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Xeomin – wrinkle smoothing with purified botulinum toxin

The history of the use of botulinum toxin for smoothing wrinkles for many years and to this day began more than 25 years ago. But initially it was introduced into medical practice as part of Botox for the treatment of hemispasms on the face and neck, as well as hyperhidrosis. Only in the 2000’s did the name of the drug begin to appear in television news about movie stars who used it for other purposes, but to eliminate shallow facial wrinkles.

To date, there is no need to use strong drugs with a conflicting result, if there are light analogues. For example, the German drug Xeomin does not claim Botox’s place in cosmetology, but has become a life-saving alternative for doubting patients.

Origin and principle of action of the drug

In Russia, the drug is registered and approved for use from 2008 of the year. The development of the drug took place at the German company Merz Aesthetics under the direction of Jürgert Frevert and was completed in 2001. The idea of ​​creating Xeomin relates exclusively to the field of wrinkle correction.

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In front of the client is a small bottle with a blue label and injection powder. Before the beautician – a preparation for botulinum therapy of the second generation of the A-type. It acts in the same way as similar drugs based on botulinum toxin: it blocks the nerve endings of the facial muscles. Without receiving impulses, the muscles are in a relaxed and motionless state, remaining amorphous to emotions and reflective urges.

Of course, this will not always be the case, and new nerve cells are formed in muscle tissue in 3-4 months. But during the period of absolute immobility of muscle fibers, the skin above them is smoothed.

Obviously, the maximum effect of using Xeomin will be achieved by injecting facial wrinkle areas. Where there are nasolabial folds, crow’s feet, horizontal lines on the forehead, botulinum toxin suppresses the reflective contraction of muscle fibers, and they have to rest.

Xeomin under the microscope

The simplicity of the composition guarantees the comparative safety of the procedure. To ensure the safety of the drug, protein complexes are usually used. Since a person has his own protein, then:

  • The protein in the muscle relaxant can cause antibody production and botulinum toxin rejection. Injection will not bring result.
  • Antibodies against a foreign protein are gradually formed, and the muscle’s susceptibility to botulinum therapy with a specific drug decreases. The body gets used, and the dose has to be increased.
  • An allergic reaction may occur.
  • The safety of the drug depends on the temperature at which it is located.

A feature of the formula of the drug lies in the low molecular weight, which is 150 kilodaltons. This is the lowest among botulinum toxins. For cosmetologists and patients, this is an additional advantage – the product acts on the smallest muscles of the face, and only in the area of ​​invasions. For procedures, it needs much less than similar tools.

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The composition and formula of the drug make it not only a good tool to eliminate facial wrinkles, but also a convenient drug that does not cause specific problems. After reviewing the reviews, you can verify this.


Xeomin injections take about 30-40 minutes, and are usually painless. The protective plastic cover is removed immediately before the procedure. Then, with the help of a needle, you need to enter the required amount of 0,9% sodium chloride solution into the vial. Instructions for use of the drug contain all the data on the dosage of sodium chloride in a table form.

After the puncture points on the face are determined, an anesthetic is applied to the skin, and then injections are made. 3-5 days after the procedure, the blocking effect of botulinum toxin begins to appear. The facial muscles are constrained by short-term paralysis, which will end in 3-4 months. During this time, wrinkles are noticeably smoothed, which is confirmed by the photo. The difference between “before” and “after” is expressed to a large extent.

Xeomin photo 2

Xeomin photo 1

Xeomin photo 6

Xeomin photo 4

xeomin photo

For different types of correction and for the treatment of spasmodic diseases, different dosages are used in units (0,1 ml). Their specialist determines individually for each case.

Contraindications for use

How many virtues Xeomin would not possess, it is toxic and requires caution. Therefore, contraindications to the injectable use of the drug, as well as a number of precautionary measures, should be studied. It:

  • pregnancy;
  • breast-feeding;
  • underage age;
  • diseases associated with muscle weakness;
  • glaucoma;
  • taking antibiotics;
  • allergic and infectious diseases;
  • hemophilia;
  • an abscess rash, eczema, acne in the area of ​​the alleged injection.

Typically, the photo captures the final aesthetic result, but side effects are not excluded. They are associated not with the reaction to the drug, but with insufficiently qualified execution of the procedure. This may be ptosis of the treated skin surface, curvature of natural facial features, asymmetry, headache.

doctor with a needle

Carefully choose a specialist for the procedure

Recommendations of cosmetologists

Despite the apparent simplicity, the injection of a toxic drug should be accompanied by safety precautions. Typically, cosmetologists inform customers of the consequences of violating certain rules, but we consider it necessary to mention them.

  1. Do not drink alcohol in any quantities. Alcohol dilates blood vessels and significantly enhances blood flow. As a result, the drug may not “bring” to the place where you would like to achieve the effect. But the main reason is the toxicity of the drug itself and the toxicity of alcohol. Their mixing leads to poor health, swelling, bruising, etc. If you have a party ahead, better postpone the procedure.
  2. Botulinum toxin injections are undesirable in the summer. High temperatures reduce the effect of the drug.
  3. Do not touch your face, do not massage areas treated with Xeomin.
  4. Refuse decorative cosmetics for the next day after the procedure.

Responsible behavior during the rehabilitation period will exclude possible problems with well-being and appearance. Recommendations must be followed for 7-10 days. In order to consolidate and maintain the result of the injection, they are repeated through 3-4 months.

In general, botulinum toxins have no other benefit than forcing wrinkles. Nevertheless, they continue to be used by both celebrities and ordinary visitors to beauty salons. Xeomin acts relatively delicately, because it does not penetrate into the deeper layers of the muscles. The blocking of facial expressions after injections is partial, and the phenomenon of a “doll face” does not threaten anyone.

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