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IAL-System and the “gold standard of biorevitalization”

Almost all biorevitalization preparations are made from synthetic hyaluronic acid (hereinafter referred to as HA), which, after injection, replenishes its deficiency in the deep fibers of aging skin. As a result of the gradual absorption of HA, the skin becomes hydrated, wrinkles are temporarily smoothed, and the synthesis of collagen fibers resumes. As a result, skin turgor is also restored.

The “second spring” of aging skin should be the end of each procedure. But there are many preparations, and the aesthetic effect differs from each of them. And by the unofficial name “gold standard”, cosmetologists called it the IAL-System, or rather, the procedure with it.

What is the drug designed for?

A viscous texture and a strong concentration of HA in one gram of gel can dramatically change the condition and appearance of the skin on the face. Skeletonized cheekbones with the help of IAL turn into apple cheeks, the look freshens, small wrinkles are less marked after the first procedure, and disappear completely after the full course.

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The success of a drug of any composition is determined by the authority and experience of its manufacturer. The Italian company Fidia Farmaceutical SPA does not complain about customer distrust, because for decades it has been manufacturing HA for various medical industries, including for anti-age cosmetology.

IAL-System with its scientific and minimalist composition is used for minimally invasive anti-aging procedures. Biorevitalization IAL-System is more popular than contour plastic with the same drug, but with a linear execution, the effect may be similar. Because IAL delays beauty for a long time. Regardless of 25 years customer, or 60.

Biorevitalization IAL-System

The drug can be used at any age.

Scheme of drug action

IAL-System has the same mechanisms of action on the skin as its world-famous analogues. Once in the skin, HA of synthetic origin attracts and accumulates water molecules in its structural layer. Moisturized skin – young skin with a beautiful shade, smoothness, elasticity, etc.

But if we are talking about biorevitalization with the IAL-System, according to cosmetologists, hyaluronic acid does not serve as a filler for the skin, as in contour plastics, and does not work as a “tool in itself” in mesotherapy, namely it arouses the processes of self-regulation in the skin. A prolonged anti-aging effect is achieved due to the high molecular weight HA – 1000 kilodaltons. Such an acid forms a long chain, which is not so quickly destroyed by the action of hyaluronidase.

In addition, so that HA does not just “fill” the face relief, its concentration in a gram of gel should not be less than 1,5% (15 mg). In line preparations, this is at least 1,8%.

That is why, according to cosmetologists, the biorevitalizants of the IAL complex transform the structure of the skin that is losing elasticity. The developers of the drug created the product in accordance with high standards of cosmetology.

IAL-System-family: features, composition, suitable age category

The line is represented by three drugs of a unique composition. The factory packaging of biorevitalizant is a syringe with an emphasis. Two needles and instructions are attached to it. However, the instruction is a formality, because the signs of aging are manifested so individually that it’s simply illogical to talk about a scheme. A cosmetologist has to choose course schemes and points for injections in accordance with experience and knowledge.

beautician inspection

The cosmetologist must choose the scheme and places for injection


This is the golden mean in the Italian line. A good concentration of HA (18 mg / ml) provides a lasting anti-aging effect on average for 3 months. Popular in the age category 25-30 years. Since the person does not need a fundamental correction at this age, the drug is available in dosages of 0,6 ml and 1,1 ml.

The procedure does not require a large amount of gel. The reviews of cosmetologists contain information that both syringes will be needed for biorevitalization of the entire face, the syringe 1,1 ml for the correction of cheeks, cheekbones, nasolabial wrinkles, and 0,6 ml for minor correction of the eyelids, lifting eyebrows, exclusively nasolabial folds.

The gel is used for the prevention of aging, universal healing of the skin, increasing its tone, and serves as a preparatory tool for the introduction of more concentrated products of the family.

IAL System Blue

IAL-System ACP

“Autocrosslinked Polysaccaride” is the origin of the acronym ACP. The development of the drug was made possible thanks to the technology of “auto-cross-link”, patented by an Italian concern. This is not the usual hyaluronic acid familiar to perception. In structure, this is HA ester, the molecular units of which contain carboxyl and hydroxyl groups. In addition, these links are interconnected by special molecular bonds.

If stabilized HA contains a cross-linking agent (spacer) in its composition, then in the IAL-System ACP its density (2%) is held on the net structure of the ether. Then this ether under the influence of body temperature and enzymes is restored in native HA.

Thus, getting into the skin, the IAL-System ACP preparation first undergoes hydrolysis, then is converted into large molecular HA, then it breaks down into oligosaccharides, and only then they stimulate fibroplasts that moisturize the skin. Therefore, many patients complain of skin condition in the first month after biorevitalization.

It is used to correct pronounced ptosis, eliminate age-related folds that form during the period from 35 to 45 years. Available in syringes for 1 mg.

IAL-System ACP

IAL-System DUO

A unique drug produced by MUCH technology combines the two drugs that we talked about above in one ampoule. The combination of unstabilized HA with an ester of the ACP formula achieves amazing results. First of all, naturalness. The effect of the “made” face is absent after the procedure, the contours of the face are soft, graceful. Secondly, 6-8 months of carefree admiring the result, which does not require additional correction.

Procedures in the middle third of the face with local volume deficiency give an excellent result due to the original chemical structure of IAL-System DUO. Stabilized HA gives volume, while unstabilized HA gently spreads around it, giving the correction a natural naturalness. HA concentration is not less than 2,5%.

The IAL-System DUO Volumizer pleases customers of all ages. Facial correction with simultaneous biorevitalization does not give such swelling as similar procedures. The drug is sold in syringes with a volume of 1 ml.

IAL-System DUOIAL biorevitalizers: one does not interfere with the other

Long-term studies of the first two drugs from the line, observation of the results, as a result, led to the strengthening of the “gold standard of biorevitalization” in practice. After plastic surgery with IAL-System, ACP clients were accompanied by dehydration of the skin of the face, while IAL-System was used for biorevitalization (unstabilized HA). If during one procedure they are injected into different zones, then:

  • the correction will be more harmonious;
  • swelling will be faster;
  • the effect will last at least 6 months.

Many can not find the answer to the question, why not immediately stab DUO? This drug is used more often for plastics, and is injected deeper, with a papular technique. He acts comprehensively in a specific area.

Contraindications and side effects

In atopic dermatitis, the IAL complex does not give results. Despite the fact that HA is non-toxic, and the preparations of the Italian concern are hypoallergenic, do not contain nucleins and proteins, it is advisable not to do this procedure during pregnancy. The presence of a pathological rash at potential injection points also cancels the procedure.

Side effects are most often manifested in the form of edema. Despite the plasticity of the gel, which allows you to distribute it on the skin tissue, it can accumulate in small clods, which usually indicates a low level of professionalism of the cosmetologist, and it rarely happens.

Biorevitalizants line IAL require 3-4 multiple administration with an interval of 1-2 months (conditionally). The cosmetologist independently determines the frequency of the procedures, their number, as well as the required amount of gel. Then, both the patient and the specialist observe the global transformation of a tired physiognomy into a fresh face that shines with health.

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