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What is the tubular breast

Beautiful breasts are every woman’s dream and the desire for her is justified. Unfortunately, desires are not always a reality, but high technology, the development of science and innovative methods give thousands of women a chance to gain self-confidence and become happy.

abnormal breast
Photo: abnormal esthetic lack of breast


This is an abnormal and quite serious aesthetic defect of the breast, leading to psychological problems in women.

It is associated with the mammary glands, which are not formed into regular hemispheres, but are drawn into tubes or so-called tubules.

In most cases, the nipples are planes and do not protrude forward.

The degree of deformation of the left and right breasts can differ significantly, thereby creating asymmetry. This is due to an insufficient number of tissues on all sides except armpits.

Very often this ailment leads to the appearance of large complexes and problems with intimate life, therefore, often radical methods are required not only to give aesthetic beauty, but also to create psychological comfort.


Such an anomaly can be of different types, which are characterized by the following features:

  • lack of tissue in the lower inner part;
  • lack of tissue in the entire lower part;
  • lack of tissue throughout the chest.
pattern of abnormalities and breast defects
Photo: types of breast abnormalities

Causes of appearance

The causes of the occurrence are not fully understood, but it is known that this process is directly related to a defect in the mammary gland.

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The fact is that a too strong and hard frame made of connective tissue does not allow the breast to straighten and acquire the correct shape. As a result, it grows only in one direction – towards the nipple, and often this leads to a hernia.

Symptoms include the following:

  • chest extension;
  • stretched and bulged forward areola (pigmented area around the nipple);
  • underdevelopment of the areola;
  • breast growth only towards the nipple.

Correction and Operation

Plastic surgery of the tubular breast is the most optimal solution to the problem. During the operation, flattening on the implant occurs, as well as a decrease in areoles. A hernia is removed if it has a place to be. Most often, the installation is performed in two planes – the upper edge goes under the muscle, the lower under the gland.

An individual and professional approach is needed to resolve the problem. During surgery, an increase in the tubular breast (less often a decrease) with the help of implants. This is done under general anesthesia with access to the paralosal space, which allows you to do with a minimum number of sutures and, accordingly, postoperative traces.

breast structure
Photo: breast implantation

In especially severe cases, correction occurs in several stages: first, a special device is installed in the gland – an expander.

This is necessary for stretching the connective tissues, after which they are already replaced by an implant. In addition to surgery, the tubular breast can be corrected using various techniques, if it is possible to make volumes of tissues contained in the mammary gland.

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Nevertheless, most doctors agree that the installation of implants is the most successful and less traumatic option, which, among other things, gives a stable result. Moreover, endoprosthetics make it possible to further breastfeed.

1 stage. Initially, access to the areola opens (most often it decreases). Two round cuts of various diameters are made.

2 stage. A special “pocket” is formed (the process of tissue detachment). It is done a little more and is discussed in advance with the patient.

3 stage. Preparation for the installation of implants in the chest.

4 stage. Direct implant placement. A narrow tube is installed with a vacuum at one end. Blood clots exit through it during the first two days after surgery.

5 stage. Suturing wound edges and tissues. In order to create internal sutures, the doctor brings the edges together and uses absorbable material (usually vicryl). The skin is stitched in several stages, after preliminary marking.

6 stage. The imposition of cosmetic stitches that tightly adapt the edges of the wound.

the doctor takes measurements preparation for surgery measurements peeling tissue detachment breast nipple incision implantation operation stitching implantacia-grud.gpg

Rehabilitation period

The rehabilitation period after surgery is short-lived, however, it is immediately worth noting that for a whole year after the operation, the mammary glands are very sensitive to the effects of the sun and sunlight.

In the first days after the operation, a feeling of discomfort in the chest area is possible, so two or three days should be spent in a hospital, under the supervision of doctors. Sleeping these days is recommended exclusively on the back, the bandage is removed after four to five days, and the stitches after two to three weeks.

After discharge from the clinic is:

  • limit yourself in physical activity for at least a month;
  • Do not visit the steam rooms and tanning salons for six months;
  • do not sunbathe during the year;
  • during the first week do not rub your chest with a hard washcloth;
  • wear special compression underwear around the clock for a month.

Before you go to surgery, you need to observe a number of rules. For two weeks you need to stop smoking, taking drugs such as analgin, aspirin (blood thinners), as well as hormonal drugs.

Indications and contraindications

Indications for surgery are the presence of the disease and a positive psychological attitude. There are more contraindications, and among them:

  • infectious and inflammatory diseases;
  • menstrual cycle;
  • diabetes in decompensated (severe) form;
  • the presence of a hematoma;
  • malignant tumors;
  • mental illness;
  • poor blood clotting;
  • asymmetry of the mammary glands.

Possible complications

Like any operation, correction of the tubular breast has its own dangers, but most often they are associated with the professionalism of the surgeon and doctors. Among the possible complications after surgery are the following:

  • the appearance of hematomas;
  • seroma (fluid accumulation in the wound);
  • numbness of the chest;
  • inflammatory process;
  • poor wound healing.

Photos before and after correction of the tubular breast

tubular breast correction tubular breast correction Photo: correction of the tubular breast before and after breast deformity before and after surgery

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