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Aqualyx – a preparation for local figure modeling

Some parts of the human body are difficult to correct. Sports exercises and diets often do not bring a positive result. In this case, modern cosmetology offers Aqualyx – an original injection solution for destroying the contents of fat cells. This technique is positioned by developers as affordable, fast, safe and effective. Let’s try to figure out whether such statements really are true.

Operating principle

Aqualyx is a viscous, gel-like preparation based on the sodium salt of disoxycholic acid. The composition is completely safe, hypoallergenic and does not have any toxic effect on the human body. The thick structure of the injected injection provides a targeted targeted effect on certain areas.

The principle of Aqualyx is based on the destruction of the shell (membrane) of fat cells and their internal contents. These fatty particles are removed from the human body through the lymph. Their number is not so large, which means that the liver and kidneys will not suffer due to overload.

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Aqualyx is a relatively new drug, but it has already proven itself both in Europe and in Russia. The gel has a European certificate of quality, which also confirms the safety of its use.

Despite the positive reviews and information about the composition, do not forget that it is foreign, and intralipotherapy, albeit slightly, but violates the integrity of the skin. In some cases, the use of Aqualyx is contraindicated and unacceptable.

List of restrictions to the procedure

So, as already mentioned above, the drug is not always approved for use. A certain list of restrictions from doctors and cosmetologists most often comes down to the fact that the composition is not applied when:

  • pregnancy;
  • individual intolerance to the components in the composition of the drug or allergies to them;
  • lactation;
  • diseases of the blood and circulatory system;
  • external inflammatory processes on the skin in the problem area, the treatment of which was planned to be carried out;
  • chronic diseases of the internal organs in the acute or severe stage (especially relevant for renal and hepatic insufficiency);
  • oncology;
  • the presence of simple infections (flu, colds, acute respiratory viral infections, acute respiratory infections, etc.);
  • elevated body temperature.
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Separate contraindications to such a procedure as intralipotherapy are determined on the spot. So, a specialist with experience will never start injecting if the amount of subcutaneous fat is less than 15 millimeters. Otherwise, the risk of killing normal cells is also very real.

Improve your figure with Aqualix

What can be encountered after an injection?

Aqualyx is practically safe, but sometimes it can also provoke side effects. Reading about what is intralipotherapy, you can find negative reviews about it in large numbers. So, many women claim that the drug:

  • contributes to the formation of bruises and significant swelling;
  • leads to the appearance of seals under the skin;
  • may become a source of prolonged pain or itching;
  • negatively affects the condition of the skin (peeling, stretch marks, sagging of the epidermis are noted);
  • increases or decreases the sensitivity of the skin (numbness is most often recorded);
  • may lead to the formation of adhesions;
  • changes the hormonal background of a person.
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As you see, quite a lot of problems can arise after the implementation of Аqualyx. Also, many patients note a complete lack of results. In defense of the drug, it can be said that the individual, most negative manifestations are considered an individual reaction of the organism of a particular person and are in no way associated with the tool itself.

Normally, non-surgical liposuction can only be accompanied by swelling and bruising. As a rule, such symptoms disappear within one week without special treatment. As for the complete absence of any effect, the explanation can be quite simple. Most likely, Aqualyx injections were injected not into the fat layer, but into the surface zone of the dermis, which is fundamentally wrong and violates the technique of drug administration.

Complication after the introduction of Aqualix

Complication after the introduction of Aqualyx

How accessible is the procedure?

In addition to relative safety, Аqualyx, of course, is a very affordable means. Perhaps this is the fact that causes numerous reviews about the product, because the moderate price allows many women to evaluate it personally. The full course recommended by specialists consists of 4 procedures.

Non-surgical liposuction may cover areas of small size. As a rule, no more than 24 ml of the drug is administered at a time. The exact amount is determined precisely by the size of the problem area.

How fast will the positive effect come?

Aqualyx injections give an almost instant visible result. However, the full effect will be revealed only after 2-3 weeks. Experts say that intralipotherapy should be carried out in a full course, which includes an 4 session, with a break of one month between manipulations. To summarize, we can conclude that in about four, at most five months, you can improve the condition of your figure by modeling one of the problem areas. Conventional liposuction in this regard gives much faster results.

When is the drug used?

So, let’s talk about when the Aqualyx procedure is needed? Immediately it is worth sweeping away the most common misconceptions. Intralipotherapy is not used for total weight loss and the fight against cellulite. The injections are aimed pointwise at modeling one particular area of ​​your body. Mostly Aqualyx is used for areas such as:

  • the chin;
  • loin;
  • mammary glands (in men);
  • hips (inner side);
  • buttocks;
  • stomach.

In each case, the cosmetologist independently decides whether you need non-surgical liposuction or you can do without it.

Aqualix - modeling your figure

How is everything going?

Aqualyx procedure takes place strictly in a medical clinic or beauty parlor. Use a lipolytic, which is what Aqualyx is called, can only be professional, after undergoing special training. Violation of the technique for introducing the drug can lead to a lack of result and health difficulties. That is why it is so important to choose a good beautician, whose work already has positive reviews.

Aqualyx injections do not require additional pain relief, their administration is accompanied by mild discomfort, which is quite tolerable for the vast majority of people. In total for the procedure, the composition is introduced from one to four times. The rehabilitation period is completely absent, you can return to normal life immediately after the session.

How to achieve the best effect?

In order not to fall into the category of people writing negative reviews about Aqualyx, one should not forget that the maximum effectiveness of the drug is achieved with complex therapy and the observance of certain precautions. Even such a simple procedure as non-surgical liposuction requires compliance with the following rules:

  • do not forget to wear compression underwear (it is also extremely important to tighten the chin);
  • a week after injections, it is recommended to visit a cosmetic ultrasound procedure;
  • do not apply decorative cosmetics to the treated area for 10-14 days (the exception is only funds prescribed by a doctor);
  • reduce physical activity;
  • refuse to visit the bathhouse, solarium and pool;
  • Do not do independent massage of the problem area;
  • do not drink alcohol and moderate food;
  • Do not forget to drink at least two liters of water per day.

Aqualix administration procedure

Aqualyx administration procedure

Advantages and disadvantages of lipolytic

Start, of course, is with the pros. First of all, these include facts such as:

  • affordable price;
  • safe from the point of view of allergies and possible rejection of the composition;
  • lack of a large number of contraindications;
  • lack of need for rehabilitation;
  • short-term session;
  • in total, the duration of the effect is quite long (from 4 months);
  • the possibility of introducing the drug without anesthesia and anesthesia.

The list of advantages is quite substantial, but for many patients, the disadvantages still outweigh the advantages. Below is a list of negative information about Aqualyx:

  • it is believed that lipolytic eliminates fat cells for a short time;
  • if the implementation technique is violated, side effects may develop.

Before and after photos

Photos before and after injections of Aqualix N 1

Photos before and after Aqualyx injections in the hips

Photos before and after injections of Aqualix N 2

Photos before and after Aqualyx injections in the abdomen

Photos before and after injections of Aqualix N 3

Photos before and after Aqualyx injections in the abdomen

Photos before and after injections of Aqualix N 4

Photos before and after Aqualyx injections in the hips and buttocks

The drug Aqualyx – synthetic composition based on sodium salt of disoxycholic acid. The principle of its action is based on the destruction of the membrane of fat cells. The tool is not used for weight loss, but for local correction of certain areas of the body or face, is introduced into the fatty layers using a person, patented cannula. The drug requires complex use. It is best to combine this procedure with professional massage and ultrasound.

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