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Differences between laser hair removal and electrolysis

The problem of excess vegetation is known to many women. One of the best ways to eliminate it is a professional salon hair removal. It is divided into several independent areas, the most famous of which are electrolysis or laser hair removal. What’s better? To answer this question, it is necessary to carefully compare the methods for the main factors (effectiveness, indications, the principle of exposure and possible complications).


There is an opinion that electrolysis is a more effective procedure than laser hair removal, is this so? In order to refute or confirm such information, let’s talk about the principle of conducting these methods.

So, laser hair removal is carried out by means of a laser (light) beam. Getting into the hair follicle, it destroys the color pigment, which further ensures the destruction of the follicle for a long time. It is believed that the effectiveness of such a technique is about 80 percent.

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Electrolysis is positioned as an effective method for eliminating excess vegetation at 100 percent. It is based on the electric current that flows directly to the hair follicle through a special needle – an electrode. The current simulates heat, which destroys the cells responsible for the growth of hairs.


To implement this or that procedure, a number of conditions (indications) are required. According to patients and specialists, laser hair removal is considered a less universal technique and may not be used in all cases.

Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal

Indeed, such a procedure is shown mainly in the presence of dark hairs in light areas of the skin, in this situation the effect of it will be maximum. Vegetation with a minimum melanin content (gray, blond or red hair) is practically indestructible by this method. As for dark hair on dark skin, the positive effect of the procedure will be less pronounced. This is due to the fact that the dark complexion of the epidermis absorbs part of the radiation.

Electrolysis is based on the destruction of cells by electricity, it is not associated with the presence of melanin in the hair, which means it can be used to eliminate any type of vegetation on any skin. Due to this property, the procedure is considered the most universal and suitable for almost every patient.

Facial Hair Removal



Both compared methods are relatively safe and do not harm human health. However, in each case there are certain contraindications.

Restrictions to the conduct are most often common. These include: pregnancy, lactation, viral diseases, as well as exacerbation of chronic ailments. At the same time, specific contraindications should be remembered. So, electrolysis can not be carried out in the armpit area and in any other areas with the concentration of lymph nodes. In addition, the procedure cannot be carried out with individual intolerance to electric current. As for laser exposure, it is not carried out with an allergy to light radiation. The eye protection issue should also be taken into account, for this, the specialist gives the patient special glasses.


Many patients are concerned about how soon positive changes appear after undergoing the procedure. We hasten to disappoint you, in both cases the results are formed for a long time.

Laser hair removal is carried out systematically, a full course involves conducting from 5 to 10 procedures with an interval from 1.5 to 2 months between each session. One visit to a specialist takes from 30 minutes to several hours, the exact figure depends on the vastness of the problem area. The technique can be described as a point technique, however, a light beam can affect several hairs that fall into its field of action at a time.

The course of electrolysis consists of approximately 5 – 7 visits to a specialist. The breaks between sessions in this case also amount to 6 – 8 weeks and are determined in each case depending on the characteristics of the patient’s body. Each procedure lasts quite a long time; this technique of hair destruction is the most painstaking and time-consuming: the thing is that a specialist has to process each hair follicle separately.


Many patients care about their own comfort much more than the potential effectiveness of the procedure. Painful sensations during manipulations often depend not only on the technique itself, but also on the localization of the problem area, as well as on the patient’s pain threshold.

Of course, laser hair removal is less painful. According to patients’ reviews, a slight tingling, warmth, or even burning sensation is felt during it. However, under certain conditions, the procedure is possible without anesthesia.

Electrolysis is always accompanied by extremely unpleasant sensations. Before the procedure, the patient is given an anesthetic injection. Unfortunately, even he does not always completely stop the discomfort.

Before and after photos

Photo-before-and-after-electrolysis-lower legs

Photos before and after electrolysis of the lower leg


Photo before and after shoulder epilation


Photos before and after electrolysis of the back

photo-before-and-after-laser-hair removal-face

Photos before and after laser hair removal

photo-before-and-after-laser-hair removal-over-lip-xnumx

Photos before and after laser hair removal over the upper lip


Photos before and after laser hair removal


The issue of comfort concerns not only pain during the procedure, but also the occurrence of side effects after it. Unfortunately, in both cases, unpleasant complications cannot be avoided, but they manifest themselves in different ways.

After processing the vegetation with a laser, slight swelling and slight reddening of the skin are observed. In case of safety violations, burns and pigmentation disorders may occur.

Electrolysis is also accompanied by swelling and a change in skin tone. In addition, the patient may feel slight pain, pimples form on the site of the removed hairs, in rare cases, scars.

Choosing which is better, laser or electrolysis, the patient will have to rely not only on his wishes, but also on the type of hair and skin, the presence of certain contraindications and financial possibilities. It should be remembered that in the first case, the performed manipulations are considered more comfortable for the patient, and in the second – effective.

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