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Elos hair removal – a combination of advanced techniques

Want to get rid of excess vegetation, but don’t know which way to choose? Active advertising of laser, photo and electrolysis did their job, everyone wants to visit these procedures, but they don’t know what is better and more effective. The Israeli company Syneron Medical provided patients with the opportunity to abandon doubts by inventing a technology that combines all the advantages and strengths of these methods, it is called Elos-hair removal and is positioned as a method that has almost no drawbacks.

General information and principle of operation

The Elos brand has a sophisticated scientific breakdown of Electrical Optical Synergy. The procedure is characterized by safety, high performance, versatility and targeted exposure. In addition, it leads not only to the elimination of hair, but also to rejuvenation, as well as general healing of the skin.

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The technique is based on a combination of IPL (optical energy of light) and RF (radio frequency energy). The combination of two powerful forces completely destroys the shaft and the hair follicle, preventing further growth. Exposure at once on several fronts can reduce the level of radiation, which allows to reduce unpleasant sensations and the development of side effects in the future.

Elos Hair Removal Machine: Major Varieties

Elos hair removal requires special devices. There are several types of devices that a cosmetologist can use in his work:

  • Aurora DS. The first apparatus used for combined hair removal. It implies the use of radio frequency and light energy, it is used not only for hair removal, but also for rejuvenation, as well as skin tightening.
  • ELight. Model with compact dimensions. It has a special built-in cooling system that allows you to process the problem area without applying a protective gel.
  • EMax. The latest and most advanced development. It has a cooling system and the ability to carry out hair removal as soon as possible. It has five applicators, allowing you to combine IPL, RF, diode laser and infrared exposure.
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Indications for conduction

In what cases is Elos hair removal recommended? The main indication is the presence of excess vegetation on the face and body. The technique is relevant for any type of hair, from the hardest and darkest, to light and fluffy. In addition, skin color is also not considered a determining factor and can be anything. Elos technology can be used to treat simple and deep bikinis, antennae above the lip, other areas of the face, legs, arms, back, shoulders and abdomen.

Many women leave feedback that they chose this type of hair removal not only because of the high results in the fight against excess vegetation. The thing is that in addition to destroying hair follicles, the combination of IPL and RF energies has a rejuvenating and firming effect on the skin.

Recommendations for preparing for the milestone

Elos-hair removal implies the presence of a simple but necessary preparatory stage. About two weeks before a visit to a specialist, you should limit your stay in the active sun, refuse to tan, take antibiotics and hormonal drugs.

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48 hours before the procedure, the hair is removed with a razor. Please note that the effect is not exerted on completely depilated areas or after classical hair removal.

On the day you visit the beauty parlor, you must carefully follow the necessary hygiene procedures, wash, cleanse the skin, and if necessary apply a scrub.


Pre-shave for 2 – 3 days before the session

How is hair removal going?

Elos exposure may cause minor pain, burning, tingling, or a feeling of tightness in the treated area. To minimize discomfort, especially characteristic of a bikini area or skin on the face, it is recommended to use special painkillers.

During the procedure, the patient is mainly in a horizontal position. To protect the eyes from light radiation, special glasses are mandatory. Then the problem areas are treated with a gel with a cooling effect, it prevents burns and provides the most tight contact with the skin during outbreaks. The execution time of the manipulations depends on the size of the zone. So, legs are treated for about an hour and a half, and for the area above the upper lip 15-30 minutes will be enough.

The final stage involves the use of antiseptic formulations and anti-inflammatory creams that accelerate skin healing and provide enhanced hydration.

Side effects

Often you can find the opinion that Elos hair removal does not cause complications and that is why it wins over procedures such as photoepilation, laser or electric skin treatment. The effects of exposure are expressed in short-term redness of the skin, however, some patients also note phenomena such as:

  • Soreness and burning sensation.
  • Slight swelling and swelling.
  • The formation of burns and blisters.
  • The appearance of a rash and irritation.

Usually, all unpleasant consequences go away on their own within a few days.

Rehabilitation recommendations

The following 2 – 3 weeks relate to the period of restoration of the skin. At this time, it is recommended to use antiseptic compounds (treatment twice a day), healing creams from burns (as necessary), avoid direct sunlight and actively use products with high sun protection factor before going out. It is also recommended to reduce physical impact and try not to sweat.

List of contraindications

Elos hair removal is not available to every patient. Its implementation is regulated by a number of restrictions, including:

  • lactation and pregnancy;
  • increased body temperature;
  • oncology;
  • diabetes;
  • serious pathologies of internal organs;
  • epilepsy
  • HIV;
  • low immunity;
  • pathology of the circulatory system;
  • skin and fungal skin diseases, abrasions, foci of inflammation within the problem area;
  • allergic to light;
  • the presence of built-in pacemakers, metal implants, an intrauterine device or gold threads.

Among other things, before planning the procedure, it is necessary to take into account the impossibility of combining it with median and deep chemical peels, laser rejuvenation and rough skin resurfacing. This restriction is relevant only if it comes to processing the skin on the problem area.

Before and after photos


Elos Abdominal Hair Removal


Underarm Elos Hair Removal


Elos Chin Hair Removal


Elos-epilation of the chest and abdomen

Popular Questions

What determines the cost of Elos hair removal?

The pricing of the procedure is based on the number of outbreaks produced and the time spent on it. Both of these factors directly depend on the vastness of the problem area, its location and the type of vegetation.

How often can skin be subjected to Elos treatment?

The schedule of sessions is usually made together with the beautician. The break between a specialist visit is almost always 6-8 weeks (less than one month).

What type of hair is the procedure designed for?

This solution is universal and is used to combat unwanted hair of any type.

Is it true that bright questions are easier to remove than dark ones?

This statement is fundamentally false. Hair with an increased amount of pigment can be eliminated in full in 7 or 8 sessions, while soft fluffy hair almost always requires at least 10 procedures.

Is Elos hair removal performed in the summer?

Seasonality is not a reason for refusing to carry out the procedure, however, it is recommended to take into account the rules of the preparatory and rehabilitation period and refuse to actively sunbathe before and after the procedure.

Does the procedure cause pain and discomfort?

Sensations during exposure depend on the patient’s pain threshold. There are reviews of the expressed unpleasant sensations and their almost complete absence. In addition, the localization of the problem area and the power of a given radiation can affect the degree of pain.

Is it possible to remove all hair in one session?

No, this is absolutely impossible. Up to 20 percent of hair follicles are usually eliminated in one visit.

Can I do Elos hair removal during pregnancy or lactation?

No, both factors are a contraindication to the technique.

Is this type of hair removal suitable for men?

Yes, the technique is universal and equally effective regardless of gender.

How to care for regrowing hairs in between sessions?

They can be shaved. Cream depilation and standard forms of hair removal are prohibited.

Elos-epilation represents the destruction of excess hair through the combined effects of IPL and RF energy. As a result of the procedure, the hair shaft and its follicle are irretrievably destroyed. In addition, the effect stimulates the production of collagen and improves skin condition.

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