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Features of laser hair removal in men

Modern men pay no less attention to their appearance than beautiful ladies. Skin care, removal of excess hair – these procedures have become familiar to many members of the stronger sex. Laser hair removal for men is a great opportunity to say goodbye to daily shaving and get rid of thick hair on the back, chest, legs, buttocks and intimate area. The procedure is also relevant when removing stubble on the face.

Indications for use

Using laser hair removal, men remove hair on their legs (hips and calves), buttocks and pubis, back and chest, arms, armpits, stomach and face. The reasons for wanting to get rid of hair can be different, for example:

  • the desire to emphasize the muscles and body shape;
  • giving aesthetics to the appearance (before a performance or competition);
  • introducing diversity into intimate life;
  • hygiene improvement;
  • sweating reduction;
  • increase your own self-esteem;
  • the inability to shave regularly.
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Contraindications to the conduct are standard and consist in the following features of the body:

  • diabetes;
  • oncological diseases;
  • flu, sore throat, fever;
  • exacerbation of somatic diseases;
  • epilepsy;
  • the presence of ulcers, open wounds, inflammation or moles in the treatment area;
  • individual intolerance to light pulses.

Epilation and periods before and after it

Men’s laser hair removal does not require special training. The day before the procedure, the problem area is treated with a razor and thoroughly cleaned of external contaminants.

Male face laser hair removal

Manipulations are carried out only in the cosmetologist’s office, their duration can vary from 1 to 3.5 hours. This time is determined by the intensity of the hairline, the size of the problem area and the density of individual hairs.

During the procedure, the skin is treated with contact cooling gel, which reduces discomfort. Since hair is stiffer in men, discomfort during treatment can be more pronounced than in women. To protect the eyes, the patient is given special safety glasses.

Upon completion of hair removal, the patient returns to his usual life, rehabilitation measures, if any, are carried out independently at home.

The results can be evaluated after 10 – 15 days when the hair begins to fall out. In one session, up to 20 percent of hair is eliminated. To achieve maximum results, you must take a course from 8 to 13 procedures, the exact number of which will be determined by a specialist. The interval between visits to the cosmetologist should be at least 5 weeks.

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The treated area of ​​the skin should be protected from sunlight. Refrain from visiting the solarium or sunbathing; it is also not recommended to visit the baths and saunas. If necessary, the appearance in the sun, the skin is treated with protective creams.

Operating principle

The destruction of hair occurs under the action of constantly generated by the laser device light pulses. Upon contact with the hair, they are converted into thermal energy, which destroys melanin and structural cells, thereby ensuring high results that last for up to 2 – 3 years. Please note that the duration of the effect in men is much shorter than in women, this is due to the hormonal characteristics of the body.

Laser hair removal of male armpits

Side effects

The skin density in men is higher than in women, which is why they tolerate hair removal more easily, but there is a risk of side effects. During 1 – 2 days after epilation, redness, slight swelling may be present, and an increase in sensitivity is noted. Burns and constant painful sensations are much less common. To reduce side effects, cooling ointments are used to regenerate and moisturize cells.

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Before and after photos

Photos before and after epilation of the male back

Photos before and after laser hair removal of the back

Photos before and after epilation of the abdomen

Photos before and after laser hair removal of the abdomen and breast

Photos before and after laser hair removal

Photos before and after laser hair removal


In conclusion, we formulate the main features of laser hair removal for the strong half of humanity. They are expressed in the following nuances:

  • The need for a significant number of sessions for greater efficiency due to the density and density of the hairline.
  • Increased pain during the procedure (compared with female hair removal).
  • Great cost (compared with female hair removal).
  • Duration of preservation of results up to 2 years in connection with the production of testosterone.
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