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Revi biorevitalizant – the path to eternal youth

Modern anti-age technologies are created for gentle correction and prevention of signs of age-related skin changes. Among them, a special place belongs to biorevitalization, since it refers to minimally invasive interventions in the biological structure of the skin. Biorevitalizant injections are injected into areas of the skin that need correction, more than 6 times with an interval of 10-14 days.

The drug Revi is an exception to the rule, we can say that this is an innovation, so to speak, a miracle that salon customers resort to again and again. The result of biorevitalization with the drug is stable for 12-15 months with a two-time repetition of the procedure.

Without analogues

According to experienced cosmetologists, Revi biorevitalizant really has no analogues in the world. There are dozens of preparations for biorevitalization, but this one has overtaken the most progressive cosmetology achievements in its class.

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Firstly, a stable result, fixed for at least a year, created a wide circle of adherents around the drug. Revi not only has a local regenerative effect on damaged collagen fibers, but also prevents the appearance of wrinkles, accumulating in the structural layer of the skin. It is noticed that the skin, which receives a dose of Revi biorevitalizant annually, looks much better even after the cessation of procedures.

Secondly, the drug is called revolutionary because of the improved biochemical composition. Perhaps, during the 4 years of the existence of Revi, biorevitalizants of an improved composition were created. But at that time, NMTC International was ahead of the leading manufacturers of drugs in its class. The classic biorevitalizant consists of unstabilized hyaluronic acid, and the Revi family drugs combine it with other antioxidant compounds.

The domestic origin of the drug deserves respect. Only a few of the Russian cosmetic products have reached world-class quality.

What is it for?

Revi biorevitalization is used not only in anti-aging procedures. Recovery and vitamin replenishment are necessary for the skin after sun exposure, in the presence of pathological acne and post-acne scars. The area of ​​the procedure is not limited to the skin of the face – it can be any part of the body on which the skin is imperfect from the point of view of aesthetics.


Revi can be administered either on the face or on any other part of the body.

Especially for restoration of the contour in cases of significant age-related deformation of the skin or to obtain a prolonged effect, the Revi BRILLIANTS 1,5% series has been developed. The drug is available in 2 syringes in 1 ml.


The main active ingredient of biorevitalizants is a hyaluronic gel, developed at the Kyoto Institute in Japan. It is created on the basis of hyaluronic acid, which is the very amorphous substance surrounding the interweaving of collagen and elastane fibers in the dermis. The reliability of fiber fixation also depends on its strength. When its natural production ceases, the skin loses elasticity, “floats”. biorevitalization makes up for this shortcoming.

But in addition to the classic “filler”, Revi preparations also contain other remarkable components. They have a strong neutralizing effect on free radicals, due to which the skin “breaks”, covering with wrinkles.

The preparation of the Brilliants series contains the same components as the classic Revi 1%, but the concentration of hyaluronic acid is 1,5 mg in 1 ml. The gel has a thicker consistency, and keeps the skin in good shape for at least 8 months.


One of the first, its importance in the fight against cancer (caused by the same free radicals) was investigated by Dr. Laskin, developing his famous anti-cancer diet. This protein is found in large quantities in buckwheat, which is also worth considering.

But this substance in Revi biorevitalizants is necessary not only for oncoprotective and antioxidant action. Quercetin protects hyaluronic acid from natural degradation. It is absorbed by the body by 100%, and excreted. With Revi, the result of biorevitalization is recorded mainly due to quercetin.


Quercetin protects hyaluronic acid from decay


Protects cell structure from destruction, renews cell membranes. Since trehalose disaccharide is a modified glucose, it performs similar functions: it improves cellular metabolism, improves the structure of the dermis, serving as an energy source for it. Trehalose envelops cells, thus protecting them from the oxidizing effects of oxides and helps retain moisture in the cells. As you know, sufficiently moisturized skin is young skin.


Another powerful antioxidant and anti-aging protector. Pterostilbene prevents the accumulation of metabolic products in cells, cleansing them, and shortening the same metabolic processes. In other words, it is an anti-aging nutritional compound that triggers the skin rejuvenation process.


Pterostilbene – this component slows down skin aging

All these components make it possible to achieve the main goal – the persistent rejuvenation effect, which persists for 6 months.

Indications and contraindications for Revi biorevitalization:

  • Fine-wrinkled skin aging;
  • facial wrinkles, loss of skin elasticity, signs of chrono-, photoaging;
  • skin pigmentation;
  • dehydration due to prolonged exposure to sunlight or UV rays, or as a result of frostbite;
  • excessive production of sebum, acne;
  • preparation for plastic surgery, contour plastic surgery;
  • hair loss.

Contraindications include: age younger than 18 years, skin and oncological diseases, pregnancy and lactation. In other cases, aesthetic deficiencies lend themselves to easy and painless correction with the help of biorevitalizant.


Biorevitalization with Revi is a relatively simple process, which is a type of popular mesotherapy. The procedure is practiced in prestigious salons. How is she going?

  1. Unpleasant sensations can accompany the patient during the operation, therefore, at the first stage, the cosmetologist conducts local anesthesia, then opens the syringe with the drug in the presence of the client.
  2. An antiseptic is applied to the skin.
  3. The introduction of Revi (intradermally).
  4. The rehabilitation period lasts a maximum of 24 hours, and it is advisable to abandon the use of decorative cosmetics for this time.

injection filler revie

Side effects, in addition to short-term swelling and swelling, the drug does not. On the contrary, after 24 hours the client is convinced that it is still possible to turn back the clock. And this is evidenced by reviews.

Injection result

Wrinkles are hidden behind a layer of healthy, young skin – this is the effect that the drug has instantly. But its main advantage lies in the invisible start of the rejuvenation processes. This is not what should be in theory, but a justified process for the implementation of which the body owns all the necessary resources.

Biorevitalizant plays the role of a kind of drainage, which contributes to the withdrawal of intracellular metabolism products and toxins. The production of intercellular protein resumes, the metabolism in cells accelerates, and the skin regenerates itself.

Injection drug Revi is popular, despite the high cost. With the help of a simple session, which replaces the full course of biorevitalization with other drugs, he returns the natural beauty in cases that seemed hopeless.

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