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Beautypharma – beauty and youth keep pace with the times

Injections based on hyaluronic acid make up for the deficiency of moisture in the skin, prevent the development of ptosis, wrinkles and other signs of early aging. French Beautypharma products, produced on the basis of this unique synthetic component, identical to natural, are used for biorevitalization and mesotherapy (skin saturation with vitamins and beneficial substances). The main properties of drugs of this brand are quality and safety.

Operating principle

The beneficial effect of use is to saturate the skin with hyaluronic acid, which promotes the attraction of water molecules and hydration of soft tissues. Due to additional moisturizing, dry skin is reduced, peeling disappears, the facial contour is tightened, and wrinkles are smoothed.

Preparations saturated with useful acids and vitamins, in addition to hydration, provide the output of antioxidants, and also stimulate the active production of collagen, which also leads to an increase in skin tone and rejuvenation of its cells.

Beautypharma Hyal – biorevitalization

Beautypharma Hyal is used for biorevitalization. The main component – 3% hyaluronic acid (low molecular weight), is responsible for moisturizing the skin and regenerating its cells. The injection course of the composition helps to calm down problem areas, stimulate metabolic processes, and remove toxins.

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Beautypharma Hyal also saturates the upper layers of the dermis with moisture, activates the production of collagen. It can be used separately or as part of therapeutic courses with the participation of other liquid products.

Beautypharma Hyal is used for younger and more mature skin. In each case, specialists select additional drugs and the individual frequency of their implementation.

Beautypharma Hyal Amin – mesotherapy

Beautypharma Hyal Amin is used for mesotherapy, is a ready-made complex of substances, does not require mixing or dilution. Includes the following products:

  • Hyaluronic acid. Provides hydration, stimulates local metabolic processes.
  • Proline and Arginine (a group of essential amino acids). Improve blood supply, activate collagen synthesis.
  • Isoleucine, Leucine, Lysine, Methionine (a group of essential amino acids). Eliminate toxins, are responsible for the production of elastin and collagen fibers, promote cell regeneration.
  • Carnosine. It neutralizes free radicals, promotes the production of collagen, and counteracts the oxidation of proteins.
  • Chondroitin. Provides hydration, also helps collagen synthesis.

The composition is well suited for tired skin with a network of fine wrinkles. Among the indications for its use: flabbiness, dryness, decreased tone. In addition, the drug eliminates scars and is suitable for working with the skin of the face, neck and décolleté.

Beautypharma Hyal Amin is applied course. Injections are carried out once in 7 days, in total, about 5 – 8 sessions are needed. Visible changes form after the first visit to the beautician.

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botox injection into upper lip using small syringe with thin needle

Beautypharma Lift – Mesotherapy with DMAE

Beautypharma Lift is a ready-made cocktail for mesotherapy based on DMAE. It has the richest composition of the entire line of funds. It contains hyaluronic acid, essential and non-essential, unsaturated fatty acids, as well as a whole complex of vitamins (B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B8, B9, B12).

The combination of useful components provides hydration of the skin, stimulates the renewal of collagen fibers, removes toxins. Beautypharma Lift normalizes pigmentation, smoothes existing wrinkles, and optimizes local metabolism. Beautypharma Lift is also more suitable for the age category of patients from 40 years.

Principle of use

All drugs are injected into the surface or middle layers of the skin using a special ultra-thin needle. Before the start of manipulations, the skin is cleaned of external contaminants, treated with an antiseptic composition, and then with an anesthetic cream. Some cosmetologists prefer to add painkillers directly to the drug itself.

Each product has its own frequency of use. On average, injections are given over 4 – 6 sessions with a break of one to two weeks.

Mesotherapy photo with injection

Side effects

2-4 hours after the procedure, minor temporary complications may occur. They are expressed in redness of the skin and mild swelling, itching, pain or moderate discomfort is rarely noted. At the injection site, tubercles form – papules or bruises. Within 72 hours, the side effects weaken and disappear.

In violation of the technique of introducing the composition or neglecting the rehabilitation rules, more pronounced complications can be observed, for example, the development of an allergic reaction or inflammatory processes. In this case, additional medical advice and symptomatic treatment will be required.

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The period after the procedure

The skin is restored after injections during 7 – 9 days, side effects completely disappear usually by the end of the 5 day. If necessary, after this, the procedure will be repeated again, however, in between, compliance with a number of basic recommendations is required. Among them:

  • refusal to visit bathhouses, steam rooms and saunas, tanning salons, pools;
  • conducting hygienic procedures with warm rather than hot water;
  • refusal to use decorative cosmetics;
  • regular antiseptic treatment of the skin.

The period after the injection procedure

Contraindications for use

Beautypharm injections have certain contraindications, which the beautician must definitely warn about. The use of the composition is not recommended for:

  • pregnancy and breastfeeding;
  • exacerbation of somatic diseases of a chronic nature;
  • increased body temperature, viral diseases, colds;
  • oncology;
  • herpes, eczema and other skin diseases in the acute stage;
  • the presence of inflammatory foci in the problem area;
  • individual intolerance to the components of the drugs.

Beautypharma – French products based on hyaluronic acid for biorevitalization and mesotherapy. Promotes skin rejuvenation, prevention of early aging. Not only reduces the wrinkle network and moisturizes, but also stimulates the synthesis of elastin and collagen, helps eliminate scars, increase skin tone.

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