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Laser hair removal: indications, contraindications and features

A beautiful face is a well-groomed face, there is no place for unwanted hairs. This rule in the modern world is relevant for both sexes, seeking to look at all 100%. Laser hair removal of the face solves this kind of problem with a bang, allowing you to get rid of hairs for a very significant period. The advantages of this procedure are high efficiency, a minimum of complications and an easy recovery period.

Indications for use

Laser hair removal of the face involves the removal of hair above the upper lip, on the cheeks, cheekbones and side of the whiskers, as well as the chin. Less often, the hairs are removed in the area of ​​the eyebrows and between them, in the region of the nose.

The technique is universal, suitable for men and women. With it, you can eliminate black, dark, blond, red, and light and gray hair on dark, tanned or pale skin, the main thing is to choose the right one of the existing varieties of the laser.

In addition, laser hair removal is practiced with increased sensitivity of the skin, the inability to photo and electrolysis due to contraindications, the need to get rid of hair for a long period.

Laser principle

Laser exposure is relevant for hair in the stage of active growth. At the time of the procedure, such hair is usually no more than 40 percent of the total, which is why hair removal is carried out by a course of 4 – 8 procedures with a break of at least one month between each.

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Chin Laser Hair Removal

Hair removal results are evaluated in 10 – 14 days after each session, the treated hairs do not fall out immediately, but as they die. The principle of laser pulses is different and consists of:

  • In the destruction of melanin – a pigment that determines the color of the hair. It absorbs laser light, which heats the hair cells, and then destroys them. The technique is suitable for black, brown, and sometimes dark blond hair. Ruby, diode, and alexandrite lasers operate according to this scheme.
  • In sealing vessels that nourish hair. Hair ceases to receive useful substances necessary for growth, begin to break down and die off. The technique is universal and suitable not only for any type of hair, but also for any skin color. A neodymium laser is used for the procedure.

Judging by the reviews of many cosmetologists, a neodymium laser is most preferable when performing facial hair removal. Firstly, it does not provoke burns even with tanned skin, and secondly, it is suitable for sensitive skin.


To obtain positive results with laser hair removal, you must first prepare for the procedure. The best solution is to make an appointment with a cosmetologist in advance, who will subsequently remove the hair. The initial meeting will help determine the appropriate type of laser, identify possible limitations on the procedure, and help to properly prepare for its implementation.

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consultation-cosmetologist-before-laser-facial hair removal

A month before hair removal, you must refuse to take sunbathing, do not go to resorts and do not visit the solarium. It is always recommended to apply sunscreen on the face and wear caps or hats with brim on the street. A week before the procedure, you should refrain from taking antibiotics.

The main requirement on the day of the procedure is clean skin and the absence of makeup on the face, the length of hairs in the problem area is not more than 2-3 mm. A month before the procedure, it is forbidden to remove hair with the bulb (you can only shave it).

Features of

Laser hair removal does not require significant time due to the small size of the problem areas. As a rule, the whole procedure takes one hour. Before carrying out it, the client is offered eye protection glasses, and the skin is treated with a cooling gel and anesthetic cream if necessary. Manipulations are quite painful, burning sensation, discomfort, some feel the smell of burnt hair. After the procedure, the skin is treated with an irritant.

Laser facial hair removal

Side effects

Since the skin of the face is quite tender, the first side effects of hair removal begin to appear even in its process. So, the problem area turns red, swells, sensitivity increases. This condition normally lasts up to 2 days. If necessary, you can use nutritious ointments to restore and make cool compresses against redness and swelling.

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In 4 – 7 cases from 100, burns appear at the epilation site (may be accompanied by blisters). Their cause is incorrect laser settings or increased skin sensitivity. In this case, consult a cosmetologist for advice.

Rules for leaving after the procedure

In between procedures, regrowing hairs are not removed with the bulb, but shaved, the skin is kept clean and not subjected to any cosmetic procedures. In the first two weeks after hair removal, it is recommended to refrain from visiting baths, a solarium, and sunbathing in the open air. The necessary measures are to protect the skin from sunlight and reduce physical activity to prevent inflammation of the hair follicles.


Epilation of the face is carried out only in the absence of contraindications. Possible restrictions are determined by the beautician. In most cases, the procedure is not recommended for:

  • pregnancy, menstruation, breastfeeding;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • tumors and oncological diseases;
  • intolerance to laser light (an individual feature of the patient’s body);
  • skin diseases (viral, fungal) in the acute stage;
  • open wounds, moles, warts, lichen on the skin;
  • general serious health condition, be it exacerbation of chronic diseases, bacterial or viral infection.

Before and after photos

Photos before and after laser hair removal of the upper lip

Photos before and after laser hair removal of the upper lip and chin

Photos before and after hair removal

Photos before and after epilation of the side of the whiskers neck

Photos before and after epilation of whiskers

Photos before and after epilation of whiskers

Photos before and after facial hair removal: upper lip and sideburns

Photos before and after epilation of the upper lip and sideburns

Laser facial hair removal provides positive results for up to 5 – 7 years. The loss occurs gradually, within two weeks after the procedure, significant complications during rehabilitation are not observed.

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