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Laser hair removal in the bikini area

Regular elimination of unwanted hair in the intimate area causes a lot of inconvenience. Hair growing in a couple of days provokes irritation, looks extremely unaesthetic and requires repeated manipulations. A modern solution to the problem is bikini laser hair removal. The course of procedures provides smooth skin without damage and other unpleasant consequences for up to 5 – 7 years.

Operating principle

Laser hair removal is relevant exclusively for hairs in the growth zone. That is why it is impossible to achieve 100 percent efficiency in one session, course processing is required, including from 4 to 8 sessions with a break in 6 – 9 weeks.

Positive changes are evaluated in 14 – 20 days after the first procedure, when the hairs become softer, rarer and begin to fall out. This happens due to the destruction of melanin under the influence of heat generated from the laser pulse. It is believed that this effect is best suited for dark hair and white or fair skin.


Laser hair removal bikini does not require long preliminary preparation. The main requirement for each patient is to remove the hairs with a razor one day (maximum for 2 days) before manipulation. A few hours before the visit to the beautician, hygiene procedures should be carried out and the skin should be treated with a scrub to remove dead cells.

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Another important point – a month before the first laser procedure, you should forget about waxing or another method, involving the removal of hair from the root, they can only be shaved.

Processing implementation

Laser hair removal of intimate places takes about 1 – 1.5 hours. Before carrying out the manipulations, the skin is additionally cleaned and treated with a cooling agent. To protect the patient’s eyes from light radiation, special glasses are issued, which must not be removed until the end of the procedure.

Procedure-laser-hair removal-bikini

In one pulse, the laser beam processes several hairs at once. The exact diameter of the area of ​​the skin undergoing hair removal is determined by the type of laser apparatus used and the size of its beam.

Patient reviews often confirm information that the procedure for eliminating vegetation in the intimate zone is accompanied by a high level of pain. To reduce discomfort, it is recommended to carry out laser hair removal a few days after menstruation and in the morning. A more radical solution is to apply a local anesthetic cream.

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Laser hair removal in the bikini area involves the removal of hairs from the pubis, labia, perineum and intergluteal folds. This is called a deep bikini, if necessary, the number of areas subject to processing can be reduced.


After laser hair removal, it is necessary to observe a number of protective measures that contribute to the rapid restoration of the skin of the intimate area. On the first day it is not recommended to conduct hygienic procedures, then you should reduce physical activity in order to minimize active sweating, refuse visits to baths and saunas, and do not sunbathe in the solarium and on the beaches.

Another important recommendation – try to wear loose underwear made from natural materials, it provides airflow to the bikini area and does not provoke additional irritation.

Side effects and complications

Often you can hear the question, is laser bikini hair removal harmful? Specialists, developers of laser devices and professional cosmetologists unanimously confirm the safety of the procedure. Confirmation of this is the minimum of side effects after exposure.

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After epilation of the bikini zone, the skin needs to be treated

In rare cases, patients have moderate soreness and redness of the skin, and with increased sensitivity of the skin, mild swelling may occur. Side effects persist for no more than 48 hours and do not require treatment. Subject to contraindications, safety precautions before, during and after the procedure, the risks of serious restrictions are minimized.


Laser hair removal in the bikini area is strictly prohibited during pregnancy. In addition, it is not carried out with:

  • diabetes mellitus;
  • the presence of intrauterine devices;
  • oncology;
  • individual intolerance to light radiation;
  • fever and fever, severe viral and bacterial diseases;
  • exacerbation of chronic pathologies;
  • the presence of open wounds, cuts, numerous moles or inflamed areas in the intimate area;
  • exacerbation of skin diseases in the bikini area.

Before and after photos

Before and After Photos No. 3
Before and After Photos No. 4

Laser hair removal of the bikini zone – removal of hair on the pubis, labia and perineum through a laser beam. A light flash is converted into heat inside the hair and destroys its color pigment and structure from the inside. Through 5 – 6 sessions, it is possible to achieve efficiency in 80 percent for up to 5 years.

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