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Dermaheal – mesotherapy cocktails from Caregen laboratory

Drugs from South Korea did not always enjoy the authority and trust of customers. But Dermaheal is an exception to the rule. And all because world cosmetic brands buy raw materials for their products from Caregen (the manufacturer of this drug). It’s all about the amazing developments of the laboratory, in which the triumph of nanotechnology over age, overweight, and congenital defects of appearance is manifested.

The production of mesotherapeutic cocktails is not the only direction in which developments are continuously carried out. Nevertheless, the Dermaheal Eyebag Solution is recognized as a “magic potion” by all patients who corrected the periorbital region through mesotherapy with this drug. Let’s find out what Caregen Research Laboratory is capable of for the beauty of its customers.

What is Dermaheal?

Under this brand, products are developed based on the company’s own research. Since 2001, Caregen Co. About 100 patented innovative bioengineering technologies, and they have benefited from a variety of medical industries. Specifically for anti-age cosmetology, biomimetic peptides are of interest.

What is the meaning of this concept? Biomimetic peptides – means, similar to the natural peptides that function in the human body. The role of peptides in the body is similar to the role of proteins. Proteins such as collagen, keratin, elastin have been used in cosmetology for a long time, but their minus lies in the indirect entry into the cellular layers of the skin.

Protein is a long (more than 100) chain of amino acids, and only when it breaks down does it cross the stratum corneum. Amino acids are too simple in their structure to participate in important cellular processes. Peptides are another matter. When a peptide enters the nucleus of cells, it regulates the basic processes of their vital functions: it accelerates cell division, stimulates the maturation of new cells, and in mature cells it maintains the necessary level of enzymes.

This is the essence of the “growth factor”, developed by a Korean laboratory and introduced into the composition of Dermaheal cosmetics. By protecting cells and increasing their endurance, the peptide complex prevents the destructive processes caused by free radicals. At the same time, the vital processes of cells are accelerated, as a result of which the rapid renewal of cell layers occurs. This action is incorporated in all preparations of Dermaheal Meso.

Mesotherapy with Dermaheal products is the favorite procedure of many clients. Cocktails are introduced into the skin through a mesoscooter or microinjections. Gentle techniques guarantee a quick end to the rehabilitation period and well-being.

Overview of the Dermaheal Mesotherapeutic Cocktail Series

For each sphere of beauty, a drug has been created that includes the most effective elements for solving the problem. Because there are no just bags under the eyes or just cellulite. There is a drama in the soul of every woman that thoroughly spoils life. Dermaheal, with which mesotherapy is in demand and popular in salon practice, is designed to eliminate everything unaesthetic in appearance.

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Most often, the following drugs are used for biorevitalization and mesotherapy:

  • Dermaheal SR and Dermaheal HSR, the richest mesotherapeutic cocktails containing more than 60 active components, are common in anti-aging prophylaxis.
  • A pair of highly specialized products: Dermaheal HL for activating hair growth and improving their quality, as well as Dermaheal SB for skin photorejuvenation. It eliminates an undesirable blush, age spots, including age spots, brightens dark areas of the skin.
  • A separate series of skin care products around the eyes made a splash in the market. About Dermaheal Eyebag and Dark Circle Solution are extremely positive reviews.
  • Dermaheal LL helps to find a beautiful body with elastic smooth skin without cellulite without surgery.

These are wonderful tools that deserve attention and trust. Let’s consider them in more detail.

Dermaheal sr

A rejuvenating mesococtail recommended for nourishing sagging skin on which shallow wrinkles have already appeared or are appearing, dehydration and dryness are observed, or there are problems with acne and acne scars.

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The drug neutralizes oxides, slows down the formation of wrinkles due to the production of new cells, and helps restore the natural production of elastin and collagen. Skin elasticity and resistance to age-related changes are increasing.

Dermaheal hsr

For complex biorevitalization of the skin, it is better to choose this drug, more functional than its predecessor. Its composition is focused on eliminating the first signs of aging (as far as possible): wrinkles, age spots, chronic scars, etc. Dermaheal HSR includes 5 mimetic peptides of synthetic origin, 13 vitamins (including A and E), 2 strong antioxidant, 4 coenzyme, 24 amino acids and other effective components that, in addition to performing the main function, nourish the skin well.

Dermaheal hsrDermaheal hl

The cocktail serves as a comprehensive hair treatment. Procedures with the drug are indicated if hair loss is observed, their thinning on the basal areas, violation of the hair structure. In addition to biomimetic peptides, it contains nucleides, enzymes, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants that strengthen hair follicles, enrich the scalp with trace elements and accelerate hair growth. It is in demand not only among middle-aged people suffering from alopecia, but also among young girls.

Dermaheal hl

Dermaheal Eyebag Solution

The same mesopreparation that does not mask, namely, removes bags under the eyes. The smoothing of the circular muscle occurs due to the destruction of fatty tissue on the one hand, and the strengthening of the upper lower eyelid – on the other. Paraorbital hernias after 4-5 mesotherapy sessions become less pronounced. “Bags” disappear through 4 procedures. The rapid achievement of the effect is due to the 4 peptide complex, which, according to the manufacturer, has no analogues.

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Dermaheal Eyebag Solution

Dermaheal LL

A course of mesotherapy with this drug is called non-surgical liposuction. The fat layer is really decreasing, and there are no miracles in it: decapeptide-4 stimulates the metabolism, kartin supervises fat cells in the mitochondria, from where they are naturally derived, and hydrogenated lecithin promotes the breakdown of fats. For a full course, the skin of the problem area of ​​the body is leveled, because fat deposits literally dissolve under it.

Dermaheal LL

The price of one procedure with any of the above drugs on average is 2500 rub., With the consumption of 2,5 ml of mesococktail. The course is 4-5 sessions, after which the effect of the drug lasts 3 months.

Auxiliary products

Some cosmetologists believe that a booster injection should be preceded by a course of mesotherapy, which contributes to better digestibility of the base drug. Peptide boosters increase the effectiveness of procedures several times. Dermaheal has their 3:

  • Booster Face, which enhances the effect of mesotherapy for the face.
  • Booster Hair– for hair.
  • Booster Body – for the body.

In addition, Ultra Galva galvanotherapy solutions are manufactured under the same brand. To date, 5 has come out with such solutions, and each of them is specialized in a specific function: skin nutrition, splitting of subcutaneous fat, accelerating hair growth, general skin healing, acne treatment.

Healing sessions for the skin last from 30 to 60 minutes. Biological aging, acne and other factors that “absorb” beauty can be blocked with the help of modern aesthetic medicine, one of the achievements of which is the multifaceted and diverse products of Dermaheal.

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