Preparations for mesotherapy and birevitalization from the company Filorga – Cosmetology, plastic surgery and diets

Preparations for mesotherapy and birevitalization from the company Filorga

Despite the long history of the use of biorevitalizants and mesococtails, interest in them does not fade. Aesthetic cosmetology is progressing, so the demand for quality products will grow. In particular, Filorga mesotherapy, which is characterized by high health effectiveness combined with the absence of risks and complications, enjoys special trust among cosmetologists. The credibility of the drug does not depend on the rank and “proficiency” of the manufacturer – it is built on the reviews of customers and doctors. The product is represented by lines of home and professional cosmetics for anti-aging skin care for the face, neck and décolleté.

“Natives” from the Filorga laboratory

The birthplace of Laboratories FILORGA, existing since 1978, is France. The priority direction of the company is to create and produce intradermal fillers for skin correction of different age categories, professional masks, glycolic peels, mesococtails, biorevitalizants. Much is said about the effective mask for home use Meso-S, which noticeably smoothes the skin in one session. But we will talk about professional means of intradermal exposure, in particular, about the NCTF 135 family of mesococtails and the complex for M-HA biorevitalization.

The main goal of Filorga products is to return the youth of the client. Achieve the effect of photorejuvenation, smooth out small wrinkles, raise ptosis lines – this is the result that injections of French biorevitalizants give.

Mesococktails Filorga – varieties and composition

The NCTF mesotherapeutic complex, unique and the only one in the world, is the basis not only of solutions for anti-aging injections, but also is a part of many cosmetic preparations developed by the Filorga laboratory. The formula is patented by the company and it has no analogues.

The main element of the formula is hyaluronic acid with a complex of acids, minerals and antioxidants:

  • Unstabilized native HA (artificial origin) in preparations is contained in different concentrations for clients of different age categories.
  • A wide vitamin complex (A, B, E, C, I), which provides a comprehensive effect on the skin vessels, increases the elasticity of the skin, brightens it, moisturizes it and participates in regenerative processes;
  • 20 amino acids that accelerate cellular processes and promote skin renewal by stimulating the synthesis of elastin and collagen.
  • 6 coenzymes that activate metabolic processes, restoring the water balance of the skin and promoting the rapid absorption of other components.
  • 5 nucleic acids that regulate the formation of amino acid chains during protein synthesis.
  • 2 antioxidant that inhibits the formation of free radicals (oxides).
  • 4 mineral contributing to the normalization of ionic balance in the skin.
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This complex is included in all cocktails of the NCTF 135 series. The main difference between them is the amount of hyaluronic acid in their composition. All injectable solutions are available in 3 ml vials. Total 5 Vials – with the calculation of 1 vial for 1 session. Apparently, this is provided by the manufacturer for the convenience of carrying out a full course of mesotherapy when buying one package.

Let’s take a closer look at the indications for the use of cocktails, their composition and conditions under which the effectiveness of the drug will reach its maximum value.

NCTF 135 +


The content of hyaluronic acid is 0,025 mg per 3 ml, therefore, a drug with such a label is popular among customers who have not reached the age of 30. The injection is intended to eliminate cosmetic skin imperfections, and not signs of aging as such. The following indications for use are defined:

  • scar correction;
  • skin hydration;
  • treatment of acne, acne, furunculosis;
  • skin aging prevention;
  • baldness (mesotherapy of the scalp).

Injections are carried out by the papular technique, which contributes to the accumulation of the drug in the dermal tissues. Superficial napage is carried out using a special device for mesoinjection – during the procedure, the doctor makes about 500 punctures in one area of ​​the skin.

The optimal course is 4-6 sessions with 1-2-week intervals. In the future, it is advisable to conduct about 3’s procedures, once – once every 3 of the month.

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NCTF 135 ON (Enriched)

FILORGA-NCTF-135-AT1The drug was labeled “enriched” due to the higher content of hyaluronic acid – 5 mg in the vial. Recommended for 30-35 years of age, because the first signs of aging begin to appear from 30 years. The list of indications for injections with the drug looks like this:

  • correction of minor signs of aging;
  • skin whitening;
  • elimination of age-related skin defects – small wrinkles, loss of elasticity, etc .;
  • smoothing scars;
  • elimination of signs of fatigue or stress (blue circles under the eyes, swelling of the face, etc.);
  • strengthening of blood vessels, reducing the pronounced subcutaneous vascular network;
  • skin hydration.

The technique of administration is papular injections or linear retrograde, as with contouring of the face. Duration of the course – 3-5 procedures with 2-week break. Supporting course – 3 session, every 3 month.

NCTF 135 AT + (Extra Enriched)

Mesotherapy cocktail Filorga nctf 135 Extra-enriched, which contains 10 mg of hyaluronic acid in one bottle, provides a noticeable facelift and restoration of the contour. Designed for patients of the older age group – from 35-40 years, and is used for:

  • correction of medium and small wrinkles – nasolabial folds, wrinkles under the eyes;
  • face contour correction;
  • lifting the lower third of the face;
  • elimination of ptosis, fatty hernias;
  • moisturizing dry skin, preventing skin insolation before traveling to warm countries, before visiting a solarium;
  • treatment of rosacea, photodermatosis (in combination with other means);
  • skin rehabilitation after deep peeling;
  • preparation for plastic surgery on the face.

FILORGA-NCTF-135-ONThe course includes, as in previous cases, 3-5 procedures. The interval between injections lasts 2-3 weeks. After the main course, it is recommended that you take an auxiliary course to consolidate the effect. It will take about 2-3 sessions with an 3-month interval.

Innovative biorevitalization with Filorga preparations

In the modern aesthetic market, many revitalizants based on hyaluronic acid are declared. But the processes of its production and processing are constantly being improved, due to which innovative drugs arise.

Biorevitalization from the Filorga laboratory is a routine procedure from the point of view of technology, but the drug is an innovation due to which the properties of the main active ingredient are increased significantly.

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The process of hyaluronic acid production, which undergoes double filtration through a membrane with minute pores, is different. In this way, aseptic sterilization of hyaluronic acid is realized without the use of high temperatures.

The advantage of the method lies in the properties of the final product: the obtained hyaluronic acid spreads to neighboring tissues slowly, but its properties are preserved.

Biorevitalization with Filorga is carried out with AcHyal, or M-HA 10 and M-HA 18 series preparations specifically for this procedure. M-ON 10 is recommended for patients under the age of 30 years, M-ON 18 for those older.

M-ON 10

High molecular weight unstabilized hyaluronic acid contained in the preparation restores the skin structure and protects it from age-related changes. During the session, the face, neck, and décolletage are usually processed using the “deep papules” technique, or using a linear retrograde technique.

FILORGA-M-AT-10The full course includes 3 procedures with an interval of 2-3 weeks. The duration of the maintenance course depends on the patient’s skin condition. Typically, this is an 2-3 session, once every 3 month.

The drug is available in bottles of 3 ml. Each contains 10 mg of unstabilized hyaluronic acid.

M-ON 18

The composition is identical to M-HA 10. But the hyaluronic acid in it at 1,8% is stabilized with glycerol. In the process of decomposition of hyaluronic acid, powerful stimulation of dermal cells occurs.

FILORGA-M-AT-18Filorga M-HA 18 is not recommended for treating the periorbital area and other areas where the skin is thin. The technique of administering the drug is papular, the rehabilitation period lasts at least 3 days.

In addition to mesotherapeutic cocktails and preparations for biorevitalization, Filorga produces cosmetics for contouring under the marking X-HA. Embryoblast is another drug for mesotherapy, in addition to the well-known nctf 135 cocktails. Like any laboratory that has become internationally recognized, Filorga has developed a wide range of products for the correction of age-related skin changes.

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