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Repleri – a series of fillers for contour plastics

Even the most thorough skin care begins to be lacking over time to preserve natural beauty. Means for nourishing and moisturizing the skin, creams and serums for wrinkles, whatever their cost, is not a panacea. Therefore, the complex for skin care in modern women includes mesotherapy, contouring, biorevitalization and bio-reinforcement. To carry out salon procedures developed a lot of drugs. One of the most common due to financial affordability is the Repleri filler.

About the preparation

The drug was developed in Russia, and in 2005 it was patented and introduced into salon practice. However, problems with the technical support for the production of the drug were resolved by moving it to China. Therefore, many customers do not know that this is a domestic filler – high-quality and harmless.

Repleri Filler is an injectable preparation based on stabilized synthetic hyaluronic acid. All similar preparations contain this acid as the main element. It refers to the natural structural components of the skin, and procedures to replenish its deficiency in places of “subsidence” of the skin restore the youth of the face for a certain period of time.

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The main feature of the volumizer is providing the client with the opportunity to choose the right labeling product to solve various aesthetic problems associated with skin aging. Few of the imported drugs meet the requirements of face correction in different age categories. Typically, the drug exists in a single version, and is indicated for use for a specific age.

The filler is available in 5 forms, numbered with the corresponding numbers. The differences between them are in the concentration of the stabilizer, holding the acid particles together. Depending on the density, the preparations are intended for the correction of different problem areas.

Separately, to work with the lip area, the Repleri Lip volumizer was developed, which is in demand by customers due to its low cost. However, there are reviews of the short-term effect of the filler. In theory, the filler should fix the result for at least 6-12 months, but in practice it is 1-3 months, no more.

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We deal with markings


There are five types of Repleri fillers.

For different ages – their own marking and the corresponding size of the acid molecules and needles, with which the procedure will be carried out. The filler is packed in a factory syringe, which is opened in the presence of the client.

Repleri No. 1. Recommended for use with 25 years for fine correction of thin skin surfaces: upper and lower eyelids, the area above and below the lips, nose bridge, correction of the contour of the lips. The depth of injection is small, the particles are very small, the 30G needle. It is mainly used for the prevention of aging.

Repleri No. 2. For the middle layers of the skin – the average size of the molecules of hyaluronic acid. Designed to eliminate wrinkles in clients from 35 years: wrinkles on the forehead, nose bridge, nasolabial wrinkles, lifting the outer edge of the eyebrow to “open” the eye. An 29G needle is used.

Repleri No. 3. The recommended age is also 35 years, but the effect of the drug is aimed at obtaining a more sustainable result. With the help of the drug, a deep effect on pronounced wrinkles, high-quality face contour lifting is performed. You can raise the cheekbones, form the cheeks-apples. Particle size is larger than average, 29-28G needle.

Repleri No. 4. Large particles of molecules are concentrated in the preparation; the density of the cross-linking agent is not as high as in the first markings. The drug is injected into the periosteal areas or deep dermal layers to restore the facial contour, eliminate “brylya”, and restore lipid tissues. Age – from 45 years, needle 24-25G.

Repleri No. 5. Large molecular hyaluronic acid for customers from 50 years. It is introduced mainly into the periosteal zones, because it forms lumps in the skin. Transformation of the contour of the face, lifting of the cheekbones, lower third of the face, elimination of wrinkles around the mouth, deep nasolabial folds. Needle 23G.

In salon practice, the most common filler Repleri 3. This is the “golden mean,” and the most frequently asked drug, because before 35 years, customer faces rarely need correction, and after 35 years, more serious methods are used.

The success of the procedure depends on the qualifications and experience of the dermatologist who will perform the invasion. To achieve an impeccable result, he can mix preparations of different labels, knows when, in which zones and under what condition it is possible to introduce another volumeizer, if Repleri was previously used, and vice versa. He will advise on further therapy, skin care, contraindications during the recovery period.

Side effects, contraindications, precautions

You do not need to go to the beach the day after the procedure in order to demonstrate your beauty. Refrain from staying in the sun (in a solarium) for at least three days, as well as from drinking alcohol. Do not use decorative cosmetics for at least a day to prevent infection.

Contraindications include: allergic diseases, pregnancy, lactation, age up to 18 years, diseases associated with impaired immunity, poor blood coagulation.

Side effects are a little more complicated, because stabilized hyaluronic acid, in contrast to unstabilized, often becomes the causative agent of an allergic reaction. There is swelling in the first few days after the injection, pain during the procedure, inflammation. In some cases, the introduced gel is indicated under the skin, collected in small lumps. After the recovery period, it is advisable to massage the areas where the filler was introduced

Bio-reinforcement and contour plastic with this filler are not so expensive, therefore they are available to a wide range of customers. Opinions and reviews about the filler are mixed, although its composition is not inferior to foreign drugs of its type. You need to follow the instructions of the beautician and be prepared for the sacrifices that will have to be brought to the altar of beauty.

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