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Meso Wharton P199 – skin rejuvenation at the cellular level

Injections of hyaluronic acid or vitamins are effective, but not the most modern ways to combat the signs of aging. A new and very effective alternative to such drugs is Meso Wharton – a tool that can activate the formation of table cells, thereby stimulating a significant renewal of even mature skin. The use of this development is associated with certain nuances and risks, which should also be discussed.

History of creation

The developers of the unique new-generation drug Meso Wharton (Meso Wharton P199) are a large American company ABG LAB and Russian obstetrician-gynecologist Boris Petrikovsky.

Meso Wharton is currently produced by a South Korean company. He entered the world markets of aesthetic beauty in the 2010 year and was able to prove himself perfectly.

Structure of the preparation

Which components are included in the Meso Wharton? The unique complex implies the presence of synthetic hyaluronic acid, an analogue of the embryonic peptide, growth factors, amino acids, taurine, coenzyme and other substances that optimize biochemical processes. It should be noted separately that Meso Wharton does not contain stem cells or embryonic tissues.

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Operating principle

How exactly does Meso Wharton work? Its main active ingredient is Wharton Jelly Peptide P199, which is an analogue of the human embryonic peptide, created by artificial (synthetic) method. Its action provides:

  • active stem cell division;
  • stimulation of fibroblast production.

As a result of injections in the depths of the dermis, an intensive process of cell renewal, the production of collagen and elastin fibers, hyaluronic acid begins. The changes that occur lead to an increase in skin elasticity, an improvement in its color and structure.

The composition of the drug itself

Conducting a drug-based procedure

How exactly should you use Meso Wharton P199 to rejuvenate your skin? Instructions for use of the drug involves the implementation of a certain algorithm:

  1. Cleansing the problem area from makeup, visible dirt. Use an antiseptic composition to prevent the spread of infection.
  2. Opening an individual syringe packaging at the client.
  3. Injection into problem areas of the skin.

The full course involves holding from 4 to 8 sessions with a break from 7 to 10 days. The exact number of necessary procedures is determined by the cosmetologist and depends on the age of the patient, as well as on the type and severity of his problem.

Indications for conduction

Meso wharton p199 is an excellent tool for rejuvenating mature skin. Some patients even compare its effect with the effect of plastic surgery. Of course, the drug will not be able to replace the surgeon’s knife, but its use is still able to form pronounced, positive results. So, Meso Wharton is usually used for:

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  • the presence of moderate and deep wrinkles;
  • loss of skin elasticity, moderate ptosis, reduced elasticity;
  • the presence of excessively enlarged pores;
  • scars;
  • increased pigmentation.

Among other things, the Meso Wharton P199 can be used to correct facial contours. It is good as an independent product, as well as an addition to other anti-aging techniques. Its use helps restore skin after surgery or any other aggressive external intervention.

Contraindications to use

According to most cosmetologists, Meso Wharton does not have specific contraindications, but this does not mean at all that bioreparation or biorevitalization based on it is indicated for absolutely any patient. So, when conducting an injection procedure, it is recommended to be guided by the recommendations of the following nature, not to use the composition when:

  • pregnancy, as well as during lactation;
  • individual intolerance (or allergies) even to one of the components of Meso Wharton;
  • viral diseases in the active stage, accompanied by general malaise or fever;
  • exacerbation of chronic diseases;
  • oncology;
  • the presence of wounds, abrasions, inflammatory processes in the area of ​​the skin where he plans to conduct injections;
  • epilepsy and nervous disorders.
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Rehabilitation period and side effects

The reviews of patients and professionals about Meso Wharton products confirm the fact that injections based on it are tolerated as easily as possible. The rehabilitation period usually takes no more than one week and does not require any specific skin care. At this time, it is recommended to carefully observe personal hygiene measures in order to prevent skin infection, avoid visiting pools, swimming in an open reservoir, saunas and baths. You should also limit the use of decorative cosmetics for at least one day.

As a rule, injections almost do not lead to the formation of a negative response of the body. On the first day, slight swelling and redness, the formation of small bruises and red dots – papules, can be noted. Side effects of this kind go away on their own, however, if necessary, you can speed up this process using dry ice from edema, any pharmacy ointment – from bruises (for example, Traumeel).

Before and after photos

Photos before and after procedure No. 1

Photos before and after 1

Photos before and after procedure No. 3

Photos before and after the 4 procedure

Possible complications

Unfortunately, not all experts are confident in the drug Meso Wharton P199. There is an opinion of individual cosmetologists and scientists that its prolonged use can lead to quite serious complications after a certain period of time. Similar assumptions are based on the fact that the components that make up the product affect the gene and cellular levels and also contain peptide analogues of the human embryo.

There is no official evidence or refutation of possible complications. This is due to the lack of any statistics, the drug entered the world markets relatively recently.

Cost of

The novelty of the Meso Wharton P199 determines not only the minimum number of product reviews, but also rather high financial costs for its use.

The price includes a syringe with a volume of 1.5 ml, as well as work on the introduction of the drug. The specified amount should be enough to rejuvenate the face, décolleté, as well as hands.

When calculating future financial costs, it is recommended to take into account the fact that such events should be conducted with a course of 4 – 8 procedures.

Meso Wharton – a unique preparation for biorevitalization and bioreparation based on the Wharton Jelly Peptide P199 polypeptide, a complex of vitamins and nutrients. The principle of its action is based on an increase in the number of stem cells, which provides comprehensive rejuvenation of the skin. The result is retained for approximately one year.

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