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Five methods of male hair removal: advantages and disadvantages

Are you a man and are you tired of daily shaving your stubble on your face and unwanted hairs on your body? Then hair removal is for you. Using it, you can remove hair with a root, which allows you to enjoy the smoothness of the skin for a period of 3 weeks to 2 years. There are about five such methods, each of them has its own characteristics and characteristics. We will try to get acquainted with each of them in more detail in order of demand and popularity among the male population.

Why do men need hair removal?

Hair removal for men is an opportunity to increase their own attractiveness. Smooth, hairless skin emphasizes relief and muscle, making appearance more aesthetically pleasing. This task is set by athletes and dancers – people of the creative profession, speaking to the public in open dresses. Among other things, having studied the reviews of men about the procedure, we can draw conclusions about the reason for its implementation, this desire:

  • achieve smooth skin before traveling to the sea;
  • to surprise a sexual partner;
  • get rid of excessive sweating;
  • improve hygiene;
  • get a youthful look.

Exposure zones

Classification of male hair removal is carried out according to the methods of implementation and the localization of problem areas. So, hair is present in large numbers in men on the face, on the neck, back and chest, abdomen and in the armpits, in the groin, on the legs.

1 Method: Wax

According to statistics, most often male hair removal is performed with wax. Processing can be carried out independently at home or go to the salon for an appointment with a cosmetologist. The principle of one: the placement on the problem area of ​​sticky wax mass, and its subsequent removal against hair growth. For hair removal wax is used:

  • Cold. Already applied to the material (bandage), ready for use. It is considered not so economical, provokes painful sensations.
  • Hot. Requires pre-heating and the use of additional strips. It is applied to the problem area with a spatula, and then fixed with a bandage. Reduces discomfort due to high temperature.
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The advantages of waxing include the speed of its implementation and obtaining results, minimal contraindications and complications, versatility (affects all types of hair with any skin). Suitable for face, armpits, back, chest, legs, groin.

Male Chest Waxing

Among the shortcomings noted pain, a short period of preservation of results (up to 3 weeks). Manipulations are contraindicated in diabetes, viral infections, skin diseases and mechanical injuries in the treated area. After carrying out, sensitivity increases, the skin turns red and swells.

2 Method: Photoepilation

Procedures of this kind are carried out only in the salon, from 4 to 8 sessions. Indication for them is the presence of dark hair on white skin. The principle of the technique is to generate light pulses that are absorbed by melanin, converted into heat and destroy the structure of the hair.

The advantages of photoepilation include the ability to eliminate hair for up to 2 – 3 years, painlessness, the ability to treat all areas of the face and body, an affordable price.

The technique also has drawbacks: the epilation course is carried out with a break from 4 to 7 weeks between each procedure, which means that it is stretched over time. In addition, light exposure is selective and helps to eliminate only dark hair.

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Photoepilation requires preparation. Before procedures, you can not sunbathe, and the length of the hair at the time of exposure should be 2 – 3 mm. After the procedure, burns, swelling, and redness may appear on the skin. In rare cases, there is an increase in pigmentation.

3 Method: Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is an advanced method of photoepilation, it works on a similar principle and is characterized by the characteristics of the emitted light wave. There are several types of laser:

  • Ruby. Budget option for surface exposure. Removes dark hairs, provokes burns.
  • Diode. Slow, but it works efficiently. Penetrates into the deeper layers of the dermis, eliminates dark hairs.
  • Alexandrite. Removes black and dark blond hair. It differs in processing speed and efficiency.
  • Neodymium. It differs from others in principle of action. It is relevant when removing hair of any color, which is why it is in demand among blond men. The laser seals the vessels that feed the hairs, which is why they die off within 1 – 2 weeks.

Men’s laser hair removal is rarely used for a deep bikini, with it, only pubic hairs are removed in the groin area. In addition, the procedure is prohibited when:

  • mechanical damage to the skin, viral infections;
  • individual intolerance to light radiation;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • epilepsy;
  • tuberculosis;
  • oncology;
  • a fever.

Laser hair removal eliminates hair for up to 2 – 3 years, because of the increased hormonal background, hair in men begins to grow earlier than the indicated time. To achieve expressed results, you need to take a course from 5 – 8 sessions.

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4 Method: Shugaring

Sugar hair removal or shugaring resembles wax treatment in principle. A mixture of water, sugar and lemon juice is used as an adhesive that removes hair. This paste is natural, but no less effective. She tears out the hairs with the root, leaving the skin smooth for a month. Universal, used for any type of hair, in any zone. After it there are no complications, only bruises and slight redness of the skin are noted. Contraindications – diabetes mellitus, damage or viral skin lesions, fever.

Shugaring man's

5 Method: Electrolysis

Despite the fact that electrolysis is rarely used to remove hair in men, this method is one of the most effective. The principle of action is the action of the needle electrode on the hair root: it is destroyed by strong heating. To remove thick hair, you will need to process each hair individually, and this takes a lot of time.

Male Hair Removal

Electrolysis removes dark, blond and gray hair. The use of electric current is unacceptable in areas with accumulation of lymph nodes. The procedure is prohibited when:

  • oncology;
  • hepatitis;
  • intolerance to current;
  • the presence of built-in pacemakers;
  • heart disease;
  • scarring of the skin.

Electrolysis is performed subject to prior anesthesia.

Men’s Hair Removal – hair removal in men by eliminating the hair shaft and bulb. Popular methods of carrying out: shugaring and waxing, laser, electric and photoepilation. As a result, it is possible to achieve the effect of smooth skin for a period of one month to two years.

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