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How is the plastic ear lobe

Historically, the term “plastic earlobe” traditionally associated with plastic surgery. In fact, in the arsenal of plastic surgeons and beauticians have several methods that allow you to restore the beauty and youthful appearance lobes, no matter what problem caused the client to ask for help in a plastic surgery clinic. And not always, these techniques require surgery, incisions and sutures. Let’s see what kind of techniques.

Who shows

  • Grown-up people who do not believe the tunnels in the ears fashion.

Correction of the ear lobe after tunnels

Each of the ages, man has set out its tasks. At a young age it is important to stand out, to express themselves, to attract attention. This is achieved by including the wearing of adornments specific types of tunnels.

Growing up, man has set itself new goals, and huge holes in your ears are. Often the skin after dressing is removed from the lobe, pulled together. But rarely hole shrinks so that lobe adopted its original form.

The only way in this case – is plastic surgery, during which the excess skin removed, and the original appearance lobes returned.

  • Women who prefer wearing a bulky and heavy earrings.

Under the weight of jewelry skin stretched earlobes. Also extends the piercing earlobes, and instead of a neat little holes formed elongated and very noticeable hole. And if you slightly change the size of the lobe in most cases does not cause anxiety in women, the unaesthetic oblong hole can be perceived as a cosmetic defect.

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midge ear correction

Disguise such a defect can earrings type of studs which close an opening in the lobe. Or you can have cosmetic surgery in order to remove excessively large hole, and after some time to make a new neat puncture of the earlobe.

  • Patients with a break lobes.

Breaks lobes rarely coalesce without assistance. Because after how the inflammation and heal the wound edges, you can seek help from a plastic surgeon in order to restore the integrity of the lobes and give it a natural shape.

  • Patients who perform plastic surgery to correct defects of the ear.

Shape and dimensions of the lobes can be corrected at the time of surgery to remove congenital auricular whether acquired defects. For example, during surgery to remove droopy ears.

  • Patients after cosmetic surgery facelift.

Typically, during operation of the circular face lift or lift midface seams that are located in close proximity to the ear lead to excessive tension tissues. From this earlobe loses its natural location and are drawn towards the face. During the operation, you can return the lobes, and the entire pinna natural position.

  • Patients aged.

Correction gnats ears bloodless method

Here lie not yet reviewed our women the opportunity to improve their appearance and emphasize its timeless youth. The fact that the lobes of the ears are also subject to age-related changes. Over time, the skin is stretched lobes and the fat layer becomes thinner. Lobes become too elongated flat.

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As a rule, the woman herself can not pay attention to it. But here it will be noticeable to others, especially if appearance of the lobes will contrast with the views of well-groomed face and neck.

The good news is that it is not necessary to go under the surgeon’s knife. For lobes equally applicable art rejuvenation using injections of hyaluronic acid, the use of fillers or lipofillinga.

The advantage, of course, is to give fillers based on hyaluronic acid, as the gel is not only the return lobes former density and elasticity, but will also contribute to skin cell rejuvenation.

If there is a need to reduce the stretched earlobes, or to get rid of unsightly stretching holes for earrings, you can gradually make the first plastic surgery and then three months later ears pierced again, and then use a filler.

Contraindications to

Plastic earlobe is considered simple operation, but in the case of a patient’s disease or condition which may lead to adverse effects, better interference postponed until complete recovery or stabilization of the state of the client. The operation is contraindicated in:

  • presence of increased sensitivity to a number of drugs;
  • presence of infectious diseases (which can be either seasonal flu and HIV infection);
  • violation of blood coagulation, anticoagulation, in women during menstruation;
  • local inflammatory diseases of the skin and subcutaneous tissue.
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As is the operation

stroke correction operation midges ear

By the time plastic earlobes takes an average of about half an hour rarely. general anesthesia is used for intervention. Less commonly used local anesthesia using lidocaine or novocaine solution.

The technique that uses the surgeon in a given case depends on the initial problem, the state of tissue, the desired result.

Sutured wound lobes so that in its place there was only a thin scar that will resolve completely with time. When joints are imposed, postoperative wound closes special patch to be worn a week.

The postoperative period

Usually after surgery lobe swells. Maybe a small hematoma. The first few days will need to take painkillers.

Sutures are removed 7-10 days. About three months lobe tissue will gradually recover. At this time, do not recommend a hurry ears pierced, as is the formation of connective tissue and the formation of a thin hem. If at this time to go back to wearing heavy ornaments, you can cause the formation of rough scar.

Approximately 3 months after surgery with the permission of his plastic surgeon can pierce the ears and begin to wear jewelry.

Photos before and after plastic ear lobe

Photos before and after plastic ear lobe Photos before and after plastic ear lobe Photos before and after plastic ear lobe Photos before and after plastic ear lobe Photos before and after plastic ear lobe

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