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Sculptra – universal prolonged-action filler

Nowadays, you can change your appearance for the better without even going under the surgeon’s knife. Injection plastic, which allows not only rejuvenating the skin, but also modeling new features and volumes, has become a good alternative to classical operations. One of the most versatile products for such procedures is the Sculptra filler, which differs from its analogues in the ability to form the longest and most pronounced results.


The popular drug Sculptra has been known in the beauty industry for a long time. For the first time, the developers of Sanofi Aventis made a statement about it back in the 1999 year, then the filler was presented under the name New Fill. Its main purpose was to correct and replenish the volume of missing soft tissues in people infected with HIV.

Since 2000, the products have actively gone to the masses and gained significant distribution in the European and world markets. Currently, the filler is still in high demand and is used mainly for the needs of aesthetic cosmetology.

Composition and principle of operation

The main component of Sculptra products is polylactic acid. This substance is absolutely safe, as it is of artificial, and not animal origin. The synthetic nature of the component causes minimal risks of its rejection and the development of allergic reactions.

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Getting deep into the dermis, Sculptra provokes accelerated collagen synthesis, which is responsible for the youth and smoothness of the skin. According to studies, after two procedures for the implementation of the filler, the body’s ability to produce the necessary fibers increases to 40 percent.

Collagen Molecule Change

Product efficiency is based on the double principle of its action. So, at first, the composition fills the voids due to its physical presence, and then stimulates the production of natural substances, which serve to maintain the achieved effect.

The safety of Sculptra is confirmed by the fact that over time, polylactic acid completely decomposes and is excreted naturally.

Indications for use

As mentioned above, the filler is very versatile and can be used to solve a large number of aesthetic problems. Among them:

  • facial wrinkles and folds (moderate and deep);
  • scars of various nature;
  • lack of volume of soft tissues of the face (most often in the cheeks or cheekbones);
  • heterogeneous skin structure.

The drug can be used not only for working with the face, but also the body. So, its use is very appropriate when working with hands with the first and more pronounced signs of their aging. In addition, the tool is used for corrective work in the hips or abdomen.

Features of the procedure

The procedure in which the Sculptra preparation is used is interpreted by cosmetologists as an injection plastic. The implementation process is short-term, it usually takes no more than 30 minutes and does not require further finding a patient by a cosmetologist. At the preliminary stage, the specialist determines the dosage of the drug, the schedule for its administration, and also applies an anesthetic cream to the skin, which reduces the discomfort that occurs when the integrity of the epidermis is violated.

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carrying out procedures

It should be noted that the procedure is not carried out once, excellent positive results are achieved only after completing the full course. On average, it implies three sessions with a break from 4 to 6 weeks, however their exact number can be calculated only by a cosmetologist when examining a patient individually.

Changes begin to form approximately 2 weeks after the first procedure. They reach their greatest manifestation in about six months after completing the full course.

Studying the reviews of professionals about this product, you can collect a lot of interesting facts, some of which are rarely voiced. So, a similar technique:

  • allows you to achieve the effect of rejuvenation for up to 25 months (in some cases even more);
  • appointed if hyaluronic fillers do not bring a positive result;
  • Recommended for persons from 35 years.

Side effects

The use of the Sculptra preparation contributes not only to the formation of positive changes. Injections often provoke minor complications. So, patient reviews contain information about the appearance of swelling and bruising. In addition, points from the syringe often remain at the puncture site, and the skin turns red and swells.

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In most cases, side effects go away on their own within approximately 7 – 10 days. If during the indicated period of time positive changes are not observed, additional consultation of a specialist may be required. Most often this happens in the case of seals at the injection site, it is not visible visually, however, if you touch it, then it is perfectly felt. In this situation, the patient is most often advised to have a light massage, which consists in developing a problem area.

Rehabilitation period

Despite the existing side effects, the rehabilitation period after the procedure passes quickly enough and usually lasts no more than two weeks. Typically, experts recommend that the following rules be followed during a specified period of time:

  • Minimize physical activity.
  • Refuse to sunbathe and visit the solarium.
  • Temporarily forget about saunas and baths.
  • Do not swim in the pool or swim in open water in order to minimize the risk of infection through punctures.

Contraindications to use

Unfortunately, Sculptra-based treatments are not available to every patient. First of all, it is recommended to focus not only on your own wishes, but also on the testimony, as well as contraindications to the effects of this nature. Restrictions on manipulation for health reasons are extremely important. It:

  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • the presence of inflammation or open wounds in the area where the composition is planned;
  • diseases of the circulatory system;
  • infectious diseases, fever.

Before and after photos





sculptra photo before and after



Sculptra – universal filler based on polylactic acid, used to eliminate signs of aging and make up for soft tissue deficiency. It provides not only the physical filling of voids, but also leads to stimulation of collagen production, due to which it provides a powerful and lasting positive effect.

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