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Hafiller – line for contouring and biorevitalization

Perhaps, any woman wants to stay young and beautiful as long as possible, without thinking about age-related changes in appearance. Unfortunately, to achieve this without the use of special cosmetics is almost impossible. One of the most optimal methods of rejuvenation in modern cosmetology is the so-called injection plastic surgery, which is carried out in order to replenish the volume of soft tissues, prevent and eliminate their omission, as well as to combat facial wrinkles.

To perform these manipulations, specialists use special preparations, fillers of various brands and manufacturers. Many cosmetologists, choosing from a variety of proposed products, prefer Hafiller products, which we will talk about today.

Brand Overview

Hafiller fillers have been supplied to the modern beauty market by the Chinese company Hangzhou Gallop Biological Products Co., Ltd with 2006 of the year. A large Asian company has significant experience in the development of such products and has proven itself in the medical field in the production of medicines based on hyaluronic acid for the needs of ophthalmology.

Currently, Hafiller is successfully used in European countries, Russia and America. Its main characteristics include:

  • Compliance with international and domestic safety requirements, the availability of the necessary certificates.
  • Versatility in use. Filler can be applied to any area of ​​the face or body.
  • Unique viscous structure, providing local injection and a slow decay period.
  • Complete withdrawal of the drug after a certain period of time.

Operating principle

Positive changes caused by injection plastic surgery are based on the ability of hyaluronic acid to attract a large number of water molecules, which helps not only moisturize the dermis, but also fill its voids, creases and folds.

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The introduction of the filler increases the tone and elasticity of the skin, reduces wrinkles, normalizes the water balance, stimulates the production of collagen. The final result is largely determined by the composition of the product and the concentration of hyaluronic acid in it. Some drugs are used to prevent age-related changes and moisturize the skin, while others are able to make up for the missing tissue volumes and are used to correct facial shapes.

Principle of the procedure

Despite the fact that the Hafiller line is represented by a significant variety of means, the methods of their introduction are universal. No special preliminary preparation is required. General recommendations are reduced to the rejection of alcohol and aspirin, the conduct of aggressive cosmetic treatments and operations. All manipulations take about 30 minutes.

Positive reviews indicate that injections of the drugs are mostly painless, but the use of anesthetic cream will be extremely useful for stopping any unpleasant sensations.

The next step is the removal of external contaminants and the use of an alcohol-based antibacterial composition. Injections are carried out in problem areas, a sterile syringe with the drug should be opened in the presence of the patient. Upon completion of the introduction of the composition, the specialist can produce a light massage of the problem area for optimal distribution of the substance in the dermis.

The rehabilitation period lasts about 5 or 7 days and does not require specific manipulations. On the first day after the procedure, decorative cosmetics and hygienic procedures based on hot water should be abandoned. It is also not recommended to press on the treated area, rub or massage it.

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Over the next three days, papules should be treated with Miramistin, control fluid intake, use light moisturizers for the skin. Separate recommendations should be observed during the week: for example, it is forbidden to visit the bathhouse and solarium, and sunbathing in the open sun.

Fillers and their purpose

The main direction of Hafiller products is the creation of corrections based on hyaluronic acid with a concentration of 24 mg / ml. Between themselves, such drugs differ in the size of the molecules, and therefore, in elasticity and stability. It is customary to allocate the following categories of funds:

  • Hafiller fine lines. Available in the amount of 1 or 2 ml, it is used to correct small facial wrinkles, including in the most problematic areas (around the eyes).
  • Hafiller derm deep. Available in the amount of 1 or 2 ml, designed to work with deep wrinkles. It can be used to increase lip volume.
  • Hafiller derm. Also presented in the volume of 1 or 2 ml, its main purpose is to reduce moderately expressed wrinkles and folds.
  • Hafiller derm plus. Available in 1.5 ml. Ideal when working with pronounced, deep wrinkles and creases. It copes with the task of modeling new facial contours, forms a long-term result.
  • Hafiller sub skin. Presented with a volume of 2 ml, it is used when working with the missing volume of soft tissues.

The expert reviews contain information on the prolonged action of Hafiller products: for example, the minimum period of validity is 7, and the maximum is 16 months.

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Biorevitalizants and their purpose

In addition to injection plastic products, the Chinese company also launches the Hafiller Aqua line for biorevitalization. A series of drugs is represented by the following products:

  • Aqua 14. The product is indicated for thin skin with a weak net of wrinkles.
  • Aqua 20. It is used when working with normal face or neck skin to eliminate small and medium wrinkles.
  • Aqua 23. Used to rejuvenate certain parts of the body and loose skin of the face.
  • Aqua 30. The tool is suitable for working with any parts of the body and dense skin of the face with pronounced pores and high fat content.

The serial number of a particular product indicates the concentration of hyaluronic acid in it.


Side effects and contraindications

The use of any drugs has certain contraindications, which must be taken into account before deciding on a procedure. As a rule, its carrying out is forbidden at:

  • pregnancy;
  • lactation;
  • severe chronic or colds;
  • oncology;
  • open wounds and skin diseases;
  • allergies to corrector components.

However, even full compliance with contraindications will not provide you with no side effects. When deciding on an injection, one should remember about the possibility of edema, bruising, redness and papules. As a rule, all complications disappear within a few days.

Before and after photos


Photos before and after biorevitalization

Photos before and after contouring
Photos before and after lip shape correction

Hafiller – line of tools for injection plastic and biorevitalization. It is developed on the basis of hyaluronic acid of non-animal origin, contributes to the formation of long-term results, has a minimum of side effects and contraindications.

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