Restylane – a series of popular hyaluronic acid corrections – Cosmetology, plastic surgery and diets

Restylane – a series of popular hyaluronic acid corrections

Modern cosmetology gives women an excellent opportunity to become more beautiful from year to year, defeating the inevitable aging process. Reduce wrinkles, change the shape and volume of lips, improve the contour of the face, get rid of pigmentation and small scars – these are the tasks you can solve with the Restylane corrector. Let’s talk about the features of the composition of the filler and the rules for its use in biorevitalization and injection plastic surgery.

General brand information

For several years now, products called Restylane have been quite successfully used in cosmetology for rejuvenation and general skin healing, as well as for modeling individual areas of the face. Each product is adapted to solve a specific type of problem, which allows to achieve the greatest efficiency in solving specific problems.

As for the cost, it is determined, first of all, by the variety of means and its volume. The price of the most budgetary Restylane Vital is approximately 10 thousand rubles.

A common feature of all correctors is the presence of hyaluronic acid, which has passed several degrees of purification. Such safety measures allow the substance to fully adapt in the human body without the manifestation of any side effects.

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For biorevitalization, Restylane Vital Gel is usually used. As a result:

  • moisturized and toned skin;
  • the disappearance of small wrinkles and the reduction of large wrinkles;
  • improving complexion, minimizing the most common skin defects, including peeling, sagging, spots from acne.

The optimal result occurs, as a rule, after visiting 3-4 rejuvenation sessions.

Restyline Lip – lip augmentation

Restyline lip – A drug developed by a Swedish company specifically to create the perfect smile. The filler is injected directly into the mucosa and forms:

  • more significant volume of lips;
  • new shape and pronounced contour.

Among other things, the drug is able to get rid of the lowered corners and small wrinkles in the lips. The effect of using a composition based on hyaluronic acid lasts about six months, then the procedure will need to be repeated.
Restylane Lip Refresh

In addition to Restylane Leap, Q-med presented a new generation filler called Restylane Lip Refresh. Its main task is not an increase, but a rejuvenation of the skin of the lips. Analogues to such a composition practically do not exist. The drug does not have a too long action (the result is preserved for 4 – 5 months), however, it perfectly normalizes the hydro balance, makes the lips softer, firmer and younger.

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Restylane Vital – Become Younger

If you have wrinkles that cannot be removed with creams and masks, it’s time to do biorevitalization. A product was developed specifically for its implementation under the Restylane brand. Restylane vital. This gel based on hyaluronic acid is injected into the upper layers of the skin, contributes to the normalization of water metabolism, the elimination of wrinkles and general health of the face. Additionally, there is a more light version of this product – Restylane vital light designed for younger skin. Regardless of the selected category of funds, 3-4 procedures are required with a break of 10-14 days.

Restylane Vital

Restylane Touch – Spot Wrinkle Removal

In addition to developing a biorevitalization agent, Restylane injections are also used to remove facial wrinkles and more noticeable age-related folds on the skin. For these tasks, the basic Restylane filler and its lightweight form are used. Restylane touch, which is mainly used to combat fine wrinkles. The gel is injected under the skin with a thin needle and stored in the body for about 6-8 months, after which it is completely excreted.

Restylane touch

Reastyline Perline – contouring preparation

Q-med also releases filler Perlane whose main task is to increase the volume of soft tissues. Restylane contouring has been successfully used to model cheekbones, chin and cheeks, and eliminate deep age wrinkles. You can also use the composition to improve the shape of the lips, but this is rarely practiced. The reviews of professional cosmetologists indicate that for these purposes it is recommended to use lighter products with a less viscous and dense texture.

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Restylane perlane

Instructions for the procedure

First of all, a cosmetologist will talk with you and determine what you need, biorevitalization or injection plastic. After that, it will be necessary to make sure that there are no contraindications. Be sure to tell the specialist about the features of your health and body, this will allow you to prevent serious health difficulties.

Restylane injections usually begin with pre-anesthesia. Such a measure is not mandatory, and with a normal pain threshold in a patient, it can be avoided. However, you may come across reviews containing information that anesthesia not only minimizes discomfort, but also helps to ensure that the filler is administered as easily and conveniently as possible. The introduction of the product is carried out with a thin needle, after which, if necessary, specialists conduct a delicate massage to evenly spread the implant.

face massage

After injections, a light facial massage is performed.

Side effects

Unfortunately, almost every Restylane filler has certain side effects. Most of them are due to a violation of the integrity of the skin at the time of injection and the introduction of a foreign product into the dermis under a certain pressure. After plastic surgery and biorevitalization, bruises and traces of injections often remain. In addition, swelling, local redness and other unpleasant sensations may occur within a couple of days.

To ensure that Restylane does not cause you any inconvenience, pay special attention to the choice of the specialist conducting the procedure. Thanks to his experience and qualifications, you can avoid many problems. If the effect obtained does not suit you, it is recommended to contact the cosmetologist again, he will introduce a special drug that promotes accelerated withdrawal of hyaluronic acid.

In what cases is it not worth using the product?

What are the contraindications of Restylane? There are few of them, but they are and they must be carefully observed so that after using the product you do not have a lot of health problems. Contraindications include:

  • allergies or hypersensitivity to hyaluronic acid;
  • pregnancy;
  • lactation;
  • blood diseases;
  • diabetes;
  • inflammatory processes on the skin;
  • period of exacerbation of a chronic disease.

Before and after photos

Restylane before and after photos # 1

Restylane before and after photos # 2

Restylane before and after photos # 3

Restylanea popular and safe Swedish filler based on hyaluronic acid. Biorevitalization or lip augmentation with it is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in the world. The tool is highly appreciated by both professionals and ordinary women, their reviews are confirmation of good quality and safety.

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