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Qool laser hair removal – what is it and how does it go?

Most people are extremely kind to not only their appearance, but also to their own health. We all want to be attractive, but not everyone dares to pay for it with pain and unpleasant complications. In the fight against excess vegetation on the face and body, everything is in this way: if you want smooth skin – endure severe pain.

However, it should be noted that such a statement was true only until recently, modern cosmetology offers its patients the optimal solution. Qool (Qool) hair removal helps eliminate unnecessary hair without causing pain or severe side effects.

Procedure Overview

Qool hair removal is one of the varieties of laser-based techniques. The principle of its action is based on the point heating and destruction of the hair bulb. Selective action provides the most positive results, namely: elimination of even the lightest and finest hairs, minimization of side effects due to the lack of contact with the adjacent skin.

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Advantages and disadvantages of the technique

This laser hair removal is not in vain receiving numerous positive reviews. Its benefits include:

  • Almost complete painlessness during the procedure.
  • The ability to carry out manipulations in any season.
  • Universality relative to any type of skin and vegetation.
  • The absence of significant side effects and serious complications.
  • Formation of a long-term result (after completing the course, new hairs grow back with a favorable outcome only after 5 – 7 years).

Of course, even such an advanced laser technology has certain disadvantages that form negative opinions and reviews about it. Most often, they include the need for a long cosmetology course, the high cost of manipulations, the significant duration of one procedure.

qool-hair removal

The main stages of the procedure

Carrying out laser Qool hair removal requires compliance with certain rules, the provision of which should be carried out not only by a specialist, but also by the patient. So, the correct conduct of the preliminary stage will allow you to achieve more pronounced results much faster. Mandatory manipulations must be performed before each session throughout the course, they are in the following recommendations:

  • Refusal to use lotions and creams regarding the problem area, compliance with personal hygiene rules to cleanse pores from external contaminants.
  • Shaving (maximum 24 hours before the session).
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As for the main stage of the procedure, it can last quite a long time, be patient, and, if possible, a fascinating book, while processing the skin, you can completely relax. All manipulations are absolutely painless and performed without anesthesia, the maximum that you can experience from laser exposure is a slight tingling that will not cause you any inconvenience. On average, one Qool hair removal session can last up to 1.5 – 2 hours, this process duration is explained by the spot treatment of the hair follicles.

The rehabilitation period also remains on the patient’s conscience, however it is so simple and short-term that it usually does not cause difficulties. The first day it is recommended to refrain from tanning, visiting the sauna, applying scrub, and now, after 24 hours, the patient can return to his usual life.

Before and after photos

facial hair removal

hand hair removal

dark skin hair removal

Basic Contraindications

In some cases, this hair removal can be contraindicated, and even harmful. When deciding on the possibility of its implementation, it is necessary to focus not only on positive reviews, but also on the state of one’s own health. So, Qool hair removal is not performed when:

  • carrying a child and its subsequent feeding with breast milk;
  • the presence of open and purulent wounds on the skin in the area subject to treatment;
  • oncology;
  • exacerbation of various chronic diseases;
  • elevated body temperature and viral infections.

Prices for the procedure

As mentioned earlier, such a procedure belongs to the category of expensive, especially when compared with existing analogues in cosmetology. The price for one session depends on the area of ​​the problem area, type of vegetation, patient gender and a number of other auxiliary factors.

Please note that Qool laser hair removal involves a course (from 5 to 10 sessions), which means that the amount can grow at times.

Qool hair removal is a modern technique for removing excess vegetation on the skin using a cold spot laser. Directional pulses do not heat the skin, but only contribute to the elimination of hair follicles, which ensures the formation of a pronounced positive result and allows you to permanently get rid of excess hair without pain and unpleasant consequences.

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