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Methods for male intimate hair removal

Modern men pay special attention to their appearance. A similar trend is quite justified and natural. Simple cosmetic procedures allow them to look more attractive and increase the level of hygiene. First of all, male epilation of intimate zones can be attributed to such manipulations. Previously popular among athletes and dancers, it is currently in demand by men of all professions and at any age.

Indications and types

Why do men decide to remove hair in such a delicate area? Smooth skin in the intimate area is important for athletes (for example, swimmers), dancers, artists, that is, men speaking to the public in open or revealing clothing. In this case, the absence of excess hair is a tribute to aesthetics. The same reason is guided by men going on vacation to the sea.

There are reviews that intimate male hair removal makes diversity in intimate life and even increases the severity of love feelings. Well, the third prerequisite for the procedure is a hygienic need. It is believed that in the absence of hair, caring for the intimate area becomes easier and more effective.

Intimate hair removal in men is divided into two main types. In the first case, the hairs are eliminated along the bikini line, in the second, with deep hair removal, from the genitals completely (the pubis, scrotum, base of the penis, the space between the buttocks are subjected to treatment).

Hair Removal Methods

Intimate male hair removal is carried out both in the salon and at home, the decisive moment in this matter is the method of its implementation. It is customary to highlight the main directions 4.

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Waxing or sugar hair removal

It is practiced in salons and at home, it consists in fixing the hair with a sticky mixture and subsequent removal (including hair follicles). Manipulations are painful and irritating, but they cope with the task for a period of up to one month.

Laser Hair Removal

It is carried out strictly in the cabin. The principle of operation is based on the generation of laser pulses, which are absorbed by melanin, degenerate into heat and destroy the structure of the hair to the base. For the complete elimination of vegetation in the intimate area, you must go through 5 – 7 sessions with a break from 4 to 8 weeks. The hairs do not fall off immediately, but as they die, the results are preserved until 2 years. The disadvantages of the method include high pain, the need for local anesthesia. For this reason, laser hair removal is used only relative to the intergluteal space and pubis.

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It is carried out in the cabin, is in high demand due to high results and minimal pain. The principle of operation is identical to the laser technique. Light flashes are absorbed by the colored pigment of the hair, are converted inside it into heat, which contributes to the destruction of the bulb and stem. Photoepilation is carried out in a course up to 7 – 8 procedures, the duration of the results is up to 24 months.

Features of male intimate hair removal

When deciding to achieve smoothness of the skin in the groin, a man must take into account certain features of his body. So, the hair in the intimate area they have:

  • They have a rich, vibrant color and increased density (they lend themselves well to light correction, however, additional sessions are required to achieve results).
  • Combined with thin and fair skin, easily prone to irritation.
  • They play a certain protective role. Protect from overcooling, overheating, temperature fluctuations. It is also believed that their presence is associated with the correctness of spermatogenesis processes.
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Intimate male hair removal consists in eliminating pubic hair, scrotum, at the base of the penis and between the buttocks. Manipulations can be carried out at home (shaving, wax) or in the salon (laser, photoepilation, wax). Depending on the selected method, the duration of the results obtained differs.

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