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Leg hair removal: 6 ways to get smooth skin

It is not easy to get rid of excess hair on the legs, modern girls make a lot of effort for this. A lot of different techniques provide the desired results, however, to choose the right one, you have to try almost everything. Nowadays, hair removal of the legs is carried out not only at home, but also in beauty salons, which allows you to get rid of annoying hairs not temporarily, but forever.

General Leg Hair Removal

Leg hair removal is popular mainly among women. The goal is to get rid of excess hair and become more attractive. Men practice hair removal as a profession if they work as dancers or perform in front of an audience.

Leg hair removal involves the removal of hair (hair shaft and bulb) from the upper thighs to the feet. The shaving habitual for many is depilation (that is, superficial removal, cutting) and does not belong to this category of procedures.

Hair Removal at Home

Hair removal is practiced by every second woman in our country. It is convenient, practical and much more affordable for money than a visit to a specialist. It is customary to distinguish two main types of such procedures:

Bioepilation (skin smoothness up to a month)

It has been practiced since ancient times. This is waxing with sugar or sugar. In stores you can buy ready-made sets of cold or hot wax, which often contain additional components that provide hydration and softening of the skin. Cold wax already applied to paper strips, before use they are rubbed with hands to warm up. Then they are applied to the skin, smoothed and torn off against hair growth. The method is considered painful.

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leg waxing

Hot wax pre-melt in a water bath to a liquid state, apply it to clean, dry skin with a spatula. For the procedure at home, you should prepare strips of dense, hard material, with which the wax will be fixed. After solidification, the tissue is torn off against hair growth, thereby removing them together with the bulb.

Bioepilation is also carried out with sugar. The procedure is called shugaring, it is carried out on the basis of the wax principle, but on the basis of a completely different composition. Mixture for hair removal is prepared on the basis of water, sugar and lemon juice. It does not contain preservatives and is absolutely safe, can be used to remove excess hair during pregnancy or lactation.

If necessary, bioepilation is carried out in the cabin. At home, the cost of the procedure will not exceed 300 – 500 rubles, for professionals this price increases by 2 – 3 times.

The use of electroepilator (skin smoothness up to a month)

An electroepilator is a device equipped with a roller capable of grabbing hairs and pulling them together with the root. The stores offer a wide selection of models of epilators, including those with additional nozzles and a cooling system. At the same time, the use of the device still provokes pain and discomfort. When epilating the legs, the electric epilator is used in a limited way, it is not recommended to use it for treating the hips due to the increased sensitivity of the skin in this area.

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Epilation in the cabin

It is possible to get rid of leg hair for more than a month only with the help of professional cosmetologists. In specialized institutions, the following high-tech methods are practiced.

Laser Hair Removal

The destruction of hair is carried out through light exposure. It destroys the follicle, which is in the stage of active growth and does not affect adjacent soft tissues. Light does not affect sleeping bulbs, which is why after a month the procedures are repeated repeatedly and so 4 – 6 times until the skin is completely smooth. Depending on the type of laser, the effect is on dark hair (through the pigment melanin) and fair hair (through vessels supplying the bulb). Contraindications to the procedure: skin diseases, pregnancy, diabetes. The laser eliminates hairs for up to 5 years. Cost – from 4000 rubles.

Laser Hair Removal


The method is also based on the generation of light pulses. They are absorbed by the melanin contained in dark hair, then the light is converted into heat and destroys the hair bulb, which is in the stage of active growth. Photoepilation is carried out 5 – 7 times, after the sessions it is forbidden to sunbathe, visit the pools and saunas. The procedure eliminates hairs for a period of 3 to 5 years. Cost from 3000 rubles.

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Hair removal is carried out by means of electric current. The electrodes are made in the form of a needle, which is inserted into the hair follicle and destroys it due to high temperature. Among experts, there is an opinion that this method is the most effective and, if carried out correctly, is able to get rid of hair forever. Electrolysis is contraindicated in cases of varicose veins, diabetes, pregnancy, and the presence of pacemakers. Cost from 5000 rubles, is carried out by a course from 4 – 6 procedures.


Enzymatic hair removal

The destruction of hair follicles is carried out through special enzymes (enzymes). After application to the skin, they are absorbed and destroy the structure of the follicle, depriving it of oxygen and nutrients. The procedure is combined with classic waxing, carried out after it as an additional. Frequency once a month, contraindications: pregnancy, skin diseases, individual intolerance to enzymes. Cost from 2000 rubles.

Leg hair removal carried out at home and in the cabin. In-house procedures are available for money, but give a temporary effect, up to one month. Professional intervention is more expensive, requires a course, but provides long-term results or allows you to get rid of hair forever.

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