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Features of diode laser hair removal

A modern and highly effective solution in the field of hair removal is diode laser hair removal. This procedure allows you to remove hairs from the face and body for a period of 5 years or more, while practically not injuring the skin. Hair removal of this kind is affordable, universal in relation to the type of hair and skin, allows you to carry out the necessary manipulations in a short time and does not provoke significant health complications.

What it is?

Diode hair removal is one of the varieties of laser exposure, the purpose of which is to eliminate hair. The principle of operation is based on the thermal destruction of the bulb and the hair shaft. Initially, the device emits a light pulse, which is absorbed by melanin, and only inside the pigment is converted into destructive heat. The impact is carried out directly on the hairs in the growth phase, the rest remain unaffected. The wavelength of the diode laser ranges from 800 to 810 nm, has a significant diameter of the light beam, and fast pulse generation.

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Indications for conduction

Indications include:

  • ingrown hair;
  • hypersensitivity of the skin to other methods of hair removal or depilation;
  • the need for hair removal for a long period of time;
  • tough hair.

A diode laser is recommended for use with dark hair and fair skin, or for treating dark skin and light brown hair.

Diode laser for hair removal

Diode laser

Preparing for the procedure

For epilation with a diode laser, initial preparation is necessary. It is expressed in the following:

  • Refusal of preliminary hair removal. A month before the procedure, hair can only be shaved.
  • Refusal of sunbathing (for 2 weeks).
  • Shave hairs with a regular razor for 24 – 48 hours before hair removal (their length should be 1-2 mm).
  • Treat the problem area with a scrub.
  • Do not apply oily creams or oils to the skin, they provoke a burn and worsen the results.


The duration of hair removal can vary from 30 minutes to 2 hours, it depends on the size of the site and its location. An approximate plan of the procedure is presented in the following steps:

  1. Treatment of the problem area with local anesthesia (spray, cream, injection – at the request of the client).
  2. The use of goggles for the eyes, the patient’s position in a comfortable position on the couch.
  3. Directly processing (customer reviews indicate the presence of discomfort and a burnt smell).
  4. Applying a sedative composition that promotes skin regeneration.

Results are evaluated in 2-3 weeks after processing. To achieve 100% of the result, it is necessary to conduct from 5 to 7 sessions, with a break of about 5 weeks between each.


Epilation with a diode laser has many contraindications, compliance with them is mandatory. The procedure is not recommended for:

  • colds and viral diseases;
  • open injuries and wounds in the problem area;
  • hypersensitivity of the skin and a tendency to scarring;
  • pathologies of the mammary gland (for the armpit area);
  • diseases of the pelvic organs (for the bikini zone);
  • varicose veins (for the lower leg area);
  • pregnancy;
  • lactation;
  • the presence of fungal, viral or bacterial manifestations (in the treatment area);
  • exacerbation of somatic diseases;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • the presence of moles in the treatment area;
  • recently received tan.

Side effects

2-3 hours after the procedure, side effects may appear. Usually they are expressed in increased sensitivity, the appearance of a rash, irritation, and discoloration of the skin. Such a negative reaction persists for 2-3 days, then completely disappears.

Diode hair removal is safe and does not cause significant complications, however, in some cases, the appearance of burns.

Side effects for hair removal

Side effects of diode hair removal


It is possible to reduce the risks of side effects by observing the rules of the rehabilitation period. So, after the procedure it is not recommended:

  • Water the treated area with water (24 hours).
  • Sunbathe in a solarium or under the sun (3 – 4 weeks).
  • Visit baths, saunas, pools (3 – 4 weeks).
  • To have a mechanical effect on the problem area (5 – 7 days).
  • Engage in active exercise (week).

In addition to general rules, it is recommended to take into account the individual characteristics of the patient. With dense skin and the absence of negative reactions, on the second day it is allowed to take a light shower and apply a moisturizer (for example, Panthenol) to the treated area.

With increased sensitivity, the skin contacts with external irritants should be minimized as much as possible (do not wash, do not rub, do not allow the wearing of synthetic underwear).

The results of the procedure are evaluated after three weeks, just then the hairs begin to gradually fall out. Pulling them before is strongly discouraged in order to avoid complications.

Advantages and disadvantages of the procedure

Studying reviews, you can find positive and negative opinions about laser diode hair removal.

Often patients note the following disadvantages of the procedure:

  • high level of discomfort (pain) during treatment;
  • inability to evaluate results in a short time;
  • A diode laser cannot handle whitish or fair hairs.

Of the positive aspects, patients most often distinguish:

  • the duration of the results (from 5 years);
  • minimization of risks of side effects and complications;
  • point effect on the hairs.

Before and after photos

Photos before and after laser hair removal of armpits

Photos before and after diode hair removal armpits

Photos before and after laser hair removal

Photos before and after diode hair removal

Photos before and after laser hair removal bikini

Photos before and after diode hair removal bikini

Photos before and after laser hair removal

Photos before and after diode facial hair removal

Diode Laser Hair Removal – removal of excess hair on the face and body by means of a light wavelength from 800 to 810 nm. The technique is versatile, but more suitable for the so-called Slavic type: dark hair and fair skin. It allows you to eliminate hairs for a period of 5 years, is characterized by many contraindications, rare complications and soreness during the execution of manipulations.

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