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Restylane Perlane – Intense Filler

For the care and treatment of mature skin, it is necessary to use special means of intensive and prolonged exposure. This product is Perlane from the Swedish cosmetics concern Q — med. According to statistics, on the basis of this corrector, more than five million operations around the world have already been carried out (in Russia, Europe, the USA and a number of other states).

What are the main advantages of this drug and in what cases is it usually used by cosmetologists? We will try to find the most detailed, detailed answers to these questions.

Corrector Composition

The Restylane Perlane filler has a fairly simple, but at the same time very effective composition, which ensures the onset of a positive effect for up to one year. The drug includes two main components, namely:

  • Hyaluronic acid (It is responsible for regulating and optimizing the water balance, that is, moisturizing the skin. It attracts water molecules, providing skin saturation with water, and also fills wrinkles and stimulates collagen production).
  • Sodium Chloride (An additional ingredient responsible for the easy entry and distribution of hyaluronic acid in the skin).
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The composition has a very high level of viscosity, due to which it is retained for a long time in the depths of the skin, starting to disintegrate only after 6 months, and completely disappearing from the body after one year.

restylane before and after photos

Before and After Photos of Restylane Perlane Injection

Perlane begins to act almost immediately, but the maximum effect will be noticeable in about a week.

Indications for use

In what cases is it recommended to use the drug? First of all, it is indicated for mature skin with a pronounced problematic. Its use is appropriate in the case of moderate to severe wrinkles and folds (including the most complex, nasolabial). In addition, real user reviews confirm that Perlane can be used to:

  • changes in the shape and volume of the lips;
  • building additional volume of soft tissues, modeling the shape of individual areas of the face (nose, chin, cheeks, cheekbones);
  • moisturizing the skin and its communication healing.

Advantages of the drug

Why is Perlane Filler so popular? The thing is that it has impressive advantages, namely: it has a high degree of biocompatibility and does not cause rejection. Among other things, Perlane has the following advantages:

  • local activation of metabolism;
  • the correct composition (no toxins and “harmful chemistry”);
  • complete sterility;
  • the possibility of a simplified withdrawal of funds at a second visit to a specialist.

Side effects and contraindications

The corrector-based injection plastic procedure is not accessible to everyone. The drug is not administered in the following situations:

  • lactation and pregnancy;
  • impaired blood clotting;
  • exacerbation of chronic ailments;
  • individual intolerance or the possibility of an allergic reaction;
  • oncology;
  • diabetes.

Subject to the necessary restrictions, the risk of side effects is minimal. At the same time, do not forget that in some cases, the human body can give an absolutely unpredictable reaction. Most often, within a few days after injections can be observed:

  • bruises and swelling;
  • pain and itching;
  • local redness.

To reduce the risk of side effects, take certain precautions after introducing Restylane Perlane. Do not touch the injection site and do not massage your face, reduce physical activity (including sports) to the maximum, do not visit the pool, solarium and sauna.

How is the procedure performed

Perlane-based injection plastic is performed according to the classical scheme. First of all, the client attends a preliminary consultation, where all the main nuances of the session are discussed, as well as possible contraindications are clarified. Direct injection may be preceded by anesthesia, but it is not necessary. The composition is introduced using the thinnest needle at a slow pace, while all the manipulations do not take more than one hour (most often up to 30 minutes).

Perlane Concealer It is used to eliminate deep wrinkles and modeling of individual areas of the face. It has a number of positive characteristics (sterility, low rejection) and persists in the inner layers of the epidermis for up to one year.

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