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Methods for hair removal over the upper lip

Unwanted hairs over the upper lip upset any woman, regardless of the reason for their appearance. Fortunately, an unpleasant phenomenon can be easily eliminated. Epilation of the upper lip allows you to achieve the effect of smooth skin, give the appearance of femininity and grooming. It is carried out in several ways, each of which has its own adherents due to the presence of advantages and advantages.

Popular methods

Epilation of the upper lip is a long-term way to get rid of excess hair. Unlike depilation, it involves the removal of hairs along with the root, and therefore the maximum effectiveness of exposure. The following popular areas of hair removal are practiced in cosmetology:

  • laser hair removal;
  • photoepilation;
  • electrolysis;
  • Elos hair removal;
  • waxing;
  • sugar hair removal.

Depending on the chosen method, the list of contraindications to the procedure, side effects, the duration of the results and a number of other primary characteristics differ.

Laser Hair Removal

Using a laser allows you to remove hair above the upper lip permanently or for a period of up to 5 – 7 years (for men up to 2 – 3 years). Suitable for dark hard tendrils, which contain a large amount of colored pigment. It is capable of absorbing light radiation, which is subsequently converted into thermal energy and heats the hair follicle to 80 degrees. This temperature destroys its structure and after 5 – 10 days of hair falls out.

Laser Hair Removal Procedure

With antennae, consisting of light and thin hairs, a conventional laser will be irrelevant. But its neodymium variety will cope even with the whitest hairs that do not contain pigment. The thing is that it acts directly on the microscopic vessels through which nutrients enter the hair follicle. The laser glues their walls, not missing vitamins and minerals, as a result of which, during 1 – 2 weeks, the hair dies and falls out.

The procedure is carried out 3 – 5 times with a break of 6 to 8 weeks, hairs in the growth stage are processed in one session, dormant bulbs are not affected, they will be affected the next time. When passing a full course of hair removal from a good specialist, there is a chance to get rid of hairs forever.

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The procedure is prohibited with individual intolerance to light exposure, oncology, diabetes mellitus, viral infections, skin lesions, exacerbation of chronic pathologies. It should not be carried out during pregnancy. Neglect of such contraindications can lead to side effects. They are expressed in redness of the skin, swelling, itching and soreness.

Reviews of laser hair removal are mostly positive, but the negative is often due to mistakes by cosmetologists or patients.


The principle of photoepilation is also based on exposure to light energy. The procedure is suitable for men and women with a stiff dark, pronounced antennae and useless with light, fluffy hair above the upper lip. The flashes that occur during photoepilation are absorbed by the pigment, transformed into heat, melt the hair follicle and inhibit hair growth. Thanks to this effect, the antennae can be eliminated for a period of 2 to 5 years.

Photoepilation procedure

The procedure is carried out by a course of 4 – 6 sessions, since light exposure is relevant only for bulbs in the growth phase. A month after the first treatment, manipulations will need to be repeated, and so on, until the full effect of smooth skin is achieved.

Photoepilation is not recommended for pregnancy, lactation, fever, oncology and diabetes. Open wounds, psoriasis, herpes and other skin diseases are an absolute contraindication. After the procedure, side effects are observed during the day: redness and swelling. In case of safety violations during the procedure, burns and blisters may appear.


Hair removal of the upper lip with electricity is a great solution to get rid of excess hair forever. The procedure is carried out pointwise, that is, a needle electrode acts on each hair individually, it takes a lot of time, but it provides high results.

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An electric current conductor is introduced into the hair bulb, heats and destroys it to the base. During treatment, the patient experiences pain and discomfort. When working with such a delicate area (above the upper lip), local anesthesia is used without fail. Electrolysis is suitable for dealing with any type of hair and is carried out on a course basis. Enough 5 visits to the beautician with interruptions up to 2 months to forget about this problem.

Electrolysis Procedure

Contraindications to electric hair removal are universal, the only addition is the presence of wired pacemakers. After the procedure, the pain remains during the day, redness, swelling of the skin may appear.


An expensive and modern solution for getting rid of hair above the upper lip is Elos hair removal. The technique involves a combination of the following methods of exposure:

  • laser;
  • photoepilation;
  • electrolysis.

The range of use is wide, thanks to an integrated approach, it is used with respect to any type of hair with dark or light skin. Sensations during treatment are unpleasant, but with pain relief are tolerable. They are conducted on an exchange basis according to the classical scheme (4-6 sessions with breaks from 4 to 8 weeks). Contraindications and side effects specific to this procedure are common to the three methods listed above.

Reviews of cosmetologists contain information that Elos hair removal along with electrolysis is considered the most effective way to deal with unwanted hairs. In the presence of a normal hormonal background, these two methods can ensure the elimination of hairs for the longest possible time.

Sugar Hair Removal

Shugaring (simply sugar hair removal) is a good alternative to expensive salon procedures. It eliminates hairs for only one month, but it is absolutely safe from the point of view of health and budget. It is carried out at home and in the cosmetologist’s office; it does not require special skills.

The principle of shugaring is to apply the sugar mass to the problem area, fix it with a dense strip, which is then torn off with the hairs. They are removed together with the onion, due to which in the future they grow more rare and soft. There is another second option, when the sugar mass is applied by hand along the hair growth, and then with a sharp movement breaks in the opposite direction. This method is more complex and requires certain skills.

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Waxing Hair Removal

A mixture for sugar hair removal is purchased at the store or prepared independently. It consists of three basic components: sugar (8 tablespoons), water (2 tablespoons), juice 1 lemon. All of them are mixed in a saucepan and cook over low heat with constant stirring until a homogeneous mass with a pleasant caramel smell.

The procedure has contraindications. Among them: diabetes, allergies to the components of the mixture, skin diseases, wounds or moles above the lip. If necessary, shugaring can be resolved during pregnancy. It has a procedure and its side effects, the cause of their occurrence is an increased tendency of facial skin to injuries. After exposure, irritation and redness are observed, mild soreness may be present.


Waxing is considered a classic method of combating vegetation over the lip. It is carried out using warm or hot wax, which is melted and applied to the problem area in an even layer by means of a spatula. Then the composition is fixed with a dense strip, and a few seconds after solidification breaks down against hair growth.

Waxing the upper lip allows you to get rid of hair for up to one month. As in the case of shugaring, it eliminates the hairs along with the bulb, which ultimately leads to the fact that they become thinner and weaker.

Waxing is contraindicated in case of skin diseases on the face, diabetes mellitus, oncology, exacerbation of chronic pathologies and viral diseases. After it, as well as after shugaring, temporary irritation and discoloration of the skin are observed.

Before and after photos

Photos before and after depilation of the upper lip

Photos before and after waxing

Photos before and after upper lip hair removal

Photos before and after Elos- hair removal

Photos before and after photoepilation of the upper lip

Photos before and after photoepilation

Photos before and after laser hair removal of the upper lip

Photos before and after laser hair removal

Photos before and after electrolysis of the upper lip

Photos before and after electrolysis

Epilation of the upper lip – hair removal in the designated area along with the hair follicle. It is carried out using light energy (laser, photoepilation), electric current, wax or sugar. Depending on the chosen procedure, the cost, contraindications, and also the duration of the preservation of the results obtained differ.

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