is possible to minimize the weaknesses of shaving by observing the following tips:

  • Choose machines with multiple blades and protective strips.
  • Use foam before the procedure and chamomile-based decoctions to reduce irritation after.
  • In between procedures, use compounds that slow down hair growth.
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Armpit depilation with chemical compounds

You can also remove excess hair with depilation creams. The principle of action is based on the destruction of the hair shaft above the skin surface and to a small depth of the dermis, while the hair bulb is not affected. The results are stored for a week. From the use of chemical compounds, the hair structure becomes thinner over time.

Not all hair removal creams are suitable for armpits. Many drugs can not cope with the dense, stiff hair of this delicate area.

Underarm hair removal with an electric epilator

An electroepilator is a device that captures and rips hairs together with a bulb. It is suitable for working in the armpit area and provides smooth skin for up to 3 weeks. With regular use, the hair weakens, becomes brittle, becomes rare. Such changes are explained by permanent trauma to the hair bulb.

armpit epilation

The use of an epilator in the armpits is associated with increased pain. To minimize discomfort, painkillers or creams should be used, and after hair removal, apply compositions to soothe and regenerate the skin.

Unpleasant sensations are one of the few shortcomings of the epilator. But the list of its strengths complements the speed of obtaining the desired effect, effectiveness, change in the structure of the hair with regular use.

Underarm waxing

Hot or warm wax is also used to remove hair. Ready-made strips with cold wax for this procedure are not suitable because of the anatomical features of the human body, they can not fit snugly to the skin and remove hairs in full.

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The principle of this type of hair removal is simple: the wax is heated to the desired temperature, applied to the problem area with a spatula, fixed with a strip of dense material, withstand exposure for a couple of minutes, and then tear off the strip, removing hairs with the root.

armpit waxing

Since waxing also destroys the structure of the bulb, hair after repeated exposure grow less often and change their appearance. The effectiveness of one procedure lasts for a month, over time, this period may increase.

Unfortunately, during processing, a rather strong discomfort is felt, and upon completion of the manipulations, puffiness and irritation appear.

Armpit sugar removal

Shugaring or underarm hair removal is an excellent way to remove hair in the armpits. The principle of operation of the procedure coincides with waxing. For shugaring, a special sugar sticky mass is used, which is applied to the site. After it sticks to the hairs, it is torn off, removing the hairs along with the root.

Sugar hair removal is carried out in the salon and at home. Preparing the composition yourself is easy. To do this, mix the juice of half a lemon, 8 tablespoons of granulated sugar and two tablespoons of water. The resulting composition must be cooked for half an hour on low heat until a homogeneous mass is obtained.

During the procedure, the patient experiences pain and discomfort, however, from session to session, discomfort is reduced. After treatment during the day in the armpits, there is swelling, redness. The results are stored for at least 3 weeks.

Armpit laser hair removal

The methods described above eliminate hair in the armpits for up to one month. Patients seeking long-term results choose a specific light exposure, such as laser.

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Laser hair removal is ideal for the designated area, since the hair here in most cases has a dark color and dense texture, and the skin is rarely exposed to sunlight due to which it is light. During the procedure, a special apparatus generates light flashes that are absorbed by melanin and converted into thermal energy, which can destroy the hair to the base.

armpit electrolysis

Laser hair removal is carried out by a course of 4 – 6 sessions, on each of them the effect is on the hairs in the stage of active growth. After the procedure, there is swelling, moderate soreness and redness of the skin. Results are stored for 3 – 5 years and depend on the state of the hormonal background.

Armpit photo epilation

According to a similar principle, it affects hairs and photoepilation. A special apparatus generates light radiation absorbed by the pigment of the hair. Thermal conversion occurs already inside the rod, providing complete destruction from the tip to the bulb.

To achieve smooth skin, you must take a course from 5 – 8 sessions, however, noticeable changes form after the first visit to the beautician. Unfortunately, in this case, side effects can not be avoided. Armpit epilation with this method provokes burns, redness, blisters, swelling.

Armpit photo epilation

General contraindications

Each of the listed methods is characterized by individual contraindications. However, there are general restrictions that must be taken into account. These include wounds, inflammation, benign and malignant skin lesions in the armpits. External influences in this case lead to skin injuries and exacerbation of the current state.

All procedures (except shaving) should be canceled during pregnancy, at high temperature, severe illness, and diabetes.

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