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Juvederm Ultra Smile – corrector to create a beautiful smile

Are your lips thin and flat and their corners down? If this situation does not suit you, try changing it with Juvederm Ultra Smile, a modern, universal filler. It is used by cosmetologists specifically to correct the shape and volume of the lips, as well as to solve many additional, specific problems.

What is the peculiarity of the drug, in a nutshell? The corrector is injected directly into the mucosa, the procedure itself is simple, painless and has a long positive effect. It is these properties that make it popular and competitive in the modern field of rejuvenation and beauty.

General Information About the Filer

Juvederm Ultra Smile is one of the classic products from the American company Allergan. All the components included in the composition are selected in an optimal way and are designed to provide a long-term positive result, after which you will not need to carry out the correction for a whole year. Among the ingredients of the product are:

  • Hyaluronic acid (A substance of non-animal origin that does not cause rejection or allergies. It forms a volume, contributes to the maximum hydration of tissues).
  • Lidocaine (Anesthetic. It neutralizes pain and provides easy implant insertion, thanks to which no auxiliary injections are required).
  • Phosphate buffer (An additional component responsible for the duration of the result).
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Indications for injection and results of its use

For the most part, Juvederm Ultra Smile is used specifically for lip correction. The product is equally suitable for carrying out the procedure at any age (both for mature and young skin). Its direct indications include:

  • insufficient volume and poor lip shape;
  • lowered corners;
  • wrinkles and creases in the mouth.

wrinkles and creases around the mouth

Juvederm Ultra Smile smoothes wrinkles and creases in the mouth in all directions

Among other things, the tool can be used to correct soft tissues in the cheeks, cheekbones, chin and eliminate deep wrinkles. Using an injection implant will help to make lips more voluminous and expressive, improve their contour without loss of naturalness, and also make their surface softer and smoother. At the same time, wrinkles and folds in the area around the mouth are eliminated, and the corners of the lips also rise.

As for the final result, its first manifestations will be noticeable immediately after the introduction of the drug into the mucosa. It should not be forgotten that in full the effect will manifest itself only after 3 – 4 weeks.

Possible side effects

Lip augmentation is a fairly simple procedure, however, according to reviews, quite often it is accompanied by various complications. Most often, after the introduction of the corrector, its uneven distribution can be observed, which, in turn, leads to the formation of an unnatural shape of the treated area. Among other things, bruises and bruises, an allergic reaction in the form of a rash and itching, slight pain, swelling, seals, red dots from the syringe at the injection site are noted as side effects.

To reduce the risk of complications, a number of simple safety rules must be followed. As a rule, a specialist always warns about them even at the stage of consultation, but many patients prefer to safely forget about them. The reviews of real people confirm that this can really lead to additional complications. So you should not:

  • use decorative and cosmetics for skin care in the first day after using the filler (in particular, lipstick or lip gloss);
  • sunbathing under the natural sun or in the solarium;
  • visit steam rooms, saunas, baths, expose the skin to high or extremely low temperatures;
  • carry out aggressive cosmetic procedures immediately after the introduction of the corrector (peels, additional injections);
  • in the first few days after the injection, do an independent massage of the problem area.

Reviews of many women contain information about possible side effects. Remember, the reaction of the body can be unpredictable. If within one week you observe discomfort, be sure to contact a specialist for help. But most often, side effects disappear already on 4 – 5 day after the introduction of the filler.

effect from Juvederm Ultra Smile

Juvederm Ultra Smile increases lip volume, creates symmetry and balance

Contraindications to the procedure

Not everyone has been given lip augmentation based on the Juvederm Ultra Smile product. Information about possible contraindications is absolutely open, you can familiarize yourself with it even before recording for the procedure. So, the list of taboos includes the following conditions:

  • pregnancy;
  • tendency to scarring;
  • individual intolerance to hyaluronic acid or other component from the composition of the filler;
  • allergic reactions to the product;
  • lactation period;
  • epilepsy, autoimmune diseases;
  • acute course of any chronic disease;
  • the presence of inflammatory processes or skin defects (herpes, eczema) in the corrected area.

In addition, you should know that the filler is not used for insertion into the skin under the eyes and eyelids.

Lip augmentation has now become a procedure available to every woman. Juvederm Ultra Smile – a filler designed specifically for such tasks, quite successfully copes with the indicated problems. Its additional advantages include the creation of natural forms and the improvement of the skin condition for a very long time.

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