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Italian Skin products – proven formulations for biorevitalization

Ecology, stress and a number of other external factors negatively affect the condition of the skin, the first signs of aging appear earlier and progress much faster. To combat them, manufacturers of cosmetic products annually develop and produce hundreds of new drugs. According to manufacturers, Skin biorevitalization allows you to achieve positive results in a short time without significant financial investment. Let’s talk about how true such claims are, what this product is and how it works.

The main types of proofreaders

Skin biorevitalization for several years has received positive reviews from both patients and professional cosmetologists. This trend is largely due to the composition of fillers offered by the company. The principle of operation of these high-quality European fillers is based not only on hyaluronic acid, but also on the beneficial properties of various aminoxylates, as well as on the phosphate buffer necessary to maintain a normal pH. The most popular products manufactured under this brand are:

  • Skin B, indicated for young skin;
  • Skin r, recommended for mature skin;
  • Skin l, a composition with a maximum concentration of hyaluronic acid.

Let’s talk a little more about the features of each product.

Skin B – a drug for the prevention of age-related skin changes

So, the first and easiest remedy is the Skin B corrector. Cosmetologists believe that such a composition is ideal for young skin (age up to 30 years), it is used to prevent natural aging processes and to combat the first superficial wrinkles. The composition is used both for biorevitalization and biostimulation. It perfectly moisturizes the skin, helps smooth out the first folds and small wrinkles on the neck, forehead, and also in the eye area. In addition, it can be used to easily eliminate small age spots and bags under the eyes.

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Corrector Skin B

Using Skin B is usually a course. The system includes six procedures that are carried out according to a special scheme:

  • 4 session 4 once a month, weekly;
  • last two sessions with a break of 15 days.

A few hours after the first injection, certain positive results are noted. The water balance is normalized, collagen synthesis is enhanced, the epidermis becomes more healthy and fit. The composition of Skin B includes three groups of classic components:

  • hyaluronic acid (20-38 nanomers),
  • amino acids (among them glycine, alanine and others);
  • phosphate buffer (with pH level 7.4);
  • glucosamine sulfate.

Skin B is available in a set of three ampoules of 5 ml. A sufficiently large amount of the product allows it to be used for simultaneous processing of the neck, face skin and décolleté.

Skin R and Skin L – anti-aging drugs

The developer reviews of the Skin R product contain information that the product has the properties of surgical lifting. It is created specifically for mature skin with moderate and pronounced signs of aging. The use of this type of corrector is optimal for women after 40 years, that is, when the usual means for biorevitalization can no longer have a significant effect, but are mostly auxiliary.

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Skin R is excellent for eliminating wrinkles, restoring a floated facial contour, combating sagging, age-related pigmentation, stretch marks and excessive dryness of the skin. The principle of action of the drug is based on enhanced activation of internal processes, which are primarily responsible for the production of collagen.

Product Skin R

This product can be used not only to rejuvenate the skin of the face, but also to correct quite significant areas (hips, abdomen, arms). You can buy Skin R in a package of 10 ml in the amount of three ampoules. This amount of composition is usually enough to handle the most extensive areas. The procedure is recommended to be carried out according to the following algorithm: four sessions every 14 days.

Another well-known tool Skin L, as a rule, is used for biorevitalization and mesolifting. The main difference of such a product from others is that hyaluronic acid with a high molecular weight is used in its composition, this provides a longer lasting effect. Skin L has an intradermal implant certificate and is used for:

  • struggle with severe dehydration;
  • Improvements in facial contours
  • increase skin tone;
  • reduce and eliminate wrinkles;
  • treatment of rosacea.

Skin L injections are carried out to a depth of four millimeters. This technique allows you to avoid the appearance of superficial papules and achieve a positive effect. Long-term action helps to reduce the number of necessary sessions, which means saving some financial resources.

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Corrector Skin L

In what cases is it not recommended to carry out biorevitalization with Skin preparations?

The drug Skin B, Skin R, as well as other representatives of this line, have the same list of contraindications. So, injection drugs are not used:

  • during pregnancy and breastfeeding;
  • with a tendency of the skin to scars;
  • during an exacerbation of any chronic disease;
  • with colds;
  • with skin diseases in the area intended for injections (acne, herpes, etc.);
  • with a number of complex diseases (oncology, HIV, diabetes).

Side effects and soreness of the procedure

Reviews from professionals contain information that of the entire line of Italian correctors, Skin R has the greatest pain with the introduction, while Skin B almost does not cause discomfort. In any case, each patient has the right to ask a specialist for preliminary anesthesia. Most often, a special cream is used for these purposes.

After injections of Skin L, slight red spots may remain on the skin, traces that disappear after a few minutes. In addition, in rare cases, small bruises, mild swelling, mild soreness are recorded. Do not panic, such side effects pass relatively quickly (depending on the individual reaction of the body) and do not require the use of special medications. If the negative reactions do not go away on their own, you should re-visit the beautician to get additional recommendations.

Skin injections may leave slight red dots

Slight red papule dots may remain after Skin injections.

Safety measures

To minimize the risk of possible side effects, try to follow certain basic recommendations. If necessary, your specialist will give you personalized advice. As for the general rules, these include:

  • refusal to visit a bathhouse, sauna, steam room, that is, premises with high temperature and humidity;
  • refusal to visit the pool, open water;
  • compliance with recommendations for a healthy lifestyle, which will increase immunity and protect against possible infections;
  • the use of special antiseptic cosmetics.

The result after the biorevitalization procedure with Skin L

The result after the biorevitalization procedure with Skin L

Biorevitalization products under this brand are recognized by most professionals and women. A wide range of products designed to solve specific problems, allows you to choose a product that best meets the needs of each person. Among the compositions presented by Italian developers there are both light (Skin b) and more saturated fillers (Skin R and L).

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