CRM Soft – a modern and high-quality German biorevitalizant – Cosmetology, plastic surgery and diets

CRM Soft – a modern and high-quality German biorevitalizant

The significant popularity of injection rejuvenation worldwide is due to the high results of its use in combination with moderate cost and practicality in use. Most often, to maintain optimal skin condition, as well as to prevent and eliminate signs of aging, a procedure such as biorevitalization is performed. For this, special means are used, fillers, which are based on hyaluronic acid. Today we’ll talk about the CRM Soft preparation, its advantages, disadvantages and distinctive features.

General information about the product

CRM Soft biorevitalizant is a development of the leading German cosmetology company BioPolymer. The main activity of this company is the development and creation of drugs based on hyaluronic acid. As for this particular composition, manufacturers position it as a safe, effective means of prolonged exposure. Here are some characteristics of this injection gel:

  • safety (the product is based on hyaluronic acid not of an animal, but of microbial origin; this nuance significantly reduces the risk of allergies or rejection);
  • several degrees of purification;
  • optimal plastic structure;
  • increased molecular weight of the main component (2.6 million Daltons), which helps to maintain a positive result for a longer period.
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Indications for use of the drug and the principle of its action

CRM Soft biorevitalization can be both a therapeutic and a prophylactic procedure. The basic principle of its action is to restore the natural internal water balance. Molecules of hyaluronic acid attract thousands of times more particles of water, which provides maximum hydration, and also helps to increase the elasticity and tone of the skin.

Injections can be carried out not only in the dermis of the skin and neck, but also in such parts of the body as the shoulders, chest, stomach, inner surface of the thighs and arms. The remedy is indicated in the presence of striae (stretch marks in a simple way), slight pigmentation, scars and acne, floated face contour.

Scope of biorevitalizant CRM Soft

Scope of biorevitalizant CRM Soft

How is the procedure?

Biorevitalization is quite fast, all manipulations take no more than one hour. Before the procedure, it is recommended to visit a beautician for a full-time consultation. The preparatory stage will help the specialist determine the problems of your skin, the need for injection rejuvenation, the presence of possible contraindications.

On the day of the session, it is recommended to refrain from consuming aspirin, a large amount of coffee and smoking. Try to keep calm. Gel injections are almost painless, confirmation of this fact are numerous reviews on the Internet. If necessary, the patient may ask to apply an anesthetic cream to the skin, after 10-15 minutes after that, any unpleasant sensations will not be felt. The introduction of the drug is carried out to a depth of 2 millimeters into the skin. After all the problem areas have been processed, you can leave the clinic.

How does the CRM Soft biorevitalization procedure go?

CRM Soft Biorevitalization Procedure

Home rehabilitation

The main advantage of such a procedure is the absence of a long period for recovery. Reviews of cosmetologists contain information that side effects from such an effect are manifested in minor cases, pass on their own and do not distract a person from his daily life. However, the reviews that the patients themselves leave are slightly different from the opinions of cosmetologists. In order to minimize the risk of a negative reaction of the body, certain rehabilitation rules should be followed. These include:

  • decrease in physical load on the body;
  • restriction of drinking regimen (no more than two liters of fluid per day and not in the evening);
  • on the first day the use of decorative cosmetics is prohibited;
  • refusal to visit the solarium, pool, bath;
  • rejection of natural sunbathing;
  • the use of special cosmetics with an antiseptic effect.

You must follow such simple rules for 10-20 days.

Side effects

Biorevitalization can turn into such side effects as: bruises, swelling, tightness under the skin, bright traces at the injection site of a thin cannula. In some cases, patients have mild itching, soreness, numbness of the skin and even a rash. For the most part, negative reactions go away on their own, without additional interventions. But if you suspect a possible development of allergies – you need to consult a doctor as soon as possible.

Contraindications to injections

The list of contraindications is common for fillers of any kind. The use of the injection method of rejuvenation is contraindicated during pregnancy and lactation, with exacerbation of chronic diseases and colds, a tendency to scarring, diabetes and oncology. A complete list of restrictions will be determined in each case by a specialist cosmetologist.

Biorevitalization CRM Soft – A modern and high-quality method of skin rejuvenation, the fight against the first signs of aging and improving the general condition of the skin. The principle of operation of the procedure is based on the attraction of water molecules to those zones where they are sorely lacking. After a full course of procedures, the skin becomes more elastic, toned and moisturized.

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Cosmetology, plastic surgery and diets
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